ARRIVAL: Draconian Star Fleet Arrives To Level the Playing Field

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We're living in a terraforming world transitioning through high energy solar and galactic convergences. The karmic construct humanity is dwelling within is breaking down as consciousness elevates. The controlling forces of the shadowstate have gone into fearful manipulative overdrive. But help is at hand. Star Being nations are drawing close in support. In my direct awareness, a Star Fleet from the Draco Galaxy has arrived to extract the reptilian hives in our solar system and level the playing field. Here's how.

The Multidimensional Landscape

Humanity is transitioning through a phenomenal awakening and emergence into the Galactic Family of Light. Right now, people around the world are waking up to their multidimensional consciousness. Plenty are stripping off the blinkers and bearing witness to the tremendous complexity and interplay of the competing ET forces here in the ether. It's something you only see when you dare to expand out of the extremely limited layers of the finite 3D - when you dare to gaze above the parapet of the prison cell you've been living in, and out into the infinite.

When you gain an initial perceptive glimpse at the tremendously complex multidimensional dynamic going on, it's enough to make you want to immediately close back down inside the shell! The surrounding field is heftily manipulated to keep people tight in the box; tilted, so aligned infusion of soul is hard to feel. You're constantly derailed as you attempt to make some headway through the 3D. This is what we have to breakthrough.

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You've got Greys manipulating the DNA through the falsehoods of the bogus pandemic to interrupt the soul's carrier signals; reptilians locking the psyche down in cycles of fear and control; meanwhile, satanic Black Snake energy is playing the deceptive trickster, pitting one side against another. The application of high tech and AI is escalating the twists and turns of the 3D maze. Their agenda is ultimately to harvest human souls and take a swathe of humanity off-planet before the completion of the "Event", and into a metaverse on some distant world.

Heaven forbid!

Yes, it may well sound like the background for the next Star Trek series. But stay with me. The reflective evidence of this is now resounding through our reality, which plenty are perceiving. We must soften rigid minds and allow a less literal interpretation of the surface layers. We must become able to transcend the form and flow more with the formlessness of the soul. That's how we claim the sovereignty of our multidimensional experience...

YOU decide what is real for YOU, backed up less by limiting logic, and more by the synchronistic mother tongue of the Universe.

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Arrival of the Star Beings

The reptilians here have gone into fearful disarray. You can palpably sense the escalation of anxiety and paranoia, which can seep into the human psyche. Their consciousness has been influencing the balance of power on earth for millions of years; their DNA having arrived here 'accidentally' on meteors before spawning immense diversity during the time of the dinosaurs. Of course, that epoch came to an abrupt meteoric termination. This is the kind of fear that the reptilians are reactivating right now and expressing through humanity.

Something needs to be done. The karmic construct is decidedly shaky, but still derailing. Souls are struggling to emerge from the chrysalis. The yearning for illumination has sent out a clarion call into the cosmos. Help is desperately required and the call has been answered in a multitude of ways.

I say to you help is arriving en mass. Firstly, we have been witnessing the amazing connections with Star Being Nations such as the Andromedans and Arcturians in the recent crop circle season. Increasingly people can feel their resonances activating light within them. You can review the experiences in our journal...
Facilitating the Great Planetary Shift

Recently, it's been made clear to me by the higher dimensionals supporting the shift, specifically what I call the Openhand Team, that a Star Fleet from Draco has been inbound, to reclaim their reptilian offspring - the reptilians originally came here from Draco.

In recent times, plenty of lightworkers and shift facilitators have been connecting with the reptilians and their hives in meditation - offering a strong but compassionate olive branch, working to bridge them back to the light. Many are seizing the opportunity. But leopards don't necessarily change their spots overnight. A much more expansive solution is necessary. Hence the arrival of the Draconian Star Fleet.

Telepathic Communications

I was made aware this would happen first in the heart chakra of the planet, at Glastonbury, the convergence of laylines lighting up in the multidimensional field. Their intial communications have been telepathic - the transfer of thoughts and symbolic imagery, initially in the Dreamtime, but now also in feeling perceptions and synchronicity in day-to-day life. They are first density beings. You can't see them with 3D eyes, but you can feel them when in your proximity, assuming you're aware of their frequency.

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I was intrigued to know how they arrived here across such a vast distance?
Afterall, Draco is some 300 light years away.

They couldn't travel here on the 4D astral planes because of their density. No, they have another way, revealed to me in stunning simplicity: with their advanced craft, they travel into a nearby black hole to touch the edge of the singularity. This is where the Toroidal fields of all galaxies and star systems converge, as revealed through the flower of life symbology. The space-time-continuum progressively contracts as you approach the singularity - if you have the technology to hold your vessel on the edge of this convergence, but without disappearing into it, then you can skim across the surface of it, wherever you want to go - they telepathically conveyed the image to me of skimming stones across the surface of a pond. I found the superlative majesty of it poetically awe-inspiring.

