5D Shift: High Level Reconciliations and Reparations in The Deep Field

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Tremendous occurrences are happening in the deep interdimensional field right now that can positively affect life on the planet and smooth the shift to 5D Consciousness. Society and humanity have been railroaded since the time of Atlantis by various ET groups determined to transform life to their particular frequency vibration. Their various agendas are starting to unravel, which is steadily being recognised by them and so reconciliations and reparations are beginning to happen. It bodes well for all life on the planet.

Coherency of Being: The Key to Unravelling Intervention

An Openhand group just returned from a pilgrimage through ancient Egypt, exploring the energy centres there and working to restore the natural Toroidal Flow. This is not as hard as it may seem. You first have to dig up the tethering of energetic intervention by embodying the field energy and working within yourself; then to bring your energies to bear in order to animate the flower of life - the Torus - in yourself, which then ripples through the field.

The key is coherency. If your field is clear and harmonious, if you are resolute about being of divine service and NOT implanting your personal particular skew on things, then you can ignite the spark of natural realignment. The spark bursts into flame that grows, and soon becomes a catalytic fire of transformation.

Return to Atlantis

ET groups have shaped the planet through history. During the time of Atlantis, beginning around 250,000 years ago, genetic experimentation led to the creation of Homo Sapiens - clearly evident in the genetics and chromosome count. Furthermore, you can clearly see that the tremendous structures such as the Sphinx, the Sphinx Temple and the Pyramids have been built with advanced technology - the pyramids for example contain the mathematical figure of pi and the speed of light encoded within them.

One of our group actually regressed into their construction - being a part of the Annunaki team that created them. The 200-tonne rocks that created the Sphinx Temple were cut from the bedrock, lifted out using resonant sound, made malleable so that the crystal structure could be aligned, then lifted and fused into place. This fusing is clearly evident between the rocks. Even today's most advanced cranes could not hoist the blocks with such accuracy. It was astounding to hear and feel how they were actually created.

These structures were used to manipulate and control. In the pyramids, you'd have the sense of going out of body and expanding into the 4D field. It would have felt amazing. You'd feel like you'd been blessed and deified. But then consumed within a collective (Ra) consciousness where individual sovereignty was lost. Thus the population was duped and became enslaved.

Next Return to Atlantis Pilgrimage, Egypt: 17th-26th Nov 22

Galactic Alignment of 2012

Leading up to the galactic alignment of 2012, high-level interjections by benevolence have worked to thwart these machinations and establish a level playing field so the natural harmony and frequency of life on the planet could be restored and emerge out. A multidimensional mission engaged the Annunaki and regressed them through their intervention karma. A swathe of their group was integrated out of the intervention; they ascended and then took on the name of the "Anu". During the galactic alignment, it precipitated a tremendous opening in the field and supported Gaia centering her consciousness in 5D.

In more recent times, different offshoots of different experimentations by various ET groups have complicated the situation. Each has their own agenda - essentially to harvest souls into their collectivised consciousness and then to hybridise the body so they can influence and function through it. The "plandemonium" and the "reset" have been intended to fit within a central collective agenda. Initially, it was highly effective, with many being duped by the deceptive narrative. However, these machinations are being greatly challenged once more where it matters most - in the multidimensional field.

To be clear, it's not about fighting, polarising or demonising. This simply embeds recalcitrance thus causing the problem to persist. It's about direct engagement, empathic connection and illumination; a deep questioning of truth; the reflection that manipulative control ultimately fails in a free flowing universe.

In a recent Openhand high-level facilitation gathering, various of these groups channeled through, upon which, dialogue was engaged, universal truth expressed, which then caused the coherency of various of the groups to break down. This is where their own internal questioning begins. It causes doubt within their collective agenda, which then energetically begins to unwind. It unravels. The ideal situation is that not only do reconciliations begin to happen, but also reparations.

Amplifying the Realigning Effect

Reparations mean that they then actively engage in the unwinding of their own interventions. It's highly effective in that it quickly amplifies the realigning effect. Since they know what they did, they are best placed to reverse-engineer their original machinations. It also provides them a means to heal, undertake self-forgiveness, and then join the wider galactic family of light.

