Backstage At Heart Theater (Betrayal)

A dark shadow within my heart
whispers about a plunge into betrayal.
Its dagger stabs me deep.

My heart breaks and I hear myself cry.
It is within my trembling voice
while I’m speaking about other things.
I become use to it
and no longer question its existence.

I dance the best I can
moving in energy that haunts me.
Gracefulness does not serve me
for blood spilt on the floor is slippery.
Thankfully, red looks good on me.

This play is so enticing some days it sizzles.
From a distance, I’m a star studded diamond
but even a Diva gets tired.
In quiet, my mind studies the script,
envisions the play.

A deep breath slowly releases itself.
Anxiety becomes an edgy knife slicing filmstrip.
I stand as director and fire the actors.
Time to revise and play a new role.

My lips are crimson red, my heels spiked.
Black Lashes are long and eyeliner thick.
A blue wig sits seductively on my head,
I coo… I love you and forgive you.
I’m sorry for everything I’ve done.
Forgive me. Now please excuse me,
I hear my cue and the spotlight is waiting.

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