The 5D Shift Goes Parabolic: Time for the Heavenly Ascension

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We're at the point in the shift where the upward curve goes parabolic. Imagine you've reached Everest Spiritual Base Camp - now it's time to begin the real climb. Everything you've done thus far has prepared you for this point. You look up, take a deep breath and step out. Or rather step deeper in. Each day must consist now of the inner climb: in your meditation practice, in aligned diet, nature, bodywork. It's all about integration and every single moment offers that tremendous opportunity for your spiritual mastery.

Gaia Shifts Through 5D Gears

Let's be clear, if you're not climbing then you're either standing still or slip-sliding backwards. Now is not the time to be fooling yourself. We don't have that luxury.

Gaia is gearing up. You can clearly see it with the volcanoes, earthquakes and storms building around the globe. But this has precious little to do with manmade climate change as the controllers of society would position. The great galactic cog has turned: cosmic radiation is streaming into the solar system at a time when the Solar Logos is lowering his magnetic shield. Gaia is doing the same, as we move inexorably towards the completion of the Pole Shift.

Get up to speed on the nature of 11:11 and the Pole Shift

The Stargates are Opening for DIVINICUS

The Stargates are opening as our heavenly ET helpers progressively strip out the 4D technology in the ether. If you're tuning into the field, the REAL source of planetary news, then you'll feel the massive shifts and unwindings that are taking place. There are no two ways about it: you're either in the truth of it or not. There's no place for just dipping your toes in the water at this juncture. It's high time to dive into centre stream.

Does this all sound full-on?!

It's meant to! It's necessary to inspire a deepening of spiritual commitment now. It's necessary for the climb to begin. You've done the practice. Now's time for the real transition: the forging of the Merkabah, your divine new DIVINICUS form leading into the New 5D Paradigm, anytime between now and the culminating Event, where the sun goes dark for 3 days before firing the Solar Nova Trigger.

For those tuning into the quantum field, the dreamstate before reality crystallises, you'll be well aligned with what unfolds. The physical body is becoming progressively more wave like. The soul will be downloading from the huge influx of energy. You'll be blissed, ecstatic, uplifted, reborn. This is what awaits us at the Everest Summit.

Actualise your 5D Divine Being: An Essential Roadmap

Becoming the Divine Co-Creator

So forge on my friends. Dig in. Let every moment become that of transcendence. You're walking through the old 3D/4D construct, with its shenanigans and craziness. But only pay attention to what truly affects you or binds you in karmically. Unwind out - then you've dispensed with that illusionary charade, you've stripped off that veil.

Keep centering in the truth of the moment and equalising with it so you can expand out - you're becoming the dream in every given moment, that which SHAPES the moment, for now you're becoming the divine co-creator.

And it's okay to pause as well. This is tiring work. Even meditation can be draining as you're deepening your focus through the layers, opening new channels and downloading light. So it's fine at times to take your foot off the gas pedal too. Take some well-earned comfort - some of your favourite soul food, connection with kindreds, a night cosied up with an inspiring movie. Let your rest become purposeful deep rest, ready for the next phase of the climb to begin again.

The 5D Being - our Daily Bread

Each unfolding, each unwinding brings you a step further. But it's not about waiting for the end Event. It's a paradox: we know it's coming, there is something to move towards, BUT - it's each heavenly step in that direction which counts.

You're doing the work where each shift brings a magnificent benefit. It's not measured in terms of some physical outcome in the 3D. Things will be transforming, yes, but what this is about, is the forging and integration of soul.

You witness it in the interrelation of reality, the patterning: in signs and synchronicity, in numerology, nature, and sacred geometry - this is the weaving landscape that creates a life in 5D, a life that is truly worth living.

This is the daily bread of DIVINICUS the 5D Being, as she's breathed into life within the Galactic Family of Light. This is the heavenly call right now.

The spiritual master in you is beckoning. Can you hear her call from across the great divide?

If You're inspired and feel the calling to begin the 5D Ascension, then come explore Openhand's advanced spiritual work:
Openhand Ascension Academy

Bright Blessings

Open 🙏

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15/01/2022 Openhand Journal Update

I just felt to express again that we need to be viewing the current shifts on the planet, including the pandemic, in terms of the 5GATEWAYS, because it's the shift of consciousness through these that's reflecting and manifesting in the outer. Let's be clear: the shadow is NOT the driving force here, the shift into 5D is.

The routemap provides invaluable illumination to EVERYTHING that's transpiring on the planet.

The higher dimensional shift moved through the plane of the physical and exposed the shadow lurking there, which then reacted and tried to lockdown. It precipitated an outbreak of expression of soul sovereignty around the planet. Whether those people consider themselves "spiritual" or not, the intense inner confrontation was embraced and worked with. Thus the Gateway 1 awakening happened for those prepared to undertake that confrontation.

With 2022, we're moving into Gateway 2 on the plane of emotions. It's called the "Realignment" where the movement of consciousness encourages you to realign with the directive of the soul in life. So the energy is moving through the plane of emotions and in any given moment, asking you to go with the expression of your soul - to LIVE from that place. I see this dynamic unfolding through 2022 and 2023.

Let's be clear, the 5GATEWAYS are active and determining the shift right now. This is a fundamental aspect of the message that the "Second Coming" came here to deliver. That consciousness is active and present here too. It couldn't be more perfect.

The 5GATEWAYS is going to help us make ever greater sense of what's now unfolding around us.

