The Bird Cage

Caged by shadow bars
of freedom loss.
The matrix lurks
just outside my perception.
It is the illusion I live within.
Working for things that do not matter,
Generates food for the matrix.
I perch on my swing
breathing poison mist.
A canary
behind bars
guarded by my own mind.
An effective jailor, it is programmed
by unseen controllers.
Wanting to be part of the flock,
I don’t dare to ruffle a feather.
The shadows approve.

Perch stops swinging.
My song changes and
I am no longer birdseed.

I am only one bird but
go inward to be positive change.
Let go of the perch.
Fly out the door.
Break through the mist.
Land and touch the earth as
we are the same chemistry.
Recharge by connecting.
Grounding dissolves the matrix.
Mind pattern becomes nonattached,
with enough love this takes less effort.

Fly out of normal and trust new flight
patterns. Gather with other
birds of a feather.
Our flock grows and flows in ways
not yet definable. We create things
we don’t yet understand,
don’t yet see but believe
our song of awakening can not be caged.

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Thanks you so much for this Poem Laurie . Perfectly in synchronicity with where i am at right now and perfectly matching " the bird coming out of the cage " to sing it's unique song .With gratitude , Jean-Michel .


"Working for things that do not matter, generates food for the matrix."
"Song of awakening can not be caged"

I had a dream last night that I am to sing my own song and now I am reading this.....

Beautifully expressed and powerful from beginning to end - and for me personally very timely. Thank you.


Beautiful, inspiring words, thank you for sharing.

I particularly love the last verse and "Fly out of normal and trust new flight patterns."

Joyous free flying

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thanks for commenting on the poem, with all the sun earth energy I am really flying out of normal today. It is finally spring in Alaska today. thanks again. laurie