Taking the Greatest Evolutionary Advantage from the Election

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The new US administration is beginning to emerge. I sense that as it does, many more reality veils will fall - veils that have kept some in the mainstream evolving community at a fair degree of distance from the truth of what's really happening under the surface in this Great 5D Shift. It's definitely NOT all love and light! As the light releases itself and shifts to the higher vibration, it dredges up the density at the bed of the pond. Paradoxically these muddy waters create a great reflection...
By seeing what you are most definitely not, provides the greatest opportunity to realise who you can become.

The Abundance of belonging to the Greater Whole

In any reality, light flows into the karmic density and animates mirrors, so souls can see their own reflections and work through them. You witness something, and then decide who you are in relation to it. Essentially you either continue to express the lower shadow side (stay in denial), or you take responsibility for your part in that creation and evolve out of it.

I see the greatest challenge being, that humanity has been lulled into the idea that life is about the things that we want to have. "Abundance" has become something to attain "out there" (even amongst the spiritual mainstream) rather than the sense of interconnectedness with the divine "in here". True abundance is found in the exploration that you belong to a greater whole, and are lovingly cherished as such.

What this means is that the majority of people are always trying to fix something, acquire something, take control of something or consume something "out there". And now they have a political leader who essentially espouses all of those things in his very beingness. Excessive consumption to fulfill internal sense of lack is a new "virtue"!

A most dangerous development

Take for example climate change. Did you notice that during the election campaign, barely a word was mentioned about it's vital importance? Did it even feature in the presidential debates? Yet it is fast looming as the most essential phenomenon of our time. The new administration taking shape, has shown by word and deed, that they blatantly disregard what's really taking place. They actually plan to renege on the hard won Paris Climate Agreement, to support the further exploitation of fossil fuels and fracking. Here's the view of Noam Chromsky, the respected philosopher writing in the UK's Independent...

Following the US elections, Professor Chomsky said it appeared humans planned to answer what he called "the most important question in their history … by accelerating the race to disaster". "The winning candidate, now the President-elect, calls for rapid increase in use of fossil fuels, including coal; dismantling of regulations; rejection of help to developing countries that are seeking to move to sustainable energy; and in general, racing to the cliff as fast as possible. He has already appointed a prominent climate change denier to run his transition team covering the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and other advisers include people with close links to the fossil fuel industry." He has also pledged to scrap the United States’ ratification of the Paris Agreement on climate change, which President Barack Obama has hailed as "the moment that we finally decided to save our planet".

Taking truly bold and courageous action

Chromsky believes the new administration is "the most dangerous organisation in world history". And I am inclined to agree. Except for one crucial thing: the situation has always been this challenging in recent times. We are accelerating toward a catastrophic cliff edge, and have been doing so for decades. The Paris agreement was important in that it drew some vital attention to the issue. But then everyone simply got back on with the day job. The system keeps spinning, and every day that goes by, without global concerted effort to mitigate the effects, means the necessary realignment will be ever more dramatic.

Let's be clear, with or without the new leadership, humanity has been accelerating toward that cliff edge for some considerable time; either by supporting the system of consumption we live in, or by blind acquiescence to it. Now we're simply witnessing the accurate reflection of that.


Let's work to fully embrace the truth that we now see. Because then we can do something truly bold and courageous about it. We can turn away, inside ourselves, from this climatic cliff edge. We can decide that we are different, that we're heading in a different direction. We can process out our tightness and attachment to the old reality. We can decide by our very actions, the realignment to truth that we affiliate with. We can be the pathfinders and wayshowers into the new density, in a higher vibration.

An Alchemical Shift, inside yourself

This cannot be something we simply pay lip service to. It's not something you meditate on and then get back to the old ways, or allowing the old conditioning to simply draw you back in. Now is the time for a direct confrontation of the old consciousness, inside yourself, as a moment by moment way of being. You witness something taking place, but then you must decide what's your highest truth in relation to it? Then, and most importantly... take positive action on it.

Yes the mainstream is destroying the biosphere. But we could still do something that connects with Gaia and cherishes her. Yes the mainstream continues to support cruelty and fear in the industrial food chain. But we can opt for a more conscious diet. Yes we will still have to take resources from the matrix to survive, but we can still do so consciously, take only what we truly need, and offer gratitude for what we receive.

