After Surrender The Path Least Taken

I am looking for a path that
stays hidden. Although the sun is shinning,
I am enticed into unconsciousness by interesting tidbits.
Waking from the spell of distraction, I search
with focused attention, and
turn to gain new perspective.

Straight ahead there is a break in the trees
with blue sky spilling into a path.
Was it there all this time?

So, when the darkest news and politics are overpowering,
remember the path less traveled beckons us all.
Blazed by our focus on a better world and reality,
blue skies peer through the forest
revealing a lighter path for the whole collective.
Step by step, our footprints light the way.

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I know I had to write that poem just to remind myself to keep positive because if people who are aware don't do it, who will? This actually happened to me the other day, I was trying to find a path in the woods but kept looking at houses,gardens and places until I suddenly realized I couldn't find the path nor did I know exactly where I was, then I turned around and the path was straight ahead about 300 yards back from where I came. I had passed by it completely unaware. I realized at that point how powerful awareness is and a reminder to focus on loving the earth and pumping up the ley lines and grids so other people in less peaceful places can tap in when they are searching for better feelings.