Alot more than meets the imagination

Hello All,
I have a thought I would like to share and get feed back on please.
the other morning i woke with this on my mind;
third dimensional mind can manifest in the usual ways , greed, selfishness,worldly gain, all of which can keep us so busy we lose contact with the spiritual side.
but this came to me as well,"Save the planet"go green, recycle,save, the whales,
etc etc all this thinking as well can be a cleaver disguise for the same thing.
Both sides resisting each other make for a strong bond to keep mind in this third dimension.
It seems one is clearly a wolf, the other is a wolf in sheep's clothing.
Anything to keep the mind occupied so as not to get to close to the spiritual side of things.
But I just have a feeling that Gaia is not weak at all, Nothing is as it seems,
I have a feeling She is not sleeping and not just tolerating us humans because she feels sorry for us.I have a feeling that She is very much in control and knows exactly what She's doing. In this I find great comfort in the storms of life and great wonderment in daily living.
I have a feeling that its never been out of control, that nothing has ever really been lost or forgotten.
I have a feeling that our history is not what we think (or thought).
I have a feeling the meaning of life has never really been revealed.
Our entire existence from the big bang to the out skirts of this continual, external,ever expanding, ever changing existence, just "Is" and that's all.
I am not sure there was ever a clear goal or expected outcome in the beginning.
If there was then we would have been limited to that label or goal,
but instead we were created , given no expected outcome so as not to limit us and what we can discover or create.
Once created, set in motion and set free to just discover , to just "Be".There is no final outcome, only a wonderful expectation of endless possibilities.

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Thank you for your reply,
I would really like to know more about is karma you speak of. It seems to be something very different to the way most use that word.
Also am I correct in thinking that as Gaia moves past this out-dated 3d reality , then we too are moving with Her as we learn and grow into a higher level? As above so below?
Quite often i feel like my head is in another realm while my feet are stuck in mud, actually more like literally co existing in two realms at once.Is that even possible?


I think in many ways that's right Dave.

For instance, Gaia is not weak at all. Yes she tolerates humanity - for the moment. She has drawn this unbalanced situation too - because of karma. But she's also evolving past it, so she no longer needs this out-dated 3D reality of 'have' and 'have-not'.

And yes, as beings we have infinite potential to express.

But we also subscribe at a higher level to a consensus reality, which also sets a limit on our expression for a given period of time whilst we're learning and integrating what we need to within that reality - you can't make a physical body fly for example, even though your soul can.

So for a period, we have to work and live with the reality we've created, doing the best we can, yet all the while, connecting with our greater expanded self. And when the physical falls away, so then will our soul soar into a new, more expanded reality.

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