Catalysis & Change: Gaia Gears Up

Submitted by Open on Thu, 09/07/2023 - 04:37

We've definitely entered yet another phase in the Shift. Gaia has completed her soul contract with the ancient architects of the matrix. You can feel her energies beginning to unwind out. Be aware this will create instability in the old 3D construct, such as in the weather patterns for example.

How best can we stabilise in this and capitalise from it at a soul level?

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THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for this incredible, inspiring message!  It helped me so much!  I’m excited to learn that I’m already incorporating much of what you talked about! The energy of your words came through profoundly!  I’m very grateful 🙏❤️

When you've watched the latest episode of the 5D Shift Podcast, do share how you feel the latest shifts, especially with Gaia and the Solar Logos, are affecting you?

I'd be intrigued to hear and will readily share an intuitive insight.

Bright blessings

Open 🙏

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I’m an energy healer, extremely sensitive to energy.  These shifts and impacts are making me feel as if I don’t belong anywhere!  I don’t fit in anymore!  I simply cannot communicate with some people. With others, communication flows effortlessly.  My VERY longtime marriage is strained.  Amazingly, I find myself suddenly reacting in the way you suggested in this podcast!  Asking, how can we each find a way to work together.  I’m having physical pain, when I usually never do!  Even yoga and meditating aren’t helping in that regard.  But, it’s part of my daily practice anyway.  I meditate more frequently, I ponder more, I’m reading inspirational books. I’m seriously finding your messages to be truly inspiring and educational, helping me to navigate through this.  You’re a real Blessing. 🙏❤️

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Hi Barbara - thanks for the kind words of feedback. I'm so glad the approach is helping.

Yes, meditation is extremely powerful and necessary in these times. However, even the meditations will only go so far. It's how we integrate and apply the new infusing consciousness in daily life that is absolutely necessary right now.

And there also is the great opportunity!

Much love

Open 🙏

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Dear Openhand,

Monumental times, withdrawing projections, expanding perspectives, harmonising inner aspects. Almost overwhelmed with love for my fellow people, as if a word could ever hope to describe the emotion. Just holding it out there, in the ether, no object. Came up with a koan earlier - but think I have an answer!

Love to all

Heather 🌟


Are you seeing and feeling it?

There a quite massive impact around the planet as Gaia gears up in the Shift. It's crystal clear her soul contract with the ancient alien architects of the matrix is now complete (read about it here: Gaia's Soul Contract Complete). She's accelerating her Torus and lowering her magnetic shield in the pole shift. That's allowing in more solar and cosmic radiation, which in turn is impacting the jetstreams as highly charged particles cascade through our atmosphere.

Just look at the storm update from around the planet in just the last few days...

Severe flooding hits parts of Spain as Storm Dana produces record-breaking rainfall
Flash floods wreak havoc in northwestern Algeria
Major flooding hits the Turkish Black Sea region
Exceptionally heavy rains hit Rio Grande do Sul, causing deadly floods, Brazil
Severe flash floods hit Istanbul

Practically no one is taking note of this and connecting the dots with the great planetary shift. So it falls on Openhand to do exactly that, which is what I'll be drawing attention to in the next episode of the 5D Shift Podcast here on Saturday at 8am UK time. Watch the trailer above.

Bright blessings

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