Let's be clear, these guys are not messing around. They're an ancient warrior nation, highly sophisticated and advanced. And yearning to correct the karmic shadow of their own ancient emergence: namely, the effect of their past reptilian offspring.

How exactly can they help level the playing field here?

Levelling the Playing Field

Firstly, they'll progressively tune into the reptilian hives and remove them, both on earth and wider afield in the solar system. After that, they'll start to accelerate the natural Torus in whatever location they are. It will progressively increase the spin of the earth for example, back to where it originally was before the intervention slowed the energy, vibration and frequency down. Any ETs from the Opposing Consciousness such as the greys, will have to withdraw - they won't be able to exist in that speed and coherency. Black Snake energy that belies the matrix field will be channeled back into the Torus. So progressively, the Intervention will be broken down and stripped off.

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Each person will still have their own work to do, however. Where there are individual entities bound into people's fields, they'll still have to do the inner work to release them and restore the kundalini of their own Torus. Since the intervention in the field will be diminishing over time, the coherency of the resistance will break down and so inner realignment will be easier. But each person will still have to willingly do the work. Where those in leadership, for example, have been so poisoned by the intervention, they'll still have to want to work to release control in order to restore true sovereignty and democracy. But their grasp over the population should diminish in strength over time. Those still going the way of the metaverse will probably still continue. But again, the impact of this and cohesiveness should diminish as we advance forwards.

That's the tremendous possibility that comes with restoring the more natural movement of the earth's energies and leveling the playing field here. It means the possibility for individual realignment and evolution should become more widespread. It doesn't mean all of the problems will simply melt away - not at all. We still each need to willingly do the inner work to restore a higher harmony. And the conditions will become extremely challenging to those still pulling against the natural flow. It will impact increasingly on all levels - especially mentally, emotionally, and karmically. Plenty of people will feel extremely exposed by the acceleration of the Toroidal field. They'll feel unsure and insecure. They'll need plentiful healing and facilitation to find a more aligned and harmonious way of living and being.

The sense of urgency of this work will intensify over time as we culminate to the Solar Nova Event which will take centre stage and completely cleanse the Earth's field in the 3D. Those who are ready will be able to shift consciousness into the new 5D Paradigm. The remainder will rejoin the karmic cycle of death and rebirth in an appropriate 3D location.

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Great Cause for Planetary Optimism

This is still far from an easy transition. However, I do believe there is now great cause for optimism as this next phase of planetary realignment unfolds. By stripping out a lot of the toxic density, the playing field here will level; the sense of soul will strengthen for many more people; there'll be greater encouragement and inspiration to work things through. Plenty will go into uncertainty, fear and anxiety. But at least their beingness will be more able to respond to a balanced, aligned consciousness by those facilitators and healers offering it.

Make no mistake, this is a great opportunity in the offing. It's fraught with challenge, but infused with immense possibility. It means the Great Realignment here can accelerate and integrate with less intentional resistance. This has to be a very positive development for the wider awakening and the Shift. I offer the viewpoint to inspire, over time, a more widespread orientation with the natural cycles of completion unfolding here. I know it won't be necessarily easy, because faster change will be invited. Plenty will feel insecure. But let's be clear, the old resistant consciousness has to break down to unleash the new. That's why I'm personally very positively enthused by this latest spectacular development. Let's witness the benefical impact over time.

For those who can resonate with my sharing, especially those motivated by the calling to divine service in the Shift, explore the ground-breaking work of Openhand...

Openhand Ascension Academy

Bright blessings

Open 💙🙏

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How to train/heal your dragon

A week ago I was on the bus, meditating, I opened my eyes and saw a writing on the bus in front of me - GOLDEN DRAGON. 

Today I spontaneously went to the botanical garden in Jerusalem and it turned out that half of the garden is an exhibition of... DINOSAURS. I've been working with the reptilian energy for years and still am. One of the dinosaurs had a seat and reins attached to it, as I was sitting on it I felt like it might be a message that I am close to some kind of "train your dragon" resolution with this energy within my own consciousness/unconsciousness. Requires a magician to come through Cowboy emoji

These two seem to relate to the topic of the article, it was good to read and get some perspective on these messages.







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AndromedansI was a theoretical chemical physicist (until I got my phd and then I quit).

When I pay attention to my 3rd eye I get more signs.

For example, I had a pull to watch the documentary "A trip to infinity" on Netflix, full of gems (including this synchronistic print screen Smliing)

Made me remember why I loved science and math in particular.


