Transcendence: path to freedom

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What does "Transcendence" truly mean? How can it help you to successfully follow the spiritual path; to evolve and grow? Why do we suffer, and how do we overcome suffering? Here's a video clip taken from our Divinicus Launch Seminar. It explores how the soul works to set you free, bringing you back into the loving embrace of the divine - by confronting your mental, emotional and physical pain...

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20/09/23 Shift Update: Transcendence is the Key

What is Transcendence? To be clear, it is NOT distancing yourself from life's situations. It is NOT closing down to what's going on in the world or detaching in some way. It's actually the opposite. It's boldly stepping into life's events and circumstances, having commitment and courage on the path. This is going to set you free as a soul. But first, it's going to trigger all of the inner contractions, triggering and reactivity. This is where we're identifying with the illusion of physicality, and particularly in this case, the Matrix.

It's only by exposing these contracting tight points inside that we can break free of them. Whether it be physical, emotional, mental or karmic. It's then that we can go to work on them. We ask, what am I attached to? What am I identified with? Then...does it serve to carry such baggage?

You'll realise the weight of such density is just not worth carrying. Inwardly you set it down. That's when the soul breaks free. And this is the path to the next evolution of humanity, what we call at Openhand, DIVINICUS.

I encourage all to watch this video on Transcendence today. It's from the DIVINICUS book launch back in 2014. I think you might appreciate that it was crafted to meet these times of great transformation. Scroll up for the video.

Bright blessings

Open đź’Ž

I love how things show up at just the right time. I had seen this video before and it meant something profound to me then. But now, in the midst of a 10 year relationship going down, in some of the most difficult days of my life, here it is again with a whole new application. In 3rd D, one says ''I will get over it and move on''. I don't sense that is true in the higher frequencies. It seems that I will never ''get over it'', but soon it will no longer hold me stuck in misery. Gratitude seems to be very important as what was, and what is. All in Unity in an ever expanding state of Being-ness.

Thank you, Catherine, and Open for sharing this. My pain is the path to freedom.

I started my day watching this deeply stirring video full of gentle power and soft surrender, a perfect blend of the divine masculine and divine feminine. My tears began to flow as I listened. Open's soothing words feel like a beautiful lullaby -- not for sleeping-- but for eternal presence and being. I couldn't quite pinpoint how I was feeling as I sat there weeping. And then a quote appeared from the magical world of Internet synchronicity.

"When you are sorrowful, look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight." ~Kahlil Gibran

Thank you for this, Openhand.

With Love,


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