Trusting or..?

I have a question regarding seeking medical attention. I have for example a mole on my back that according to medical criteria looks 'suspicious', so I'm thinking of contacting a dermatologist. But, as I'm feeling healthy and it seems like there's no need to panic, this decision is fear-based. So when do you just trust the flow of things or listen to this restlessness? I know it stems from the need to be in control, but as our emotions are not totally useless, when do you just let go or take action in these kind of situations? Hope my question makes sense! Love, Hannah

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It's a good question Hannah.

A key aspect of the Openhand philosophy, is to always look for the truth in any distortion. Because life is generally inspired by the soul and it's connection into the flow - even though the flow may slow down and get bogged into eddy currents - of fear and control for example.

So what would be the truth in the restlessness?

It would be attentiveness and the inquiry into what's really real, what's happening, and what action might you need to take within it. So work to accept the inquiry, but to soften the fear-based anxiety around what you should do.

When you can do this, simply begin to ask the Universe what you should do in reference to the question. To give you an example, I could feel my teeth being a little uncomfortable at times, so I asked "show me". Suddenly I start getting synchronicities about booking in for a check-up. And on a current visit back to the UK, a window of opportunity has appeared.

So work to soften the anxiety, but look for confirmation as to what the flow is inviting you to do.


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