The Wall: Daily Ascension Snippets - Twitter's Last Tweet!

I felt to add this forum thread called "The Wall". Post your one-liner, link or comment of inspiration in our 5D Ascension here. The very latest of what's moving and shaking the 3D world.

Could this be Twitter's last Tweet?


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It's high time to embody the soul, and keep doing it, through every choice in every given moment...

This is exactly what we'll be working on at Avalon Rising 2021 the World Ascension Summit - pick up your early bird ticket while you still can!

This is a powerful song for me. If you have catalytic qualities (we all do to varying degrees), then you're often likely to butt up against the rigidity of the system - especially now in society!

But this frustration is the means by which we polish the diamond and unleash new aspects of beingness.
When we recognise this, it makes the cauldron a lot more manageable!

"What's happened, happened.

Which is an expression of faith in the mechanics of the world. It's not an excuse to do nothing."

I just love this final scene from Christopher Nolan's Tenet.

Does Neil's energy here remind anyone of lightworkers taking on the benevolent mission on Earth? It sure does to me, haah! ...

We are the protagonists of our individual unfoldings. Praying Emojivoltage emoji iconThe Sun Emoji

How often do you hear about having "hope" in life, in this or that?
The problem with hope is that you're living in the expectation of an illusionary reality,
which may well not come true.

Furthermore, and most importantly, hope takes you out of the truth of the moment;
meaning you're less likely and able to feel the subtle perceptions and nuances of the flow -
you're more likely to fall off the wave!

That's why hope, just as much as fear, is your enemy - the enemy of truth.

Can you be equanimous in the moment?
Neither in fear nor hope,
but completely in the moment, feeling the truth of the wave as it really is.
"You'll be simply amazed at what you can do and how well you can do it..."

It's getting tough now, to all except those in avoidance or denial,
(denial is not just a river in Egypt!)
But I tell you that's okay.
Let it grind you. If there's anything resisting inside, anything identifying, that's where to work.
Do you want it to be easier? Do you want it to go away? Who does?
It's only ever identity. And identity, no matter how compelling, is NOT your friend.

The only strength is true surrender - to having deepened and ground down right into the truth.
Surrender, not as in the acceptance of anything goes,
But, surrender to the step you know in your heart of hearts is right.
It's never easy, seldom convenient, but it is the way.

Ours is a curious existence right now.
It will be founded more on loss than gain...
The more you lose but can let go, the more you will gain.
What else enduring can there be, but the immaculate forging of soul?

So, when the water rises, swim...

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Sometimes I feel like a single flower blown by strong wild winds. Will I be able to withstand another storm? or will I be broken by the relentless winds and left alone to die?

Much love Heart Keep strong Heart Stay in the Light

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That's beauiful - thanks so much for sharing 👍

It's fine being blown along by the winds providing they're the right winds.

It's fine being broken too, providing it's the shadow you break.

Dieing is also fine. It's the living death to beware of.

Open 🙏

There's an incalculable value of immediately confronting fear when it arises.
Turn into it. Feel where it triggers inside. Soften into it. Summon the inner will of the soul to step in that direction and you'll be simply amazed at what unfolds on the other side.

Steadily but surely, as I look out into a world of crumbling sense and sensibility, each glance activates another notch inwards, another marked shift of orientation, towards the long journey home...

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LOL - I had to laugh!
I'm sure it's the perfect choice.
What I really meant was sharing a message who're effortling to gain that rather than pursuing the journey of the soul.
Clearly your beach house is the journey of your soul.
Here's my crazy dream - an aluminium caravan (to keep the EMF out) - to keep broadcasting right up until the last moment.
Crazy? Hmmm...

Linear time is just an illusion of the lower mind.

The forward and backward flows into one.

The heart, is where the part of ourselves that is living in time, meet the part of ourselves that dwells beyond time.

So always feel it, and not try only to understand.

To shoot the bullet, is to catch the bullet.

Divine manifestation happens through alignment of being.


P.S, Apparently I can't spell "Quantum", LOL. It's fixed now.

Let's not get embroiled in the drama out there folks - the shadow energies are ramping up the distraction. Be clear, that if you invest all your energy in trying to counter the narrative, you're still giving energy to it!
Notice and feel the boulders yes, but work with nature to attune to the natural flow of ascending energies. Then you'll create in alignment...