Open 🙏



I am finding it nearly impossible not to follow the 7 steps and I continue to have several benevolent groups encouraging me to keep trudging on.  Thank you, again, Open for all you do to encourage and support us in the shift.  


29/10/2021 Journal Update

Thanks for the response to my article yesterday folks - much appreciated 👍♥️
You can't imagine how when you do something as simply to comment, how that create energetic feedback loops that carry further through the field - brilliant 👌😉

I felt to add to my article today these 7 Essential Points of Focus to orientate ourselves in this beginning of the "Parabolic Shift" (for everyone whose new to the article, scroll above)...

7 Essential Points of Focus

1) The Sacred Ground of Being: As I'm writing it's blowing a gale outside - a tremendous reminder that your innermost Sacred Ground of Being is your mast in the storm during these tempestuous times. To pay special attention to having a good percentage of your attention attuned to it through the day. Here's Openhand's lead article on that:
The Sacred Ground of Being

2) Meditation, Meditation, Meditation: regular meditation is of course crucial right now, but what kind of meditation? If your meditation is simply to relax, well that's fine at times, but there's an invitation to go deeper: to inquire; to feel through layers; to open up subtle higher dimensional channels; to embody new aspects of beingness. If you're new to these other approaches, explore the work of
Openhand's Ascension Academy

3) Diet and Fasting for Vibrancy: Achieving an aligned diet is humungous right now, and coupled with regular fasting so as to cleanse the body and purify it so that energies can flow for more sensitive higher dimensional connection and feeling of the flow. With so many toxins floating around society from the plandemonium and so much density from excessive EMF, it's essential to cleanse. Explore daily intermittant fasting, it helps the body recover and energise quickly...
Exploration of Fasting to Thrive

4) Connection to Nature: Our planet is progressively returning to nature in this tremendous shift. The old 3D/4D construct will be stripped away leading into the culminating Event and Gaia will be reborn. Let the connections build now. Become as-one with her and you'll better transition the changes. "Nature" also means an energetic connection with our Solar Logos (the sun) and Heavenly Grandfather the galactic core - they're all interrelated and moving together...
Transition from 3D to 5D Earth

5) Signs and Synchronicity: pay special attention to signs and synchronicity, scared geometry and numerology, for these start to open the consciousness up to our multidimensional landscape. Even if lower mind doesn't immediately understand the meaning, awareness starts to perculate and then cascade down through your being. Let this become more your source of information and alignment through life...
Interpreting Signs and Synchronicity

6) Setting Good Boundaries: there is a clear energetic parting of the waves going on with a swathe of the population going down the route of the synthetic high tech agenda. It's easy to get pulled into those dramas and density. When exposed to this consciousness, it's essential to be connected internally and breaking away any projected tightness, judgment, fear or worry that comes your way. Keep softening and ejecting that energy. Feel firm boundaries in your energetic field.

7) Open up to your Galactic Family of Light: humanity is evolving into a new 5D form - those that choose it and commit to the evolutionary path. We're unfolding back into the wider Galactic Family of Light. When you expand out of the lower earth densities it already becomes possible to feel the vibrational connections in support. It may seem subtle in the beginning, but much energy is there to be downloaded and integrated. This is greatly enhanced in the Stargates - places of high energy. Take as much time as you can to connect to this higher dimensional family:
Galactic Family of Light

Blessings to all

Open 🙏


Great sharing Thumbs Up Sign

It reminds me of the poem by the mystic Rumi:

"This place is a dream. Only a sleeper considers it real. Then death comes like dawn, and you wake up laughing at what you thought was your grief."   

Time to climb up, or dive down if you will. And before long you may realize, actually, the mountain is you! ...

In reply to by Lyra Wind


Wow!! Just incredible sharing from both You Open...'Each unfolding, each unwinding brings you a step further. But it's not about waiting for the end Event. It's a paradox: we know it's coming, there is something to move towards, BUT - it's each heavenly step in that direction which counts.' YES! it's the journey, always, thank you.

...and Lyra! 

I am the Mountain. Jaw just dropped. Incredible.

I can say that you Lyra have hugely impacted my senses each time I read or hear you speak of your unique understanding of these things. Your style of expression is so succinct and clear. Thank you:) 

I can think back to Avalon Rising and your interactions with Open then. One moment is galvanized for me as both you and Open discussed Stargates then, but lyra you specifically, listening to your explanation of each of us having our own internal stargate... when suddenly my own heart chakra expanded with an audible 'click' 'click'  revealing a Stargate Activation had just completed! Wow. This new and powerful energy has made available not only all manner of experiences but more importantly- a portal way-through for those trapped souls I now seem to encounter (or whose energies, along with those specific realms, I have become sufficiently sensitive to due to this activation). I do hope I'm making any sense to anyone else other than myself:)  And to imagine that perhaps this might just be your daily living experience Open, wow. 

Openhand-A life raft of possibilities indeed. 

Huge gratitude, Cedar xoxo

In reply to by Cedar (not verified)


Hi Cedar, I'm so glad to hear that! I do believe we all have our own language of expression, so it's always heart warming to know that someone else "gets it".

It sounds to me like you're connecting into the Torus through the activated heart chakra, and then helping some earth-bounds move on. Quite the energy work that can be. Although the angelic realm is just a thought away, and a plethora of benevolence support, so you could always "call it in"!

With bright blessings, Lyra Vulcan Salute