Food for Animals

may I ask this question here?..
If any of you have a pet (dogs, cats...), what do you feed them? Is it vegan?


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Hi Open,
Thank you again for your response. Yes, I have noticed how often my ego wants to create problems for itself, hehe.


Hi Naty,

Everything is self-realisation - there is nothing else going on. How do we apply this to your situation?

We're in a completely unnatural system of living. Owning a pet like a dog or a cat is unnatural for example. Building houses, estates and how we produce most of our food is unnatural. You may decide not to feed the birds oats, but you won't be able to control what they eat elsewhere in society. Just the other day in Byron Bay, a family of sparrows came to me at my dinner table as I ate curry and rice - they loved it, eating from my plate. Is that wrong? They looked pretty scrawny to me and what how else would they eat in a town of shops, roads and houses?

In this system where practically everything is unnatural, we are invited to make choices in the moment. Nothing is right and wrong - we have to move beyond that polarity. Instead work to figure out what feels right to you - as a sense within - in any given moment.

In this way, you're being invited to surrender any judgment (of 'right' and 'wrong'), any identification that defines you - the ego - by the situation.

Every situation offers the possibility to self realise - to expand into the One Self.



hmmm, I woulld like to ask you about your opinion...

I was outwalking my dog today morning and noticed this on a bush in front of one block of flats.,1294…

One ball like that. The plastic net made me concerned about the birds, so I rather took it from there. At home I cutted the net and threw it out.
... Now my dilemma is if I should give it back (without that plastic net). .. The ball seems to contain oats and I´m not sure if birds can eat gluten.

When I took it from the bush, I actually felt weird and sorry because I knew that the intention of the person who gave it there was good and didn´t know that storing it in plastic net is unnatural. ... I am not remorsful about taking it away from there.


Benevo also do a vegan cat food which does contain taurine which is sourced from plants! I must say Naty that your dog is a very lucky boy to be looked after so well with his diet. Love Myra x

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Thank you Myra and Love to you too x

Though I´m actually not sure if dogs can eat so much carbs as in that brand. I add spirulina also to make it more alcaline. I like about Benevo food that it contains enough protein.
If I was more knowleable about cooking for dogs I would cook more, rather then feed fortified. And also I would need more space for storing vegetable...
Anyway, I believe that this is the best choice under current circumstances.


Thanks for response Trinity.
I give my doggie vegan food. I feed him vegan for about 3 years already and currently he eats Benevo fortified food. There is no wheat.
Plus I add spirulina powder into his food – he asks for it. Such an inteligent dog!
And every day he eats about two raw carrots. He absolutelly loves them and demands them. They are great for his gums also.
Sometimes I give him cooked brocolli or a cauliflower or lentil with turmeric.