The Way to 5D Consciousness with Openhand

Submitted by Open on Thu, 02/13/2020 - 17:42
The Way to 5D Consciousness is through Progressive Transcendence
The path to 5D consciousness is far from a glamorous spiritual affair! The way into the expansion and deep resonance with the divine is through progressive transcendence. And the most progress is not necessarily to be made when you're in a peak experience, but rather in the day to day nitty gritty of life.
In any moment that you go unconscious in the density and allow it to control you mindlessly, is a lost moment where the 3D has determined your consciousness. Use every opportunity, especially the apparently small moments when you feel off centre, a little down or depressed. Actually here is where most headway is to be gained.
Accept the feeling, yes. But that doesn't mean to let the density then define your being. Work into it. Normalise with it. Whatever it is, "it's just another experience". Become intimate with it. Then feel yourself not as that, but as the energy flowing through and around it. You are that movement, you are that flow. Become it.
Maybe in the beginning this energy is very light, almost intangable. Persist. Keep going. Keep feeling in and feeling through. Soon enough you'll catch a wave that feels interconnected with a deeper purpose and meaning, a greater expansion. This is the way to embodying the 5D consciousness which is now transforming our reality.
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