Voclcano & Earthquake Watch

Hi Everyone. Did you know the earth is going through a pole shift? Indeed it is. It's not just stuff of dramatic Hollywood movies. It's actually taking place right now, and according to Berkel Scientists, could complete within the space of one human lifetime. This is essential understanding to us all, because as the pole flips, then the Earth's magnetic field lowers. Not only are we then bombarded by cosmic radiation, but also Volcanic and Earhquake activity greatly intensify. Let's get to know the truth folks, because only the truth can truly set us free.

Importance of Knowing the Inconvenient Truth

We've entered a phase in the Earth's 5D Shift called "The Inflexion Point" where the light of the New Paradigm "pulls through" the density of the old. I think it's highly synchronistic that the pole shift and the Inflexion Point are happening at the same time. I believe the former is a catalyst - a trip switch - for the other.

The Inflexion point is going to heavily affect those that don't 'turn into the shift' and fully embrace it. It will cause widespread instability, especially on the plane of the intellect, because the shift of energy pulls on the very foundations of the ego - it's fixed interrelation with reality. The effect is compounded because society is adept at avoidance of Inconvenient Truth, through distraction, entertainment, manipulation and control.

However when you commit to the truth and turn right into it, then it's amazing how readily we can explode the myths of fear, doubt and worry. You are a cosmic being! Embrace cosmic change, and this will become a massive engine for your evolution - a realigning 5D wave that you can ride through your life here and now.

A front row seat in the Shift

With the exploration of truth in mind, let's embrace these phenomenal earth changes and let them help expand our consciousness. We each have a front row seat in the shift. The Universe and Gaia are gifting us an incredible 'movie'. As we explore what's really going on, the very threads of the old reality are progressively unwound within. It allows more of the soul to integrate and expand - just like the genie from the bottle.

That doesn't mean you leave the 3D reality right now! It means you can live your expanded cosmic self here and now. It's a miraculous way of living and being, totally tuned into the wider flow of the Universe.

Some of the latest Earthquake & Volcano Activity

Here are recent reports from the website The Watchers...

Meditate on the Shifts

So let's get active folks, as Gaia gets active with us! What can we do?

I suggest we meditate on it. Take some quiet time out, begin with something like this Breakthrough Breathing meditation. Then when you're feeling relaxed, expanded and connected, tune into Gaia and feel into the current Volcanic/Earthquake activity. What do you feel? What might she communicate to you?

I'd be very interested in what you experience.


Open heart

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I find it so heartwarming to connect to Gaia...for so long I felt distanced from her and that I couldn't quite "land" here...thank you for reminding me to connect to her consciously. When I do I feel such a deep sense of love. Anyways, what came up for me in the connection was "sonic pulse" and something like connecting to the sound that is being emitted...and amplifying that...like a radiant pulse of silvery sound. 


Open, thank you for this article, it resonates deeply. This morning, I was tuning into Gaia intuitively and I could feel her gently speaking to me: as I stepped into the bathroom, my attention was drawn to a bottle of shampoo, named Alterra. This reminded me of the words Terra (Gaia, Earth) and 'to alter', or 'alternative'. The message, as I decoded it intuitively, was clear and obvious to me: Gaia is changing fast and a new, alternative reality is shaping up. I also feel the shift is now 'unleashed' (another intuitive message I received lately).

wishing you all well,