This week I was on the bus, meditating, opened my eyes and saw a writing "golden dragon" on the bus in front of me. Synchronicity speaks 


I wonder if these events, the reptilians leaving, stoke subconscious fears? I, for one, have been feeling uneasy and sensitive, even a bit jumpy at times in recent days. Is the reptilian fear feeding the collective consciousness of the planet which can also, by way of vibration, touch our own deep unconscious fears? If so, perhaps this is a golden opportunity to clear them?

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Hi Andy - yes, the triggering of the reptilians and their insecurity is definitely influencing humanity.

However, to be clear, the Draconian fleet has only just arrived and been anchored. So they're only about to begin removing the hives in the near future.

We need to understand that plenty of these entities are often buried in people's subconscious, in the lower chakras - not in collective hives. As these embedded ones have been agitating, that probably accounts for a lot of the fear and anxiety that's been escalating.

Open 🙏


So Openhander's, do let me know what you think of this latest development I'm sharing in the 5D shift - the arrival of the Draconians and how they've come to help level the playing field. There's a lot to take in. Do review my new article above and share with me your thoughts so we can integrate this new awareness more widely. I do believe it's great cause for planetary optimism.

Bright blessings

Open 💙🙏

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It seems that events will occur in my life and field, then I read here, and it confirms what is going on. It has to be that way round or I would simply suspect it had been self created. This breaking down of the intervention, the self just carries this out. On the lower level there is absolutely no intent or need to do anything whatsoever, it just occurs, day and night. I find this a huge relief, again, it has to be this way, or an identity would arise, to perform a task. I experience the warping and chopping up of space time within the mind and know. Then on the lower level there is the more tangible ways, in ordinary day to day life, which I can and do consciously carry out.

A few years ago I had gone to the mountains in India to do a spot of yoga training and I got more than I bargained for. It turned into a full on spiritual emergence, which I thankfully managed. On the way back in the plane, having just bumped into the Dalai Lama in the departure lounge, I was strapped in the seat basically tripping out. I was taken through all these faces and identities I had been, seeing my reflection in the screen on the back of the chair in front. Whilst simultaneously, I was tossed like a ball from what I knew were Draconian's to another group I couldn't identify. It was so incredibly humbling, the realisation of the human frailty to these entities.

Self sovereignty is the absolute must. I work diligently at it every minute of every day. Or simply be tossed like a ball? No!

Thank-you for your insight Open. It is confirmed to me the truth you speak.

Remy 🙏🏼

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Today I ended up at the Mountbatton Centre and Naval Base in Portsmouth, destination around and around the roundabout there, due to the sat nav taking me on a very unusual detour going West-Country to South East via Salisbury? Some Draco field interference!

I had to laugh..

Remy 🙏🏼

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I remember now, the other group of entities, primarily one I was interfacing with during this flight back from India. I would be filled with this dense painful energy of the Draco, whilst strapped in the chair being taken through the faces in my reflection. Then it would gradually be removed to a light blissful feeling and the air went thin. It was given to me that these beings are who I am, and that they’re so highly advanced that I couldn’t comprehend in the human body. That for them, how most people are on this planet is far far beyond inertia and ignorance, it’s barely living, they’re super lightening fast genius magic. I’ve had upgrades, but can never reach them whilst a human being, divine or otherwise. I remember wanting to go already but it I’m meant to continue life in this body. Then the energy of the Draco would start flooding back in and my heart broke, I was choking back tears, I cannot describe the pain, it was torture. This went on for hours back and forth several times. I’ve since integrated both polarities, I’m not particularly attached to belonging to any groups of entities. I’m just doing the work I’m given to do in the here and now for the source which is my focus and priority. I’m meant to remember this now for some reason. I obviously would love to go with these being when my time is up on this planet. But for now 🙏🏼

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I feel they are being activated in my field and I'm having bloating, indigestion and pain around mu lower chakras. I'm taking it slowly and paying close attention to what j consume. I think attachments around relationships are being transmutes and I'm finding sovereignty and closer connection with my twin flame. I'm also guided to pay attention to little nuances like how I interact within relationship, how in eat food etc. I trust that by giving it space and not reacting and judging I have a better chance at realigning them. 

Vimal 🙏

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The last month especially I felt there was a huge ramping up of reptilian energy - lot's of deep fear. It seems to ease now, at least that's what I feel, but maybe it will still come and go in waves. I do feel a letting go of their distorted energy, a willingness to surrender. Just now when going outside I was welcomed by this incredible cloud that I just had to share here. A huge beautiful white dove, landing on earth 💙 White Dove