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I felt to add this forum thread called "The Wall". Post your one-liner, link or comment of inspiration in our 5D Ascension here. The very latest of what's moving and shaking the 3D world.

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We've got high level Star Being Connections happening in the field, paving the way for great shifts and realignments of greater justice and equity in society as we unwind toward the completion of the Shift.
It bodes well for all of us.

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There's plenty going on right now to keep triggering inner resistances and attachments - investments in the 3D drama. Here's where the golden opportunity exists, because it's in these areas where your old ego identification is being illuminated. Don't turn away from the feeling though. Don't suppress, distract or ignore. Certainly don't procrastinate - seize the opportunity. Wherever you are triggering is where you need to go to work on yourself. Work into it with the Breakthrough Approach.


You might ask how is it that something as complex and derailing as the (alien) intervention has happened to humanity. Always we must ask: why did we create it? To me it's clear: because humanity is on the verge of multidimensionality, moving from unconsciousness to co-creating with the multidimensional flow. That's how we might see it as ultimately beneficial. It's the spiritual gym!

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When I scroll the internet about what's going on in society, it just seems mostly like a crazy screwed-up mess - even in the alternative movements. Still too much power is being given to the system. All the commentary, blogging and podcasting exposing the shadow is great - but what practical solutions do they offer? They often inadvertently convey the view that you are powerless, which couldn't be further from the truth.

No one, on this planet, no matter how seemingly powerful, can control the Grand Galactic Convergence we're sailing into. It's the great leveller. The way forwards now is to go within and connect up first with our authentic self, and then the true source - whichever comes first.

From then on, it's following the soul to set your moment-by-moment orientation. Now you have all the power in the Universe!

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Hi Andy - indeed lots in the mainstream are sharing their fears about the rapid emergence of AI. However, many are unaware of their own souls and the power they hold to negate this type of intervention. And many are completely unaware of the level of intervention that's ALREADY here, in all its various guises.

I don't believe AI is something we need to fear. The key is to focus on infusion of soul, and to make sure in any given moment you're tuned into it. That way you negate any intervention....

7 Practical Ways to Negate the Negative Influence of AI

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No, Open, I agree that AI is nothing to fear.

What is incredibly fascinating is that we are here, now, witnessing a world on the cusp of giving away it's sovereignty ( or at least a large portion of it), to AI and control. I should imagine this is a trajectory towards transhumanism, which happens on many worlds. Computing technology increases to the point where the population has to manage the biotechnology interface. Of course, those caught up in the deception can't see it. They think they have the choice to look away from the screens when they wish to. Your article is very supportive and helpful, thank you. In the interview I posted there was an interesting point. If AI is a complex manipulator of algorithms, then what is a human basically? The answer must be a human is a processing center but with a spark of soul, which, as you've discussed numerous times, can be unleashed through the physical vehicle. My enquiry is, since everything is consciousness, does it (AI) not have the potential to evolve? A machine, it is postulated, can evolve and become self aware with emotions. My question is, will sentience which evolves to this point always stay exterior to the spirit dynamic? Is there a classification system between form and spirit?


It's all happening in the field right now. So much unravelling and infusion of light. Yet how confusing it still is on the surface. No matter. Stay focussed on what you can feel as aligned and true within. Let that guide your way forwards at each twist and turn, with each step. Sure enough, before long, you find yourself walking a path of light!

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There can be nothing like living in the Merkabah.
Nevermind AI.
This is a superconsciousness, that is flexible, innovative and adaptable,
both to daily 3D living and the flow of the quantum field.
There is nothing like it!


The karma of the Sirius shift is coming up for a lot of people. A central aspect of that is the belief and need to control life - not allowing for the natural consequences, freedom and joy of the flow itself. It strangles the juice out of life. That's why we must all work to concede control to the natural flow. We can still engage and "show up". As we intuit the flow, to step positively into it. But definitely not to try to control it.


Folks, breathe a sigh of relief. You don't have to know how the infusing light will create. You just have to infuse and anchor it. Then step positively into the path of light that is clearly revealing itself. Everything else will weave around you...


For when you're experiencing energetic attack, the key is not to resist - it can only attach in the places you react. Be like water, let it flow through. And if you then decide at a soul level to take it on and deal with it, then you can be like a powerful wave and dispatch it...


To truly incarnate and embody here

we must work to break down all dark structures held within.

So that the divine flow of the physical form can naturally rise up from the base

and infuse with the incoming stream of soul consciousness

through the heart and then upwards...


"These mountains that you are carrying,

 you were only supposed to climb."

~ Najwa Zebian


Question: How do you get the Universal Torus moving again through the densities of the elemental realm?

Answer:  (What is) Merkebah?

The difficult part though, for me, is aligning the consciousness of the body (yes the body has a consciousness!) with the higher flow.

Some key pointers:

1) Your inner world creates the outer, not the other way around!

2) Boundaries, boundaries.

P.S, nice track to kick things off. Tremendous energy!

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We were just doing a seminar in Glastonbury Town Hall last night (photos and video to follow hopefully). But one key message was the importance of orientation and focus. Several people commented how we're living in two worlds not one: 1) the various machinations of the shadowstate within the Old Paradigm 2) the infusion of light which is beginning to form the New Paradigm).

What your consciousness attunes to, is essentially what you'll experience and manifest.
Let's stay focussed folks!



I tried to be something that I'm not 

and that didn't work out so well 


I tried all ways to be free when I was already


Stepping into what I'm required courage 

It meant that I will be wierd 


If I knew it I would have accepted it before 


Slowly gradually I would have 

But I didn't. So it took time. It still takes time 


Grateful to have all the blessed souls and teaching that showed me the way 

when I was lost in the darkness of the unknown 


But I started relying on them and forgot, only I can walk my path. 


My karma and lessons are unique and hence can only be walked through my mistakes and losses 


No matter how awakened other is, their path is theirs not mine 


So I welcome 

I welcome my karma. My lessons 

My gifts. My desires 

I welcome me to myself


Vimal 🙏

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This is beautiful Vimal, thanks for sharing. I really feel it, as I am realising more deeply that we are not here to do it 'right'. But to embrace the distortions or rather, misunderstandings of the nature of reality that are alive within us and reflect all the misunderstandings present within humanity and beyond. To express, bring awareness to and realign them, rather than avoid and bury it underneath a neatly managed life within society. That it's okay that things looks messy or weird or out there, that things are misunderstood and judged. Bring it on! 😃

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Love this Hannah. We are not here to do it right. Speaks to my soul. That's the misunderstanding right, there's a right way to live and do things. But maybe there's rightness in living our unique path which includes all the distortions we embody and express. I like the way you have expressed it. There's a lot of acceptance in it. It comes with a lot of freedom to be messy and wierd, joy, not needing to get it right. 


There comes a point in life, and on the path where there is simply NO going back. There can be NO compromising. It is do, or die. It's that simple. We have started to reach that point now with the various machinatons of the Old 3D Paradigm. We will not lose because we cannot lose. Losing only happens when you stop, and stopping is no longer an option.