Hopi prophecy of Fukushima

Here is a link to a Vision of a Hopi Elder.

Hopi Elder Vision

Fukushima is still leaking every second huge amounts of radiation. At the time of accident there was hundreds of thousands of tons radiactive waste in the containers. It is very sad that this has not been told to everyone. updates all the time news from Fukushima and world wide. It is a bit depressing to read the stuff but it is better to know than to not know.

Whole marine life in Pacific is under attack all the time and creates even more unbalance in the fragile ecosystems. There is really not much to do about it and makes one wonder if we unfortunately have already passed the point of no return like The Warrior Spirit Prophesied.

Not sure but something like this could the reason for the Holes in the Sky.


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It has been many years since I wrote this post and brought more awareness of the seriousness of Fukushima disaster. Unfortunately the situation has not gotten any better but worse instead. The fact is that all the 3 reactors in Fukushima had a meltdown and now almost 1,2 million pounds of spent nuclear fuel has become a molten lava that is no linger on the site but somewhere deep within the earth.

I am a practitioner of Vedic Astrology and since the Fukushima disaster I have been following the planets' effect on this disaster. Last time we witnessed something like Fukushima was Chernobyl back in the 1986. At that time Saturn had just crossed over Scorpio to Sagittarius, exactly what Saturn is doing now. You see, Scorpio is the sign of all hidden things that lie beneath the surface. Saturn is the planet of Truth, inconvenient truth that we all have to face whether we want it or not. Death is inevitable and an inconvenient truth in life and yet people pretend that it does not exist.

In Vedic Astrology, Satrun is the most powerful planet and significator of transforamation. Scorpio is the original ruler of the 8th house and thus symbolizes death, rebirth, sex, tantra and kundalini. We are surely moving towards a new period of time where our existence will be threatened more and more. Saturn is a planet of consequences and thus teaches us to become more responsible. Really there is nothing as irresponsible that humans have created as nuclear power. All our human existence as it is today with all the comfortable things that we have, exist thanks to nuclear power. But this is an illusion and unsustainable way to evolve. Rahu is the planet of illusion and in September this year, Saturn will aspect Rahu in Leo. Expect this inconvenient truth to slowly but surely come to surface. Life can not continue to exist the way it does. We will have to face the aftermath of the decisions that we have made in the past now. Hopefully people will be awakened to this fact and instead of working against each other, come together to solve the threat that will affect every single life on this planet.

I Wish you all the Best Wishes my Fellow Beings!




Newly arrive from Brazil. I saw wonderfull things. I saw love in Earth. I saw healing in earth. I am cured of my emotional disease ( also with Open words and meditation!!! Every night..., blessings for you Open!!!)You are helping me a lot!!!
A very good documentary of what is happening:


Great that you can see it Mim. The point is that the future is not certain. Although right now, it certainly looks like we're moving toward ever greater calamity. Remember that Gaia has cleansed herself in the physical plain five times before and come back just as lovely just as beautiful each time. I don't think anyone can say just how this is going to go. That's the mystery to let go into. What you can say, is that radical change that will effect everyone of us looks inevitable. And this will be a healing/realignment opportunity for everyone. Personally, despite the challenges, I am inspired by that.



You are right, doing something expecting a reward, or out of fear, is not the right thing to do. It is just so hard for me to accept it is inevitable, or that changing our inside world will have no effect on the outside world. For many, many years I saw images in my mind of this planet, destroyed, abandoned, burnt down. Red from the fire, black and grey from the ashes. Some how, it felt that I saw this to remind me of one of the reasons I'm here now , to help prevent this from happening. But perhaps Russel Brand is not the only one with a "Messiah-complex'.
Yes, I can see, there is an enormous lack of balance, there is so much cruelty, so much harm done to this planet and all the life on it. I often felt I hated people for doing what they are doing, for their stupidity (as I perceived it). And yet, I also feel a lot of love for this planet, and for all these billions (including myself) experiencing living here as souls in a human body, with all its challenges.
In the end, yes, to be all that we can be is what is most important. Letting go of attachment and the desire to achieve a certain goal. Just let go....


Yes I feel everyone's sadness in this. But perhaps we could expand our perspective out into the macrocosym too.

In my awareness, Gaia needed this experience for her own karma just as humanity has too. You might like to take a peek at this...


So yes it's tough. But the healing will be our processing and integration through the challenge we've now set ourselves - to live with respect and compassion, not because it is going to 'save anyone's bacon' (so to speak), but simply because it is the right thing to do. And not because it will have some positive manifestation (like saving the Earth in the 3D), because often that's an attached fear based attitude too. There's an incredible opportunity here...what if we can only accept what is inevitably going to come; what if we can't change a thing (in the outside world)? What if we can see it as an opportunity to be all that we can be. Not because of some reward, some achievement or the realisation of some goal. How about just doing it because it's the right thing to do?



Thank you very much for bringing this to awareness. I don't know about holes in the sky. But I do know we are destroying this planet. And as I am not doing anything against it, I am destroying Gaia right now. I feel personally responsible. And I would so much love to change it, stop this process of destruction. Would it be possible to heal this by healing myself? And how many people are needed in doing this?
Could praying (as the Hopi's said), and working to unwind the process of destruction inside of myself help unwind global destruction?
I believe it's possible. But I also believe something BIG needs to happen, a massive shift of consciousness.