You'll go into the Desert, alone; Gods will be Smiling, But not Answering!

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On the path, you'll have to get used to going into 'the desert' - an inner landscape that will call you at times; it's where there's some inner convolution of consciousness that needs to be unravelled. Be prepared for it to feel harsh. There will be no immediate answers, no soft shoulder to cry on. Yes, the Gods will be with you, and they'll be smiling, but not answering your longing, which can make it feel all the more challenging. Yet going into the desert is necessary, and your apparent aloneness essential.

Here's what the purpose is, and encouragement for dealing with it...

The Revelation of You

It's still so easy to get lulled into the idea that a particular outcome is necessary. Your path will guide you to possibilities, to events that seem like they're going to land, like they're meant to land, destined: that new place in the country, the new job with less hours but better pay, that relationship you've always longed for.

Yes, events will conspire to deliver things like this, but there's a crucial point to hoist on board if you're to create consciously and in alignment: these have to be the product - the effect - of self-actualisation; meaning it is the journey of the revelation of You that delivers aligned and authentic creation.

But often there's still confusion. As you're guided toward an apparent outcome that you really desire, attachment can readily happen. And you could force the outcome, many do, but what they end up with, is a creation that's fundamentally flawed, one that ultimately leads to breakdown and dissatisfaction. If we're being truly honest with ourselves, at this point, you'll open up and inquire - "why isn't that landing for me?" That's when you'll hear the quietness of the inner desert beckoning. 

Go deeper still!

At this point, take yourself off, internally, and let that manifest in whatever way appropriate in the external. To some, it really will be the desert, to others, it will be the steel and glass canyons of the unforgiving city. You need to be alone with it. Even if there are people around you, it's your aloneness that counts. The Gods will be there, but they won't be answering your call, at least not the real ones.

Fake Gods will be giving you fake answers: solutions, so as to avoid the eye of the needle - the contracting intensity of the waterless oasis. But that's exactly where you need to be - grovelling in the dry sand, until you can live without that thirst quenching sip, until you're in the place to challenge the heavens... "I am even bigger than your storm clouds!"

What you're really looking for, is the concealed inner tightness - the convolution of consciousness that somehow identifies you with the physical, and the need for a physical/emotional outcome. And because you're not giving into the fake balloons with their fake messages, then you'll start to feel the pain of the none outcome. The Gods will be smiling at you in this place, but crucially not answering. Always when there's no answer, you've already gotten it....

The answer is..... to go deeper still!

Inextinguishable flicker, Inexhaustible will, Imperishable acceptance

That's where you'll feel the pain of your attachment. That's when you'll realise what it was you thought you really wanted, or needed, but didn't. That's where you fooled yourself in to thinking your aloneness in the Universe wasn't enough, where the darkened night sky was too dark, where the barren desert too barren.

But listen to me, this is it, when you're at that point, that's what you'll truly digging for, that's where the nuggets of soul gold are buried: because it's where we buy into the illusion, and make the suffering real. But once you realise this dynamic, then you can explode the myth of anything that might hold you. When you've been into the desert just once, and truly challenged the need for any kind of outcome: for food, for sleep, for resources, for shelter, for relationship, for love, then you will burst that bubble, you will explode that myth. When you're in the midst of the pain, be it physical, emotional or mental, where the intensity is at its zenith, that's where the opportunity lies. Seek it out, with all the courage and will you can muster. Let the quest for the no answer forge your fearless soul.

That's where you find that inextinguishable flicker, that inexhaustible will to keep going, the imperishable acceptance of complete surrender to what is.... "Bring it on!" I say, "Throw at me what you will!" "What breaks me up, only makes me stronger, more integrated, more at-one".

The Point of Breakthrough

Here's the point of Breakthrough. When you're so totally accepting of the tightness, of the pain and resistance, that you don't need it to go away, then you're already free. The roots of this particular knot have been dug up, and will now start unwinding.

This is the essence of the Openhand Breakthrough Approach, for dealing with this subconscious tightness and attachment that holds us...

  1. Confront the truth of the situation
  2. Honour and express the tightness
  3. Become as-one with the tightness
  4. Unwind and unleash soul

I put it to you, that what your soul is really searching for, is the natural flow of the moment. Because when we break through into this, then everything else bounteously lands around us - that which, at the deepest levels, we really want, effortlessly manifests.

You can find out more in the Openhand Breakthrough Book

Where even the Gods speak of God

When you hit this point, you've crossed that particular desert. Now the Gods really are smiling, and no answer is necessary. The path unfolds out of the convolution and they're smiling with you.

