When "God" removes people from your life

You can find truth in all things and all expressions. It's because everything is a crystallisation of the divine flow.

The consciousness of humanity is moving beyond orthodox religion. Yet let's not forget that truth can still be found in the expressions.

That's what I see in this video - lots of great truth, but a degree wrapped up in old vocabulary and maybe a degree of over identification with the identity of "God" - when God is the infinite presence at the heart of all.

Neverthless, if you listen to this with that caveat, and feel the meaning of it, I do believe you'll find some great illumination in it - around the reasons why people come and go in your life. Feel free to share your perspective...

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This thread made me smile (somewhat wryly). I have had the most appalling gastric upset this week, with physical pain like I have never felt before, leaving me drenched in sweat and almost unable to speak. In fact it was a toss up whether to call an ambulance or my friend who is a kinesiologist. Fortunately my instincts said call my friend. Apparently my body did not want to let go of two things - karma from Sirius and grief over the loss of my dad earlier this year and this caused two valves in my gut to shut down (who knew?)

I had no idea my body was holding on to this because I had no awareness of it and I am normally very good at letting stuff go (I got through a box and a half of tissues on Divinicus!)

I am finally out of pain (if very weak) after a couple of energetic adjustments and physically letting go for England!

I wondered if anyone else had experienced anything similar or if perhaps Open, you had any advice on how to avoid something similar happening again?



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Hi Pam - right there with you. Clearly you've been through a challenging time Heart

As you know, when we ask a question of the soul, the soul always answers and usually in our own words.

So this popped out and spiked in the field right at the end of your sharing...

advice on how to avoid something similar happening again?

What were you avoiding that would have (or did) inform you about the build up of these things in the first place?

What might you have been unconscious about?

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Hi Open,

Thank you for pointing that out - I'm not used to looking for the answer in the question when it's my questionThinking. I have no idea what I might have been unconscious about and am usually a 'diver in' rather than an 'avoider' when it comes to emotional stuff, but I will put the question out there and see what comes back.

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