25 Best ways to Detox from Heavy Metals

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We've spoke recently about Ten vital areas of Inner Purification. In a society that's becoming increasingly toxic with heavy metals, pesticides and the like, it's pretty essential we work to clear those toxins from our bodies. I recently came across this external article listing 25 ways to detox from heavy metals. For me it offers some sound advice... From Christina Sarich at Waking Times...Main article

  1. If you are endlessly tired, irritable, have trouble losing weight, or feel depressed, you might be suffering from the environmental onslaught of toxins being poured into our air, water and soil by greedy corporate monopolies. If you aren’t sure whether you are suffering from toxic overload, you can at least be certain you are not immune to the toxic effects of environmental pollution like oil spills, fracking, chemtrails, nuclear energy (think Fukushima), or even the domestic production of war materials. Even every day items like shampoo and rug cleaners also contain thousands of chemicals that are deadly toxic in higher dosages. From concern about BPAs to heavy metals, pesticide residues and GMO foods, its time to take an offensive, instead of defensive, view of our health. Here are more than two dozen ways to purify the body from these ill-imagined pollutants:
  2. Support the liver and gallbladder with beetroot. Beets are a valuable source of iron, magnesium, zinc and calcium which all support healthy detoxification and better elimination. They are also full of B3, B6, C, and beta-catoene, important nutrients for supporting the liver and gallbladder in making bile acids which support detox.
  3. Drink more purified water. Water is one of the most vital ways of self-purification on the planet. It helps every single cell get rid of waste and allows us to excrete toxins through our urine and bowels, as well as through our skin via sweat.
  4. Bathe in Kaolin clay or use acalcium montmorillonite clay as they are considered the best for removing pesticides from the body.
  5. Reduce your meat and dairy intake since these animals are often fed on GMO-rich diets.
  6. Consume more pantethine, a biologically active form of the B5 vitamin, which can help open blockages created by pesticide consumption. When we are too clogged with pesticides our bodies cannot naturally detoxify themselves.
  7. Use activated charcoal. It is very safe to consume up to 20-30 grams a day mixed with purified water. Activated charcoal binds to pesticides and other environmental toxins and then ushers them through the intestines to be purged form the body. You can also supplement with molasses after using activated charcoal just to be sure to replace important minerals the charcoal might leech from the body in the process of getting rid of the unwanted toxins.
  8. Eat more citrus. Pectins in citrus are a very powerful detoxifying substance. Citrus naturally remove heavy metals without depleting the body of important trace minerals.
  9. Create an alkaline state in he body by eating more organic fruits and vegetables that support multiple channels of detoxification in the body. They clean the liver, the bowels, the skin, the blood, etc.
  10. Eat more fiber. When we eat fiber, the liver can more easily flush toxins through the digestive system and we take an immense load off an organ that is constantly trying to get rid of toxic substances from the body. High fiber foods include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, potatoes (including their skin), etc.
  11. Eat more grapefruit containing naringenin, a special flavanoid that helps the liver burn fat instead of storing toxins in our fat cells.
  12. Eating garlic can help boost detoxification since it helps to boost the production of white blood cells, otherwise known as lymphocytes, an important part of the immune system as well.
  13. Eating asparagus can educe the levels of pesticides in the body.
  14. Eating organic, free-range eggs can also help to remove toxins from the body. They also boost energy levels.
  15. Increasing your levels of vitamin C is so good for you, and detoxing the body that it was found this vitamin could help reduce levels of radiation exposure, even in people who were living near Fukushima.
  16. Native Americans have been using sarsaparilla for hundreds of years in teas and tinctures as a way to effectively detox the blood. It also effectively treats liver, kidney and skin conditions.
  17. Exercising and staying active is vital to keeping impurities out of the body. Just 30 minutes to an hour every day brings oxygen rich blood to the liver and kidneys, thus supporting them in detoxifying the body.
  18. Eating brazil nuts, which are full of glutathione, a natural detoxifying substance, can help the body get rid of pesticides and other harmful toxins. Also, full of selenium, Brazil nuts help to create moreglutathione. Sometimes called the mother of all antioxidants.
  19. Our skin is one of the biggest organs of detoxification. It covers about 22 square feet and we replace skin cells every single day. Dry brushing is a great way to help support the skin in detoxing the body through sweat, bathing, etc. If our pores are clogged, the skin becomes less effective. Dry brushing also helps encourage lymph flow that helps to flush toxins from the body.
  20. Take Milk Thistle. Sylibum marianum, also known as Milk thistle is a great support for the liver. Long with helping the body detox, this herb has been linked to reduction in certain cancers, reduced diabetes and even reduction digestive disorders.
  21. Consume Essiac Tea, which cleanses the body and also has anti-cancer properties. This tea can help the body rid itself of pesticides used with GMOs, and ground-spraying including permethrin.
  22. Eat your sea vegetables. Algin in seaweeds helps to absorb toxins form the digestive tract (in much the same way that water softener removes hardness from tap water) so they can be eliminated more easily. They also offer the largest range of vital trace minerals that can help to clean the blood.
  23. Consuming dandelion greens and roots can help to detox the body due to their high levels of antioxidants but also help to support liver decongestion.
  24. Use broccoli sprouts in your salads to ingest important substances that help with detoxification: sulphorophanes, indole-3-carbinol and D-glucarate. Sprouts also contain up to 20 times more sulfurophane than regular, full grown broccoli plants.
  25. Eat flaxseed and flaxseed oil to help detox the body. This super food is full of fiber and Omega 3s, both important substances for detoxification.
  26. Add turmeric to your recipes. This root is full of Curcumin, used often in Ayurvedic Medicine to treat liver and digestive disorders, and a great detoxing agent.
  27. About the Author Christina Sarich is a musician, yogi, humanitarian and freelance writer who channels many hours of studying Lao Tzu, Paramahansa Yogananda, Rob Brezny, Miles Davis, and Tom Robbins into interesting tidbits to help you Wake up Your Sleepy Little Head, and See the Big Picture. Her blog is Yoga for the New World. Her latest book is Pharma Sutra: Healing the Body And Mind Through the Art of Yoga.

