Getting out of the Mind: How to Unleash Authentic Self Expression

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Occasionally a person comes along and touches deep into the core of your soul. Robin Williams had the capacity to do exactly that. You very much got the sense, that although he was a brilliant character actor, he was touching intimately-authentic moments in life. That's what made him so special. My heart was heavy with his death; yet simultaneously uplifted by the genius he left behind in his films. Here's a particularly inspiring clip from "Dead Poets Society", which to me, offers an invaluable insight in how to get out of the mind and unleash authentic self expression

Brilliance in All of Us

In the work that I do with Openhand, I notice just how many people are limited in their ability to truly express the depths of their soul. It's because people find themselves so repressed - society is just too 'good' at conditioning people to conditioned lifestyles; an integral part of the synthetic reality we're living in. I find you often have to push people, just a bit, to take them beyond the limit of their comfort zone. You can do this in particular kinds of meditation of course - where you get people to close their eyes, and literally journey to places they see and feel in their imagination. When you do this, frequently, some spectacular expression of soul will arise.

We all have genius within the depths of our being. It's simply a question of activating it and letting it out. Do watch this short video clip from the brilliant "Dead Poets Society" below. Then I invite you to comtemplate, and share, what gets you out of the mind and into some form of authentic feeling expression. What does it for you? Is it music, poetry, writing, dance, conscious bodywork, cooking, gardening? I'd be fascinated to hear.

What brings out Your Authentic Expression?

Robin Williams, your soul is pure genius. My heart is warmed in the knowing that you're with the angelic realms now and will live on again; to inspire and captivate as you did here...

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I felt to bring attention to this one again today. In society the mind is often so full - subconsciously - of goals and agendas, which we believe we should and must do. It fills the mind and often stops the soul coming through.

The paradox is, to truly break free IS to allow authentic soul expression to come through more and more. It can be a bit of a catch 22, unless we decide to break the cycle, create an internal space, and encourage natural arising of soul more often.

What is it that let's your soul come through?

Open Dolphin


Ahhh Robin Williams. One of the true greats!!! had me in stitches over the past 20 years...and will continue to do so for many more. But he also had that ability to change peoples perspectives - I cried when I watched the Dead Poets clip - full of power and meaning. Meet you on the other side Robin. x


I often felt that Robin Williams was 'unhappy/sad' beneath the humour and laughter. Someone told me years ago that I would see the face behind the mask.And I do. Having said that he made me laugh lots and like so many others feel, he will be missed so much.


Hi Kim,

Thanks for your heartfelt comments. My kids -- grown now -- also see Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire. I'm shedding tears along with you and I'm feeling the tears of so many. I've been reading the most amazing comments and shares on social media since we all heard the news of his passing. Robin's death seems to have unleashed a tsunami of pent up grief and sadness not only about his suicide but about how hard it is to be human in this messed up world; about the need to express our vulnerability to assuage our loneliness and disconnection; about how heartbreaking it is to witness so much suffering everywhere we turn; and about how we long to return to the garden and restore our lost innocence. And so I feel he has given us a great gift both in his life and in his death. x Catherine


Lovely - thankyou Kim.
He did indeed make his life spectacular.
None of us is ever going to achieve perfection - that's the nature of the relativistic universe. All we can do, is make each moment sing as miraculously as we can in the short time we're here. He certainly did that - what more can anyone ask?

A lovely soul, leaving a lovely legacy



I loved him!!! I have been avoiding reading all the details online about his death until today, I think to avoid the sadness that I knew would come. I feel as though I knew him personally and I feel great loss. My kids only refer to him as Mrs. Doubtfire and I had to explain how and why (the best that I could) he died. I cry every time I think of him. I love all his movies because he was so much more than an actor. He was real. Thanks for the article.


Hi Open,

I appreciate your beautiful and loving tribute to Robin Williams. There must have been so many tears behind his humour. Indeed, he did touch the core of so many, myself included, as the outpouring of grief shows. I'm saddened by his passing, but grateful he stayed for as long as he could. A misfit in the matrix.

"Dead Poet's Society" has always been a favourite movie. I was totally captivated and inspired by this line when the movie first appeared, "Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary." Robin Williams certainly made his life extraordinary. His light blazes on. Thank you for making us better, Robin. With Love, Catherine