Found her on my bathroom floor yesterday. Never seen something like this ,like a spider with wings. It spoke to me about the importance of grounding the higher dimensional energy here. 

Spider with wings

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That looks like the spawn of Satan my friend😂 I've known entities that look like this, with legs/tentacles like this and a dark density in the center.

Which is of course not to say, it can't still hold relativistic beauty and be lovable!  

Lyra 🤙

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Haha, yes Open it is just a humble fly! Although the in-your-faceness of the photo taken, and the shape of its many legs did give me a little jitter from inside, which of course is linked to some of my karmic pain and the very entities (group) I was describing!

And speaking of mantids, it is to my knowing that there are different groups of extraterristerial beings that very much resemble the earth praying mantids in their forms, perhaps with our earth ones being their distant cousins. Some of these higher dimensional beings are incredibly benevolent, and are working to assist the shift here (such as the Golden Mantis Race!). There are also other mantids groups that are of a less than benevolent intent.

I do find the form of our earth mantids quite beautiful, though. I mean just look at this weeee beauty :D

"female european praying mantis"

with love,

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Island in the storm, or ecstatic 4d bubble?

To me it all depends on how we embody and integrate the energies. (embrace the void!)

Process the pain, retrieve all the soul fragments, yes,

but alas, we are also here to dance!

Perhaps simply to the joy of life, to the songs inside each one of us.

And just so, we're rising with the rainbow serpent,

feeling the love of our twin flames,

knowing there is always a way back home...

Love is all there is. HeartPraying Emoji

When you're in the torus, you breathe in and unravel the old, you breathe out and create the new.

Thus we have to be prepared to let go of each creation - to hold the past very lightly.

Then to have the courage to step forwards even though you can't immediately see the outcome.

That's how we create the outcome - but crucially, as one with the divine.

Open 🙏

So, ex-president Donald Trump calls Bitcoin a scam and the whole market plunges.
No, Donald, printing zillions of paper dollars and bailing out your Corporate America mates is a scam.
Distributing millions of experimental jibjabs at "warp speed", when you personally know existing drugs work better, is the mother of all scams.

I always believe the truth will out, no matter what.
The truth is the correcting force of the Universe.
And here right now, crypto has already demonstrated it is here to correct humungous wrongs. To give the regular guy in the street like you and I a chance to even the financial playing field a degree.
The shadow state will, and are, manipulating it so they can steal it from retail investors who lose their nerve. DON'T lose your nerve!

The current falls are no different than all the others that have happened previously. It always bounces back. The fact remains, Bitcoin has still out-performed all other investments over the time of its inception and will continue to do so. Why? Peer to peer ease of use. True store of value because the maximum amount is permenantly limited to 21 million coins. That's what the shadowstate, with its inflationary tactics, are terrified about.
It blows fiat - like the dollar - out of the water.

And as I've often said, Bitcoin is merely the 1st generation. Others are already surpassing it.
So, what I will be doing, am doing, is staying strong and hanging long.
The truth will find a way.
It always does.

Open 🙏

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Hello everyone;

I read this site from time to time. I find opens perspective on cryptocurrency interesting. I must admit, I have never felt drawn to consider cryptocurrency myself and I pay for almost everything in cash bills, mostly to maintain my own privacy. With full knowledge that it is worthless fiat currency mind you. To me its just a bunch of yellow coloured plastic (we have plastic bills in Australia) that functions as a means of exchange.

In regards to Bitcoin...Open, you have been to Sydney, and described this place as a like an assault on higher consciousness. That much is true. There are a myriad of ways peoples consciousness is literally assaulted here.

One of those ways of imprinting messages into peoples subconscious is by using buses and bus stops to display rolling advertisements. They often have a demonic energy about them (demonic imagery, one eye symbolism, advertising 'spirit' alcohol liquor) things of that nature.

So naturally when i started to see Bitcoin logos, and messages encouraging people to invest in bitcoin, pop up at our local bus stops. I was guarded. I personally do not believe there is a benevolent force or intent behind it.

With kindness :)

- M

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Interesting observation MotoGee,

I can say with pretty clear conviction that when Bitcoin was first created it was most definitely from a benevolent intent. It was created after the last credit crunch in 2008 as a means of direct peer to peer exchange, outside of the defunct and duplicitous banking system.

