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Hello. Somewhere in your copious 'writings' i am sure you have talked about 'dealing with' or maybe just losing the 'ringing in the ears'. Am I mistaken? If not please can you talk a wee bit on this subject? It is something I have just begun to realise is a part of my life so I am trying to deal with it as best I can.

Kind regards

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Hi Pauline,

It will certainly be attached to some traumatic experience from a past life of yours - probably where you witnessed incredible cruelty to animals. Such karma lodges in your consciousness, until your soul regresses you into it, for the purpose of healing and reintegration.

It's not necessary to know the exact circumstances, just the feelings they invoke. It will likely take some considerable time before you fully regress into it - upon which, when you are ready, you may get senses of what actually happened.

What you can also do, is simply say "show me" to the universe. Then wait and watch in the days following - what synchronicities happen - what are you drawn to? But you have to be open and allowing for guidance to take you.

I suggest giving it a try and see what happens

Open *OK*

Many thanks Open for your comments, they are much appreciated and I hope I shall have more progress shortly. I have just arranged to receive your 5Gateways 2nd Edition book and shall read with interest. As animals, especially dogs, are particularly of importance to me do you have any further insight on why there may have been a connection to cruelty to animals as mentioned initially.
Thank you so much.

Hi Pauline,

I do feel for you and what you're experiencing - I know these things are so challenging when it touches close to the heart.

So in the Openhand Approach, it's not that you necessarily need to get intellectual insight into the issue to solve it. Karma is beyond the intellect anyway. And to me this feels like karmic source pain, which cannot be solved simply at the level of mind.

Firstly, try to see the bigger picture: in this case that all life passes on into new forms. Death really isn't death at all - it's just that the ego identity perceives loss because it's attached to that particular form of life - it's identified itself with it.

If you can at some level accept this, then you can begin to work with the pain itself. The pain is where your soul has become identified with the illusion of reality - "the horrid feeling that affects your reality" as you put it. This is where identity is getting caught up.

The only way out is through. The keep is to keep surrendering into the feeling, softening into it. It is to honour the feeling - not try to cure, solve or take it away. Let yourself be immersed in it. If you feel like expressing sadness, then go ahead and don't control it.

But whilst in the midst of it, then work to adopt the position of yourself as the observe in it. In so doing, you start to realise yourself as something beyond the ego which has attached to the situation. This is the process of self-realisation - realsing the One Self in it.

I'm not saying this is easy. But it most definitely does work if you persist with it.

I've explained this in much greater detail with a new 9 step process that I've shared in the new 5GATEWAYS book 2nd Edition.

With very best wishes


Many thanks for your help and comments. However I have not had any success in gaining insight into why this awful feeling is happening, I have not been able to feel a link with cruelty to animals as you suggested either. The feeling just washes over me like a wave and very often in recent weeks it has also been accompanied by a really horrible smell! I don't feel in a good place. I feel my life needs to change though I don't know how. Very conscious of my approaching 70th birthday in Oct, am quite fit though, still do sprint triathlons!I am becoming more aware of being on my own which I have not felt before (I have always lived on my own)
Last Friday one of my dearest dogs, Nels, died very suddenly, unexpectedly. The horrid feeling really worries me as I feel it is affecting everything. Please can you help me understand and resolve this ? Pauline

Hi Pauline,

I think you must have misunderstood what I was saying in Divinicus. If something like this happens, it's not really going to go away until we do get into it. You have to allow yourself to feel it. Only then will it fully reveal itself and why it's holding you.

The feeling in the heart would suggest karma. The solar plexus could mean a number of things. Possibly some kind of psychological disturbance due to the activation of karma based on what you're noticing externally.

Probably a good approach would be to sit quietly then to recall the experiences, the images, the feelings and see where that takes you. Work into the feelings to open them up. Then to ask "show me". The universe will direct you to a greater awareness of the attachment - the subconscious blind spot.

The point is not to avoid these things or else you cut off the flow of energy through them. Which makes them harder to understand and process. The only way out is through. Do feel free to ask again when you get further insight.

Could it be something to do with cruelty to animals?


Open, I am not sure how to say this but recently over the last few months I have been experiencing the most horrible awful feeling. The trigger for this feeling can be anything, from watching the way sheep move across a field, a topic of conversation, or looking at a supermarket shelf. The feeling can be almost overwhelming at times . It only lasts say about 30 seconds, I try not to give it energy as you describe in 'Divinicus' but it is truly horrible! What does it mean? Is it something coming from a different dimension? I feel my relationship to everything is changing and I think this feeling has something to do with it. I also feel in my solar plexus / heart area. I feel awful afterwards Please can you advise?