Beautiful Remains - removing blocks = Thanks Fiona

This poem is meant to be accompanied by a picture of a marble statue of David. Fiona shared the quote "Seek not for love,
Rather to remove the blocks to the awareness of love's presence". The poem is about how the beauty is there within the marble block of stone and that it is what is removed that results in the beauty. What remains. I wrote this about gift within the suffering- which is always greater than anything that I appear to be losing - and the beautiful remains.

Beautiful Remains

A massive slab of stone
Conceals a great unknown

In depths we hold forbidden
The beautiful is hidden

It begs the sculptor’s tool
For Subtraction is the rule

And when the stone is broken
A silent voice is spoken

It speaks to those who hear
Of a treasure waiting near

In haunting depths it waits
These are the pearly gates

There is no way but in
And there we find again

That deep within the pains
Are the beautiful remains


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Hi Gary,

Glad you resonated with the quote, it clearly inspired some more wonderful words :) Beautiful (f)

With love, Fiona