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Openhand Facilitator Ann Beck


I consider myself a constant work in progress, always looking to expand and go deeper. My first big spiritual experience came as a complete surprise. I couldn’t explain what was going on but I could not deny that something beyond the 3D reality was taking place. That began my seeking, and looking back, I guess I could say the beginnings of my spiritual awakening.

Being very left-brained at the time, I turned to books. I read every spiritual book I could find and took it all in like a sponge. The more I read, the more I wanted to learn. Although I couldn’t put words to it, I think my soul was finally starting to breathe. Eventually my journey led me to Openhand and it felt like coming home. The Openhand work has enabled me to finally make sense of why, for most of my life, I felt like an outsider. As a child and a young adult it brought great pain because even though I kept trying to fit in, it felt like I was swimming upstream against the current. The more I tried, the more dissonance I felt with my soul. I didn’t know that’s what it was back then, I just knew that when I tried to conform, something was off deep inside my being. Through Openhand I’ve found a powerful way to discover and follow the authentic flow of my soul. It’s not always easy and at times can be rather intense, but the rewards keep unfolding and make the journey so rich.

It brings me great joy to be of service and offer facilitation sessions to others. My sessions are guided by intuition. Once we connect, many times I am able to sense where the energy blockages are and what may aid in releasing them. I also frequently process the energy through my physical body, which also aids in the release process. During a session I may draw from my background as a kundalini yoga instructor. Kundalini yoga uses mantra - sound current and pranayama - breath work in intentional ways to release blocks at the subconscious level. I find this style of yoga marries well with the Openhand work. We may do some breath work or meditation during a session and/or I may suggest some breath work that will be helpful to do on your own after a session. If my profile resonates, I’d love to work with you.

My Service

I live in Clearwater, FL USA and am available in person, by phone or skype. My rate is $60 dollars per session. A typical session is between 60 and 90 minutes. I offer 50% discount for the initial session only. Although there seems to be something about my unique vibrational frequency that enables some people to go really deep really fast and to unravel internal blockages rather quickly. In these cases I can intuitively tell when we’ve done enough for one session even though it may be less than 60 minutes. Especially because in some cases people will continue to process and unravel blockages after the session is over. So the length of time is guided by intuition instead of the clock.

I can be reached at

Stage 3 Facilitator

It's a blessing to have Ann as a part of the Openhand Facilitator Network. She has a warm and soothing energy, that makes you feel safe, protected and held. Yet at the same time, working through the field, she's readily able to catalyse the density you need to work through. So don't be fooled by the gentleness - you'll be soothed into rapid unravelling! Over the years, Ann has progressively deepened into all the various layers of the multidimensional field, with a tremendous capacity to tune into the various energies - it means she can help strip out intervention and align with star soul frequencies. In this regard, Ann is a highly advanced facilitator ... Open

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I have been resonating and following openhands work for a while now and wanted more assistance in moving into 5D and connecting to my higher self.  So I thought we could try a session and see if it resonates.  I'm in Bradenton Fl and would love to meet in person but under the circumstances we can do a phone call.  I was also interested in signing up for his upcoming workshop online but wasn't sure if I was ready.  Looking forward to working with you.



Ann, it has been an honor to be in your company while providing facilitation support for the California retreat! I am amazed with intuitive and connected energy with myself and the group.  Your gentle and soothing approach working with the field works wonders!  

With Love



It's wonderful to have you on board the team Ann. You've quietly, patiently and persistently worked away in the background and come up shining the light.

What I've noticed come to life, is a wonderful empathic connection with people you've worked with - a soft gentleness, and yet the readiness to push people as needed. It's a special blend that's sure to work wonders.

A very warm welcome,

Open HeartPraying Emoji

PS: People tuning in do take Ann up on her generous 50% offer. What might you need clarity on at this moment?


I am so excited to be joining this network of beautiful souls.  To celebrate, if you book your first session in December I will offer you a 50% discount.

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Welcome Ann,

Its really wonderful to have your unique Soul and Facilitator presence join other kindred and unique souls in the Openhand facilitator team.

May you be a blessing to a lot of people who are looking for a Spiritual friend to co-create with in their journey.

Praying EmojiHeart