The Wall: Daily Ascension Snippets - Twitter's Last Tweet!

I felt to add this forum thread called "The Wall". Post your one-liner, link or comment of inspiration in our 5D Ascension here. The very latest of what's moving and shaking the 3D world.

Could this be Twitter's last Tweet?


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It's the Tory Party conference here in the UK.
I bet you'd never thought you'd see a clip here on Openhandweb.
"Build Back Better?" You mean "Build Back Bullshit!"
I can't think of better inspiration to get out of this 3D madness!...

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It is a truly amazing song, isn't it? I was grabbed by it the instant I first heard it (if you can track down her live performance of it at the Grammy's in 2019, it will make you cry, yell and freeze all at the same time). She truly channels some powerful energy, and I have felt for some time this song is the cry of all of us who have suffered so long here on this prison-planet!

Clare β€

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It doesn't matter how many times I see this type of scenario, it never ceases to disturb me how the majority of people overlook all the 'little' changes in their world that - if you bothered to mentally put them all together - are clearly spiralling into a horrendous outcome (oh and how easy it is to get most people to 'dob' others in for anything at all). Great share!

Hi All,

I felt to share this song I just discovered (amazing how songs like this have hidden from me so long - from 2014, although maybe just here in Aus?!). Yes, we need to heed Nature's Call right now - says it all, really, and doesn't hurt that I can't stop moving my body when the music starts!! ;-)

Clare β€

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Hi Open,

I really love this definition of 'Right'. For me, the word 'Right' has also always instead held an energy of describing something that is natural to do or be without having to work at it - rather than describing an action or behaviour that others would expect from me if I were being 'Good' or complying with societal rules. The contrast for me would be going against one's true nature, which would then be unnatural (rather than 'Wrong').

Becoming aware of the words we use has never seemed more critical in allowing expansion beyond limitations and programming!

Clare β€

As crazy as it has become,
you don't need to fight this world.
See it for what it is,
the perfect step ladder,
And work to emerge from it.
Everything you will ever need,
anything that will truly bring you joy,
is within.
Let go of that which tempts you to go without.

Open πŸ™

What it felt like for me going through 4 days of incarceration (a second DUI gets you incarcerated in China), and then processing the shadow identities that created the experience...

To anyone who's also in the forge of soul right now, may the force be with you! voltage emoji iconWink EmojiPraying Emoji

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Thank you Lyra for your openness and honesty; it is inspiring and courageous and helps us have that same courage. Lots of forging here too, even as i still continue to hide from it with the usual comforts of food, cannabis and avoidance. At least though now i'm aware when i hide so i guess that's progress lol! Hang in there peaceful warrior! And may the Force be with you always!πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ™

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 Thanks Barb! So happy to hear it.

Cannabis used to be a personal favorite for me too. I found its effect could greatly enhance perception of the 4th density. But it was also building inner identity for me through subtle sense of dependency and left my energetic field more susceptible of "hijacking" under its influence...

My process so far has been about loving the parts of myself that want to hide away. Give attention to it - feel where the pain is, and see where the truth lies. Sit and express in that "meme of truth" we each could feel, and watch the shadow self unwind!

This song here always inspires a sense of that in me...The Sun EmojiMoon emoji iconHeartPraying Emoji

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This is wonderful advice Lyra - spot on...

My process so far has been about loving the parts of myself that want to hide away. Give attention to it - feel where the pain is, and see where the truth lies. Sit and express in that "meme of truth" we each could feel, and watch the shadow self unwind!

Right on!

Open πŸ™

I've been camping out on the wonderful Dartmoor and woke up to a spectacular sunrise with something gently nudging the front of my car - a young bull!!...

It reminded me of this great scene from peaceful warrior. There's never nothing going on!...

More like Isis-BS to me!

Just another drama to hook us in.
Let's not be fooled.
We see you.

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The most empowering thing we can do in life, when we hit those challenged and troubling moments, is to ask: "why did I manifest it?" Because you always did. Taking ownership means that you now have the capacity to be the master of the situation rather than the victim.

So why do we manifest such challenges?
The answer is simple: where is it creating tightness?
Where are you identifying with the situation?
Can you now work to let go in that place?

It's not easy. But then forging something of great value (the soul) never is!

