5GATEWAYS Project Remastering: The Gateways of Light

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We're now nearing completion of the remastering of the Gateways project, due for Relaunch on September 3rd. The book has been redrafted with an extra 80 pages of content, tips, processes and advice. It's been a monumental effort. And the 5GATEWAYS documentary is coming along nicely too. It's all on schedule for people to look forwards to - a great way to launch the next tour. And remembering that it all began when I had the good fortune to meet Brendan and Stephie Shoebridge of the film production company "Smiling Dragonfly" back in 2007. We caught an interview at the Magdalen Chapel in Glastonbury and Brendan put this 10 minute intro film together called "Gateways of Light". Still relevant? We certainly believe it is! Enjoy...

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Glad you liked it Catherine :-)

It was one of those divinely inspired moments. We'd been doing some scenery filming for a day, then we were guided to the Magdalen chapel in Glastonbury. They shot an interview asking about the Five Gateways, but then right at the end, Brendan (the film maker) just asked me what I thought of the state of play in the world right now? I felt an energy come through me and just speak. And that formed the essence of this intro film.

The best synchronicity in the interview was not included however - it was the most incredible event. It spoke of catastrophe and we thought it a little strong for the first film. But it will be in the 5GATEWAYS remaster. It's very humorous too in an ironic way. It's certainly deeply poignant.

Till then

Open *OK*


I've watched the above video several times since you re-posted it. Always with tears streaming down my face. It fills me with sadness for all the suffering we witness here, but mostly it fills my heart with immense gratitude for the opportunity to be part of the Openhand community and for your supreme dedication and commitment in helping us to attune to the joy, love, and light of the higher paradigm. As you say, we have a choice about what energy we attune to. At the risk of sounding corny (it wouldn't be the first time), I'm going to end with the title of one of my favourite movies: "To Sir With Love."

xxx Catherine

Wow. Thanks Cynthia. I feel very humbled by your words.

When someone reflects back to you like this, a feedback loop is created and it adds enormously to the sense of upliftment about the work. For some considerable time, we felt quite alone in it all - but now the community is offering tremendous support at this most important of times.

I've always felt very much as if Openhand is a 'bell weather' for the shift going on. Since the project got launched back in 2007, there have been monumental shifts in the field - due to all the great work people around the world are doing. I feel that when the remastered movie is released, it'll coincide with another big shift.

Times are changing - thankfully!

Open *OK*

I am in awe at what you have achieved and continue to achieve, the space that you have opened up and the opportunity for growth that you provide. Just as the book has become bigger, it feels as though the Openhand space/portal is expanding exponentially. Actually, the enormity is such that I sometimes wonder how much more growth you are able to sustain!

This is work of immeasurable dedication, and I am grateful beyond words for the constant support and upliftment provided. I know it has been very significant for me.