Since then however, in recent times, it's clear the shadowstate is trying to "seize" it and fleecing regular people in the process. So they pull people into it, hike the price then short sell so the price plummets, bringing the rest of the market down with it. It's because crypto is a direct threat to the regular banking system.

They may well fulfill their shenanigens in the short term, but my sense is that crypto will succeed as a means for we mavericks and misfits to work outside of the shadowstate system. It will however be a rocky ride!

Open 🙏

It's the beginning of another week and where will your focus be?
No doubt you'll have stuff to do, people to see, goals to accomplish.
But always remember whatever is going on, this is about your self-actualisaiton.
And that can only happen by being attentive to it.
That's why I always advocate maintaining 50% of your attention on the inner.
How are you being now?
What aspect of beingness is invited now?
What's the grandest version of you that you can be?

"Being present" and "Presence" are not necessarily the same thing.

You can work at being present - meaning to bring attention to how you're being and what's truly happening in any given moment. Some might term this "mindfulness".

But that isn't the same as presence. In fact someone can still be being very busy in this state (of being present). They might even look still on the surface but there's an efforting underneath to hold in place what they (their ego) is perceiving as stillness and presence.

Presence is something that happens to you.

You cannot create it and to aim for it is to push it further beyond reach - because true presence is the Void of all things in the eternal background. To be in it, is to merge with the totality. Where there is someone aiming for this, it will always remain out of reach because in your consciousness you've already established the conditon of separation from it.

Instead the key is to align with soul in any given moment.

When allowed to, the soul will flow. It doesn't have to effort to do this - does the wind effort to blow?

Even when the soul is active and busy, it is still effortless - is a bee efforting?

What we need to do therefore (and this is the Openhand Approach), is to open out through tightness to centre in the flow of the soul. You do this by dropping into rightness of being in any given moment - like tuning a musical instrument. You give everything to what you recognise is the attuned chord of you.

That's when you start to recognise this peculiar state that simply and effortlessly arises in the background. Time disappears. Separation disappears. Doubt, fear, disbelief disappear. You are now being the eternal presence of the One.

Open 🙏

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This is exactly what i want to know. Wrapped up in present/past karma and distractions, but making the choice more often to be with soul instead of the habitual distractions but i can't seem to get deep enough b/c of work which takes so much out of me so meditation turns to sleep real quick. i work on presence as much as possible but i feel like i'm missing something? cut off somehow? like in a daze or fog. working on the surrender and trust too but not sure if i'm allowing soul to come through enough from always being caught up in myself and the incessant monkey-mind. trying not to be hard on myself as you've said it takes time, and maybe this is a good lesson in patience i need, but worried i'm squashing her instead of setting her free...

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Hi Barb - I'd say the key is to always work to come from the soul rather than aiming for presence - presence can be a trap of disconnection. However when you're aligned with the soul and being the witnesser of action, then true presence simply arises in the background.

So focussing on the sense of the soul is paramount - no matter what you're doing. Where is the feeling/sense of rightness in any given moment? How can you transcend what you're doing by feeling through?

Open 🙏

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this seems to be hard for me as i always have ego in the way judging, expecting outcomes; letting things just be has been one of the hardest things i've "not" done in my life, so opposite of how i've always been. knowing how my soul feels is foreign to me as i'm always in ego mode wanting something. this is going to take some time. thank you🙏

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Yes I understand it's hard Barb - to be comitted to focussing on the soul and following it on a daily basis.

But what might help motivate, is the realisation that there is nothing else that is real going on. In other words, when we're acting from the ego, then we're caught in illusion that isn't really achieving anything or going anywhere. Therefore it's pretty pointless!

Open 💙


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and that's exactly how i feel, over and over again the same old pointless foolishness, but even knowing this, and being vigilant with watching myself as you have guided, i can't seem to let go of it! i'm making little changes that give me hope but still clinging to the same old. i'm exhausted from myself. it's the absence that i struggle with rn, how not to react when thats all i've ever done. always having to be right and oh how dare they etc! i simply don't know why i struggle so much to let go. but i still have hope even though there are days i'm sure i'll never change. i have a lot of work ahead of me. thank you for showing the way💜🙏