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Today I've explored the essential importance of discipline in our daily evolutionary practice...
5D Ascension: Developing Your Daily 5D Shift Practice
However I find discipline must be blended with rhythm and flow. Meaning that whatever practice you develop for yourself must be allowed to adapt and evolve. Otherwise it becomes hard and rigid - too conditioning and limiting of the expansion of consciousness.

In today's world, discipline and focus are utterly essential,
but blended with openness and flow.

Open πŸ™

Sometimes, there is really nobody to run from but the shadow of the self.

When the false grandiosity of the ego falls away, the grief and pain of trauma underneath may well wash over.

But in our essence, we are beautiful beyond measures - an unique aspect of absolute truth (all there is) embodied and expressed in the one moment that stretches into eternity, and the love we are worthy of need no attachments, nor conditions...I believe it simply arises from within through a deep embrace and surrender (of control) to all manifested experiences.

To me, I find this clip below speaking strongly about confronting the shadow and accepting the moment as it is...

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Haha, love this one too Open! Thanks so much for sharing, I've been looking to find it. Angel Halo

To me it is just so important to find that inner groove which helps propel us into the dream space, there in a state of flowing awareness density and karmic energy in the lower realms is more easily processed and moved, and revelations and insights from the higher mind more readily received.

And if one is consciously tuned into the source pain in this state, yet keeps the waking-dream flowing through, perhaps they can then begin to integrate fragmented soul too! Although I reckon that would feel vastly different for each individual...and in my case it just feels like 2 souls acting in one field with one helping the other integrate the remaining fragments so that the "previous" one that wishes to move on can fully do so. It is quite a tricky situation to wrap (or unwrap) my head around sometimes, and I'm also open to the possibility of it not being so (in which case de Nile is still a river in Egypt sometimes), but the access to the dream space has definitely helped me loads through the process.

I'd love to hear any reflections if it resonates! Praying EmojiStar Emoji

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Ah, thanks Open! Yes, I suppose one might say that's a Sirian trait also, or even Lyran - if I do say so myself.

I did get to meet a group of Arcturians once on their ship though - in dream time. And the chaps had a good laugh about me asking to see the "bible" (mind you, the real one), lol. But perhaps that was from another life...

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Hi all,

Little confused by the concept of choice, if I'm honest. Isn't an aligned choice, underpinned by a sense of rightness, still a choice nonetheless?

Sometimes, if it feels the decision flows from the soul, the choice presents itself effortlessly but at a later point it becomes evident that other factors were at play - fears, insecurities, mental confusion - exerting an influence, whether knowingly or not.

I guess in the bigger picture, no matter what the outcome, it can be seen as a route to self realisation.

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Is an aligned choice still a choice?

Consider it this way - a being may have spent some considerable time making choices that were not in alignment with their soul - just as nearly 8 billion people on the planet. And so lots of tension is built inside, kind of like a toy aeroplane with the elastic band going up the middle. You wind it up with tension. But then the aligned choice is just to let go and fly with the flow. Now the plane - the soul - simply flys by letting go. It's really a conscious awareness - a true choice - not to fight the flow.

Best wishes

Open πŸ™

I feel that sometimes we can take on emotional energies/projections and even old programmings from others that neither belong nor serve, especially if it's family members from a direct line where there are still bloodline karma to resolve.

So my inquiry was, how to effectively channel it away?

To me, one must not fear the serpent (which represents here karma/deception on this plane, the body elementals and kundalini), and penetrate into that layer of the pain (emotional/mental/physical) with soul awareness. Like a cobweb that is simply not fitted to hold a new catch, the old constraints will break apart and fall away as our full beingness gets embodied and animated.

Then it's time to ride that ouroboros light-express, through the chakras to the heavens and underworld, and let the energies we picked up go where they belong!

This music here had catalyzed a sense of that energy work for me today...

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Hi Open - yes I was talking about the Torus indeed! Just seeing if I could express the sense of it in another way - glad that you got what I was saying.

There are also healing codes contained in presentations of the serpent (such as Rainbow Serpent/ Dragon's breath) that I felt was relevant to working with the Torus for me. But yes, totally agree - become as-one with all, and as-nothing in all, that sweet timeless teachings from Morgan le Fay and Merlin of the now. Slightly Smiling