Some great advice Christina - thanks!

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I couldn't agree with you more Open and I also subscribe to your non-compliance perspective. We are holding onto many things past and food is most definitely one of them. We even use the term "soul food" to describe those times when we just want good old fashion nice and yet at a physical level we are craving "light", in line with the new path of our transition.

It is interesting that you have commented on the breakthrough effect, as I have recently felt a similar reasoning. I feel that in order to learn something new it does help to touch it, so as to recognise what we are striving for. It is when we develop a dependancy that the wheels are likely to fall off.

All very developmental :)


Right on Kelvin - purification of the bodymind makes it so much easier to 'see' and feel more clearly. And of course it leads to 'non compliance' with the system, which is going to help unwind it.

As I mentioned previously though, personally, I have found the odd cup of coffee actually helped me break through into the feeling of a higher state. Of course it doesn't work if there is addiction to it!

There is the challenge in society right now to find harmony and rightness when so much of the resources are owned by the 'system'. But I've found there is a path through it all without necessarily needing to become a 'renunciate'.

I find it like walking a blade edge. Not easy, but very developmental.

Open *OK*


I feel the need to enhance our discussion on detoxing from a slightly different perspective, more so in light of Open declaring his presence to us.

In my mind, detox and purification are a means to an end and that is to allow the body a natural path to a higher state of resonance with the energy that is passing into our new age. I personally have been craving higher energy foods recently and in an wonderful synchronistic way, we have added a raw food bar to my café. I have working with me a super raw-food chef and it has made it so much easier for me to reinforce my diet with this style of eating. While wheatgrass has been an integral aspect of my diet for some years, fruit & veg juicing is now supplementing my regime in a very strong way.

Last week I hadn't even noticed that I had forsaken my regular early morning espresso and it was only by Thursday that I had my first coffee; quite a thing for the owner of a coffee shop!
While I still enjoy conventional food, I am finding that it lowers my energy state and I am naturally less inclined to eat it. I completely shun franchises and fast food outlets as I am of the belief that their offerings neither sustain our bodies nor spiritual journey and are disruptive to our systems. I have begun to understand our spiritual journey more so by reconciling it with new insights into quantum physics and this I find more integrous to my life.

The result of this lifestyle diet is the ability to access higher levels of energy required to help myself and others cope with the changing environment we are faced with. Warriors in ancient times used a variety of super foods to sustain themselves and I believe that in our time, our needs are no different.

