In the world, but not of it.

Hello Openhand,

I've been brought back to the site for a visit, and thought I would say hello! I won't do myself the disservice of feigning questions, or claiming I need support when I don't. But one thing i've been grappling with now, for over two years, will be familiar to many on the path. I don't think it really matters where you are, or what you do as such one you're realised. But there is that niggling concern that when the body dies you might be sucked back in for another round of birth and death! Well, maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing after all.. But still, we would like to be doing the 'right' things in this lifetime wouldn't we. Once we find that delicious place of serenity, once we're dancing with the divine, we don't reeally welcome the discordant transactions and actions encountered with the oblivious of this world, do we? So i've been on a circuit of monasteries, seriously questioning if I can continue to live in the world, playing out what I consider to be a fictitious role. And I discovered that the same, if not worse, human dynamics are played out in those institutions! Myriad forms of power playing, the continued need of some to assert their self importance to others, subtle betrayals, not so subtle betrayals.. But that's a part of what we learn to accept of others. As far as I know i'm initiating ordination at a Hindu monastery in Sri Lanka. Not of this world, is not of this world. It has to go. Hx

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Hi Heather - greetings - you are heard heart

I entirely understand the yearning to 'eradicate the ego'. At the same time, I'd say we need to be clear what that means exactly within. Firstly, we will only ever be drawn into this density if there is something to learn from it. Otherwise the soul simply wouldn't choose it. And some of these 'lessons' are extremely deep and challenging which can take lifetimes to resolve. Nevertheless, it's important to let go of the need for them to be resolved quickly, as opposed to thoroughly. There is no ultimate destination on the path, only a continued unfolding.

Another key issue I witness frequently, is the need to realise the nature of the personality as opposed to the ego (bearing in mind that people have strongly different meanings for these terms). To us at Openhand, the personality of a being equates to its unique, and totally authentic, "soul-ray-harmonic". It is the unique resonance of your soul. Trying to somehow dissolve this out becomes frustrating and counterproductive. Rather the liberation of its fullest colourful expression leads to alignment and fulfillment.

When the soul-ray-harmonic gets distorted by the physical, and then attaches to it, leads to ego, which in turn leads to suffering.

However let's always remember, attachment to non-attachment is still attachment!

With love

Open heart


If there is a course of action in this lifetime, it isn't to eradicate an ego from this being. The identity this body once was has long ago departed, it's to eradicate ego from my vicinity entirely. I never wish to witness it again. And will do whatever I have to, to make that a reality. That gives a minute indication of the truth of what the ego really is. I'm not resisting it. But as with any illness or disease, if there really IS a choice, the sensible option, is away from it. Hx