walk-in / kundalini awakening

Hi Open

Just writing to see if you can provide some insight into how to determine whether a walk-in is being experienced by someone or a kundalini activation. For example a kundalini activation can feel like something 'new' moving through someone. Is there a clear 'knowing' when there's a walk in / soul exchange. I guess in time it would be clear what is happening, but initially, there could be some confusion?

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Thank you, this makes it clear. Appreciate this response.


Hi Katie,

Yes, the whole issue of soul exchange or 'walk-in' is very challenging for someone to integrate. Because mostly, just as soon as the soul embodies, it takes on the consciousness landscape it comes into, and since the emotional/mental/physical reality is very dense, it tends to overwrite previous higher dimensional 'memory'.

That said, I would say there are several clear, 'tell-tale' signs:

  • it usually happens around a traumatic set of circumstances, such as a near-death experience
  • there's often an urge for the out-going soul to move on, prior to the exchange
  • there's quite a strong and sudden change of personality at the point where the exchange happens
  • if one is awake to synchronicity, that will speak loudly, confirming what has happened
  • a person who sees auras, will likely see two around the person after the soul exchange has happened (people could see that in me for example).

If the person doesn't immediately recognise these happening and what's taken place, the likelihood is it'll settle in their consciousness and they'll not know it even took place.

Although I can see similarities, Kundalini Activation is generally quite different. It's more an integration rather than the sense one is leaving. And although the shift will be strong, it's unlikely the personality would shift dramatically at that point. It will shift up to it, yes, but progressively, not suddenly.

A soul exchange is pretty sudden, even though it can take years to fully integrate.

Hope this helps