At a fundamental level, if we are to hold higher energy states stable on our planet we need to examine how we nourish our physical bodies with food that enhances our role. For me, as someone who is so excited about integrated health, it is sometimes difficult to remain quiet when others choose a path that dissociates their health from their lifestyle and continue to blame external factors without taking responsibility for the outcome of their actions.

With Love & Joy, in Peace


Hi guys,

Thanks for the comments. I am still waiting for the whole 'message' to unfold. In the meantime, found this:

"The vibrations of the number 5 are those of personal freedom and individuality, motivation, making positive life choices and major changes, transformation, adaptability and versatility, resourcefulness and auspicious opportunities..."

Sounds right, but it still doesn't 'hit it all'. I am not even sure what the question is about.

It seems to be more specific. Not that I need it to function now, but it feels like this is part of the changes, integration and standing in what I am (as a soul). Also it has to do with my name, that feels just not working. I feel like it's almost calling me something that is dead and envoking something that I feel more of gradually clearing rather than relating to. Feels very strange.

It started during and right after the course, and kept going on the airplane, where it seemed like my name is something with S... Whatever... I'm waiting for it to unravel.

Yesterday there was a message that made me cry, having to do something with "angel of death" and flashes of previous tasks (flashes of what happened and a bunch of feelings arising). Tough on my bodymind, which is making its best to 'survive' hhh the integration of all the changes, visions, and stuff. It's doing well, but needs some more sleep and privacy. I have little at the moment.

And today I was brought to read about angel Samil. Sometimes I feel like going crazy (because when working in the garden before the course, I got the word destroyer coming several times). It's a bit too much for so little time, but on the other hand there is a feeling there is no time anymore. Will watch it.

There is a lot of questioning going on, both helpful and not, you know, being careful with the guidance and messages.

Everything is so elusive and subtle now. Sigh :)


As I understand, it is necessary that the body have oils in order to actually get rid of the metals that are flushed out by many kinds of treatments. According to this theory, the metals must bind with an oil(such as olive oil or fish oil for example) in order to actually leave the body. Otherwise, they are emitted from a particular system, but are not able to leave the body through "emissions."


Have you tried to hang upside down on a rope, enveloping your lower back and with your legs wrapped around it?

Ok, I can see it: my description is an epic fail! hhh
I'll do it and ask somebody to take a picture.

This one makes me feel like I belong on earth (for a couple of moments) LOL


Thanks again Kelvin - that's really helpful - maybe with the 140 degree slant my eye balls will stay in!
Thank you
Love Myra x


Myra, no need for apologies, I am happy to contribute.

Inversion therapy takes some getting used to and when you first start, it feels as if your brain is going to extrude through you eye sockets and your eye-balls are on the verge of popping out trying to hold it all in! Ok slight exaggeration :)

It is recommended that you start out with only a few minutes and gradually build up to a total of 20min continuous hanging. It is so many years back since I started this, that I cannot recall the exact protocol but the table will come with instructions. I cannot speak with any authority outside my experience but my personal preference is to hanging completely at 180o. It may well be that the 140o of the table is perfectly acceptable as a therapy and may indeed be more comfortable for most people.

Trinity, I love yoga and have recently restarted. The head-stand has many similar benefits to inversion although I don't believe that one gets the decompression of the spinal column but the swing would certainly be amazing.

Warm regards,


Thank you Kelvin. Sorry - I have just a few more questions for you! How long do you spend inverted and is it just once a day. Also,I have been looking at tables and they are not completely vertical(probably about 140 degrees) - would that work the same. Thank you so much Kelvin.

with love Myra x


I strongly recommend it & trust that it works to your benefit too.

In Joy,


Hi Kelvin

Thank you so much for the useful information. It seems inversion is really beneficial on lots of levels. I am going to get an inversion table and give it a go!

Thanks again

Love Myra x


Hi Myra,

You read about it in Chris' hanging around section, thats correct. If you do so research on inversion therapy you will find that it has tremendous benefits for easing pressure off the spine and allowing it to align into its natural contour. It also promotes the flow of oxygen to the head with all the obvious benefits of that.

So far as meditation is concerned, I find that the deeply relaxing state that I am able to achieve while inverted allows me clear my mind and resolve many things. I read once that it is only in the fully inclined vertical position that we are capable of allowing every muscle to relax, not even lying down achieves this. I came to an automatic realisation that I could achieve a very deep level of meditation whilst at the same time improve my mild scoliosis having suffered lower back pain for years as a result.