I've been into the desert countless times, sometimes for just a few hours, sometimes for days or even weeks, and I still frequently go there. And here I am, on the other side. You can do it. Just surrender, and keep going. You have to look life right in the eye of the storm. Ultimately, it renders you cosmic!

In smiling support
Open Slightly Smiling
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Here's my most favourite timelapse photography of the desert. When it all gets too much, put your favourite desert dweller music on, and just drift off into the unknown - become a part of the everything. Awesome...


Here's another great poem by Whyte. To me, it tells of the divine paradox of being in the (metaphorical) desert. When you burst through into acceptance of your aloneness, that's when everything starts to speak to you.

I had a difficult day today, discovering there were some 1200 broken links on the Openhand website from the migration - and I felt a bit down hearted about it. There's a lot of work to be done to fix them. So I took myself off to meditate on the river bank. I'm sitting there when a little money spider drops on my arm and starts weaving together the hairs on it!

It seemed the spider had a massive amount to do, yet that didn't deter it. It was busy just being the spider and weaving. In that moment, I didn't notice even the subtle threads of silk, only the perfection of this little creature weaving. Miraculous!


Hi Armi,

Yes, I share plenty of your sentiment.

I do think a time is arriving where resistant OC in the field realises that the best thing to do is get on board the realignment. And there are those in the ether from different constellations that have been helping from the start.

But no, it's certainly not all roses and light!

Open Praying Emoji


I took part to a Finnish ”new age” summer event in Kuortane, the Ultra-days ( in 5-8.7.2018. The event is an old one, dates back to the seventies’. The main theme in the beginning were UFOs and extra-terrestrials, but the event later developed into more spiritual – a soul-mind-body event. There are always also speakers from abroad eg. Dr Hurtak, Tibetan Buddhist teachers, European speakers etc.

 This summer the main themes of many speakers were the GOOD things the extra-terrestrials are doing and have done on earth, how they are helping us to develop spiritually to be God-like beings again and how the earth is helped by them. E.g. we can have good implants (!) now which help us especially with health issues, and how the pyramids help us, especially the new Bosnian pyramid – there is a special healing stone with runic scripts and walking in the corridors in there makes you feel so good… And there was also talks about the chromosome shift, how we can now become multidimensional beings while we get back 24 chromosome pairs instead of 23 (it was even vaguely mentioned that this was due to gene manipulation by extra-terrestrials in the first place (!), referring to Kryon channellings from this year). But the main message was that everything will be well again and our ET-friends are helping us to get to 5D…

Hm, I could not help my thoughts of resistance, they are saying that we humans were the bad ones destroying the earth and the ET’s are now our saviours. There was also a lecture of Maitraya, “the world teacher”, saviour… Again we must give our strength and power to outsiders and wait to be saved… UH. Why are we so reluctant to take the spoon into our own hands and make the work ourselves and why we jump suddenly from the world of bad ET’s to a world of only good ones (okey, Greys are the bad ones so say all…) and read love stories like Judy Satori’s “Language of Light” (love story between a Sirius-woman and Lyra-man…) by the way reading it makes you genes miraculously shift to genes of a multidimensional being (!!!)… Why we have to always make these lovely stories and fairy tales and why we want to continue to sleep in a pink sweet dream – in Matrix -… and give our power away????

Pondering and wondering Armi


Wow Jen - the "Black Desert of Nothingness" is so descriptive! Feels like you're describing the Void to me. , For me though, these days, the Void is a very comforting place. I feel at home there. But of course there will be resistances to it upon the approach.

Deep inquiries Jen - wishing you well with them.

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Hey all,

I love the metaphorical style of this article and it reminds me of something which i myself call 'zero input weekend'.

During the busy weekdays often there is no time to truly reflect on issues and attachments that are coming up, so when the universe allows i'll take friday to sunday just for myself to go as deep as possible into the 'desert' to find the missing pieces of soul. Most important here for me is to really have zero input from outside (alarm clock, music, books, internet,...), really nothing coming in, just dwelling in oneself. It takes a while to calm down but can reach levels that i would not be able to touch upon otherwise. It might even work better when including a fasting option, i'll discover that soon.

These desert tours for me need a lot of patience and discipline, but always there is something awesome and unexpected coming up (like a big karma three weeks ago). It's like a solitary weekend retreat.

Heartfelt greetings to you from Mali,


I am a bit shocked at the synchronicity of this article. I find myself feeling that all that is within me is a black desert of nothingness and I have not been ok with that. It is the feeling of connection that I crave and it is in not feeling it a certain way that causes tightness and inability to be in the moment as it is. It's on multiple levels this craving for's a feeling that I am attached to. Great article... Will keep staying with it and unraveling the attachment to it being different.