Cleansing the Sacred Face of Gaia

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A week of firestorms in Alberta has seen the Tarsands Industry brought to its knees. 88,000 residents of Fort McMurray, in the hub of the Canadian oil sands industry, were forced to flee their homes as raging fire swept away all in its path. I've long said that as the shift of consciousness gathers steam, it will unravel the injustice of the old world system with ever increasing mirrors of synchronicity. The Tarsands Industry is a blight on the face of the Earth - a poisonous, destructive, disregard for the natural sanctity of nature. Well now nature is responding for all who care to see. Will humanity witness the deeper meaning? Some definitely will, and therefore gain greatly from it. All realities come and go. If we can embrace the truth, the truth will truly set us free...

Know that Nothing Ever Stays the Same

In a climate of constant change, change is the only constant. All realities come and go. They are brought together by the Law of Attraction - 'constructs' created in consciousness by a collective need for education, exploration and growth. The universe is expressing itself through ever changing mirrors - constant evolving reflections of the One - the truth about who we really are.

And so nothing ever stays the same. To be an active part of that eternal movement, is to be in the fluidity of your flowing soul. The soul knows not to hang on. The soul knows to constantly let go to the past and to resurrect itself continually in ever more aligned and authentic form. It is only the ego that hangs on, that tries to control.

Control is the antithesis of this fluidity of constant change. It is the antithesis of soul. Control is what's created the ghastly Tarsands Industry - a society long past its sell-by-date, desperately wringing those final, precious, drops of Gaia's life blood. As if it hasn't already taken enough?

Nothing is lost when Something is Learned

88,000 were forced to flee their homes. Synchronicity always reveals itself in the numerology. The figure 8, representing the two interconnected worlds, life force shifting from the lower and into the higher. Three zeros, the 3D Physical Realm, which will ultimately be cleansed clean, until it is devoid of complex life. Nothing will ultimately survive in the 3D as life ascends into the 5D.

We speak of Ascension and it sounds 'out there' to many, 'new-agey' to the masses. And yet it is grounded in the metaphysics of quantum science. All is of consciousness, all is shifting, unraveling and unwinding; all is journeying back to the source, recreating realities of ever finer harmony.

Life learns from it's mistakes - from the places it was misaligned. Like in the Tarsands of Alberta. We can be thankful for that. Nothing is lost when something is learned.

Unconsciousness will Behave Unconsciously

Arrogance? Ignorance? The effect is the same - thinking that somehow it's okay, it's alright to take dominion of nature; to tear off her clothes, to inject toxic noxiousness in bloody, violent rape. But you can't blame them. How can you point the finger at the naive and say 'it's your fault' when it is natural for unconsciousness to behave unconsciously?

And therefore we who are awake, must learn to let go. Not to judge. For our future is not here. How can that old consciousness ever be a reflection of what we are now becoming?

Sometimes you have to detach and look from a distance in order to see what is right under your very nose. Up in space, you'd see the scarred face of Gaia that the Tarsands have disfigured. And yet the blackened, gnarled lines reach into every corner of society, into every country and city, into each and every home. When you peel away the facade of denial, its stench violates your nostrils daily, in just about everything you consume, everything you buy.

Breakthrough and Breakout!

Do I paint our oil-based economy black? Black it is. See it. Embrace it. Own the truth. And then..... Breakthrough!

Realising that the old reality has reached it's zenith, that it will only unwind from here, is a tremendous freedom. Inevitable change is the fuel of inspiration. Let it inspire you to let go. Let it inspire you to look for something new, something more evolved, something more aligned. Look inside for it, and inevitably you will align with the realigning flow. The gloves are off. Fire is stripping away the illusion. Pretense is biting dusty ashes. Breakthrough and Breakout. Dare to be you. What point is there in the ego holding on?

In loving support
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It is interesting to note that the two industrial refineries closest to potential danger in this firestorm are Suncor and Syncrude. Hmmmm...

It is truly unsettling that when tragedy strikes our door with people fleeing for their lives, the forest burning turning to ashes,wild life innocently dying or fleeing that people focus only on material loss instead of paying attention to the fact that the time to pay attention (be aware ) of the message Mother Earth is no longer just speaking she is screaming STOP. The Tar Sands is indeed along with Climate Change both man made the reason for this disaster. While my daughter and I sat at my new favorite vegan restaurant for our Mother's Day brunch we discussed the wildfires and how it would affect the people, which brought us to recycling and abuse of our Earth. She made a very profound statement to me and finally I understood " Mom I am so proud of you at your growth inside and out that at times it overwhelms me."

I haven't been able to watch the horrifying images of adults and children fleeing the fiery inferno in the Alberta/Canada tarsands this past week without continually weeping. I have friends who are directly affected. The deeper meaning is glaringly obvious to me but not to the majority of lost souls who wander through the dense 3D fog and smoke trying to find their way out. The black, oily energy fueling the rape and disfigurement of Mother Earth is horribly misaligned so must unwind and re-align, yes. We're all part of the collective consciousness, so of course everyone is affected. Canadians are stepping up to the plate with incredible generosity to help those in need, but no amount of money will suffice to turn the tide as greed and exploitation continue to pillage and plunder our sorry world. Industrial civilization will continue to collapse and burn this reality to the ground. I feel this strongly. But, like the phoenix, we will rise from the ashes. Gaia has ascended to 5D and waits for us with open arms. It's time to let go and join her.

All week long, I have been placing my right hand over my heart to center myself as I feel it shatter, so the light can break through the cracks and emanate outwards to shine the way home for others. Beacons of light we are.

I take great comfort and courage from your article, Open. Thank you.