Inversion therapy is also immensely helpful from the point of detoxing as it allows drainage of the lymph glands, again something that is seldom properly achieved during the normal course of daily activity or even lying down.

I have a bar and special boots that fit around the ankles and which then hook over the bar. This was the less expensive option but as effective as the inversion table. It is a little bit of a struggle to get "hooked up" and you certainly need a certain amount of upper body strength. For convenience, I am sure that the inversion table is very much more practical.

With love,


Hi Kelvin - on another thread I read one of your posts about you using inversion in your meditation. Could you tell me a little bit more about it please. The physical/mental/spiritual benefits and I was wondering do you use an inversion table?

Thank You.

Love Myra x


Coconut oil is extremely efficient at de-toxing mouth and gums - check it out on google - 'oil swishing'
After doing this for 2 months my dentist said my gums were clear of disease, whereas before a quarter of my gums were diseased. Pretty amazing, I thought!
Love Myra x


My absolute pleasure. A simple art yet one with a profound effect.

Warmest regards,


Kelvin, thank you for reminding me of the simple art of blessing. A much needed nudge to short circuit the complexities I have been drawn into lately.



Wheatgrass, wheatgrass, wheatgrass... :) Jokes aside it sounds to me that you have all the makings of an already thorough regime.

At a fundamental level, all things are energy and the only other contribution I would like to suggest is blessing all that you take into your body. I strongly feel that blessing with love and gratitude in conscious recognition of where our food and drink comes from is the last word in detoxing, as we energetically align it with our bodies.
What follows is my personal blessing and you are welcome to use it, modify it or (preferably) create your own heart-felt blessing:

Bless this food (water, etc) with love and gratitude to my body
As it cleanses, refreshes and purifies me.

Bless this food with love and gratitude to my body,
As it heals me with the natural and loving energy of my Mother, Earth
As it nourishes me with the natural and liquid energy of our Father the Sun,
of the Air and of its Self
For the great good and higher love of all Souls in the Universe.

If you look up a recent post of Chris' he goes on to discuss his regime in quite some detail, graphically! ;)

With love,


That's a good idea to add MSM to a smoothie. Are there any other healthy/ detox things that you can recommend? I have just done a 5 day juice and broth detox and also used bentonite clay and psyllium husks drinks. :)


Hi Lisa,
I have tried the wheatgrass enema a couple of times and very quickly felt the benefit. I also use the zeolite as a detox on occasions & add the MSM to my morning smoothie. I have not added iodine to anything & so cannot comment.



Zeolite, a detoxifier which is a mineral. Liquid zeolite is basically a colloidal suspension of micronized or milled zeolite which has undergone a manufacturing process unlocking the power enabling it to detox the body at a cellular level. This is another detoxifying thing that I have just started to use.
Thank you Teresa for mentioning Birch sap. It sounds very interesting and I will look into it more.
Kelvin, I have one shot of wheatgrass a day but may try 2. Have you ever done a wheatgrass pack/enema? I haven't but am thinking about it!
I am lucky to live very close to the sea and walk in it most days.
Has anyone taken liquid iodine? I would be interested to hear about it and also MSM.

Lisa X :)


I am a huge proponent of wheatgrass juice and usually have at least 2 shots a day, morning & evening, of my own home-grown (and using my own enriched compost). There is so much information on this magnificent superfood that I need not go into it here, suffice it to say that if wheatgrass juice is not in your daily routine, research it with a view to including it. Amongst other benefits, it is hugely detoxing and gives of its energy freely & is unlike any other food that I am aware of.
I can second the benefits of Himalayan rock salt, truely amazing stuff, I feel that it literally revives with the energy stored in its crystals. If you are not near an ocean where you can walk at the tide line this is second best IMHO.

Warm regards


Thank-you. At the moment I am into birch sap- 'Natures energy drink' daily to detox /vitality.Birch sap is rich in nicotinic, apple and glutaminic organic acids. It contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and tannins. Have yet to try real birch tapping from the tree in the spring time I think


Thank you for that very interesting article on detoxing. I have been told that having a 20 minute soak in a bath containing one kilo of pink Himalayan salt is equivalent to a 3 day detox. :-) x