These are early days in that complex process. But I believe what we can at least say, is that the process has begun in a highly effective manner. The coherency of intervention is breaking down. High-level questioning and introspection are taking place. Different intervening groups are either peeling away or joining the benevolent mission to support realignment. I do believe this is already reflecting into a greater openness unfolding through society. At least the playing field is leveling somewhat for those who are now determined to seize their own sovereignty and emerge out into the next evolution of humanity: DIVINICUS - the 5D Being.
Time will tell.

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Bright Blessings

Open πŸ™

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08/07/2022 Openhand Journal Update

I felt to share this article again today, about high-level reconciliations and reparations going on in the deep field, because it's going to have an essential, and very beneficial, impact on all our lives and the planetary shift. Scroll up to see the lead article: 5D Shift: High Level Reconciliations and Reparations in The Deep Field

What we need to appreciate is just how convoluted things have been here on the planet due to our karmic history. Earth is indeed a bounteous place and so it's drawn plenty of ET groups here from across the cosmos, plenty of whom, have not been so benevolent. They've exploited the planet and its resources by manipulating its human concubines - Homo Sapiens was clearly hybridised and down-graded from Original Humans.

Explore the evidence: Human Origins...How did humanity really evolve?

This intervention has generated a great deal of karma, both for humanity and the various ET groups that have instigated the intervention. There are ancient wounds to heal - those of betrayal and deception, explotation and manipulation, disconnection from the divine, which have enfolded much distortion in the way we live.

Realignment of these distortions can only effectively begin in the 4D field - the plane of karma. And it needs to happen by involvement with these groups. Initially, this looked like an almost impossible task. But one of the key things the Openhand Higher Dimensional Team has been working on, is to reflect how misalignment from the natural flow and trying to manipulate the flow, only ever backfires causing disharmony and dis-ease within oneself. That's the crucial resonance that has succeeded in inspiring a new level of surrender. With that, reconciliations and reparations between the various factions has now begun to take place. That, for me, is the clear message from the recent crop circles in the UK, such as this splendid one, which is worth reflecting on many times...

It's a development we've been waiting for and working towards for some considerable time. I do believe it bodes enormously well for humanity and the planet - I do believe we'll be able to call upon those more harmonious and integrated energies to support our lives in the ever unfolding shift.

I look forwards to bright resolutions!

Open πŸ’™


The reparations are starting to take center stage in stories like this: 

Survivors of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre vow to stay alive 'until they get justice'

The peeling off parts will occur with the fulfilment of the Hopi Indian and Enoch prophecies when we literally see a mass exit from this planet of those who chose to finish their evolution in space as they are ushered off the planet by the ET group currently calling the shots. 

"The "life path" established by the Great Spirit divides into the lower, narrow path of continuous Life in harmony with nature and the wide upper road of white man's scientific achievements."

The sooner we all understand and acknowledge these realities, the sooner we will enter into peace.

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Yes I'm with you on that. When I visited the prophecy stone, quite apart from the description I was given, there were many synchronicities confirming the divergence of the two pathways for humanty: 1) To an increasing high-tech synthetic reality (with the agenda of heading off planet); 2) A return to nature and realignment with the natural path of Gaia which is into 5D.

Best wishes

Open πŸ™


Hi Open

Great writing, it feels kind of perfect, clean, pure, from deepest level. What a contrast with this distorted reality that is called normal, it's obvious what normality should be. This is a year of manifestation and this kind of seeds we need to spread and then nurture for next eighth years when real growth will start. It takes time - but feeling is good, new normally is coming. 
Best wishes


I'd encourage anyone interested in supporting the realignment of life on our planet to explore what facilitation is really all about. Do read the new lead article above...
High Level Reconciliations and Reparations in The Deep Field

The crucial point is that you're NOT imparting your own view or desires on the situation. You're facilitating the restoration of the natural flower of life - the Toroidal Flow itself. I trust my new article above provides some insight into that.

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