This internally conflicting dynamic - the interplay of the old consciousness with the new - will most definitely animate internal tightness and resistance. If something comes up, in your family, circle of friends, at work, or in the wider political arena, don't deny it. Don't push it back down into the 'too-difficult-to-deal-with' box. Especially when it's most uncomfortable, bring it out into the light. Express the discomfort and become as one with it, thus you can let it go; then the higher beingness and behaviourisms may emerge. So highlights the path into the higher density - the New Paradigm. It's a progressive alchemical shift, inside yourself.

Time to unravel your truth

The truth of what's really happening across our planet, and through the distortions in the field that have been holding the old reality in place, is stepping out of the closet and coming into the light. As unpleasant as that reflection might be, it is a good thing. Because it's going to catalyse and stir up our own unconsciousness within. Work with it, don't push it down. Unravel your truth in relation to it.

  • If fear comes up - work into your concern about the worst possible outcome. Who are you in relation to the smallness? Because your Cosmic Self is not afraid of anything.
  • If anger comes up express it, don't deny it. Even if it doesn't feel 'spiritually correct'. Then work to find a positive, creative way to express that energetic empowerment.
  • If attachment to things in the old reality come up, what is it that's deluding you about what you truly need? Because your Cosmic self needs only the sense of divine internal connection.
  • If relationships become challenged, remember it's your internal relationship with the divine that really counts - all other relating experiences flow from this alignment.
  • If the need to control the old reality comes up, then work to let go. It is accelerating toward a climatic conclusion. But the unleashing flow of higher light, will bring you to the shores a truly spectacular rebirth.

Taking maximum Positive Advantage

If we do this, then even though the matrix takes this new challenging direction, we will gain even more greatly from it. Because it will animate and bring into consciousness exactly those things we need to work with most. That can only be a good and positive thing.

Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. Take courage. Be bold about who you now feel to become. Let the growing reflection of what you are not, be the growing inspiration for who you really are. As you unwind from the old consciousness, work to to feel the reflection internally of your growing light. Witness in life those things that make you feel uplifted, whole and joyful. As you peel off the old reality, build this as your new one (try this liquid gold meditation to facilitate that). To me, that's the golden opportunity now revealing itself. I for one, plan to take maximum positive advantage from that. Who's with me?

In loving support

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Your words were very powerful and resonated with me. I think I still have a ways to go before I can face that "raptor energy" head on without becoming angry and wanting to react negatively myself. I try hard to live the "I am this" and "you are that" when I see hatred and violence,especially when there is a history of that same hatred and violence in this country. However, sometimes I want to be with the rest of the revolutionaries and be in the actual fight for justice. My son has had to talk me out of traveling to N. Dakota to protest the Pipeline for fear I'd get arrested. Because of his concerns, I did not go, but I was certainly planning on it. I find it hard to sit on the fence while others are actually doing something to fight against tyranny. I'm learning to become that "observer" of others and my own reaction to them, but sometimes controlling the reaction (especially that instantaneous, "I want to kick your ass" reaction) can be hard at times. I'm much better than I use to be. I'm in my 60's, so old habits are difficult to change. I'm working on it. I am absolutely NOT a violent person and truly abhor it. I guess I wish everyone was loving and kind to each other, but it just "rips me a new one" when I see what's going on in today's world.

I certainly appreciate what you are accomplishing with your website, books, seminars, etc. I'm reading Breakthrough with a lot of interest. I'm here to learn and appreciate the work you are doing. I hope to meet you one day! Thank you for this forum.



Powerful words, Open, that shatter and breakthrough any last wishy washy tendrils of 'anything goes' I've been conditioned to feel, which offers up the perfect circumstances for the raptors to steam roll over us with their agenda of hate, oppression, and exploitation. So not something to love. Thank you. xx


Hi Lea,

Personally I observe "love" is a much misunderstood concept here in this density - particularly in the mainstream. Why should you love a particular thing? Like DT for example or what he represents. If an energy is repugnant to who you are, why should you be expected to love it?

I'd say what's really needed is to get inside the word "love" and find the truth in it. You see in the spiritual mainstream absolute truth and relative truth seem much misunderstood - they often blend into each other in fuzzy grey areas.

So at an absolute level, everything is of the One. Therefore everything is of you (and me), and therefore to experience myself as the One, I must be able to accept every aspect of me (of you). BUT, and it's a big BUT, for there to be existence at all, there must also be the relativistic truth. There is "you" in relation to "me". If there was no "this" and "that" there could be no experience at all.

So contrary to the often held view in the spiritual mainstream, there must be this duality for there to be experience at all. Even if there is only a perception of duality - the perception itself creating the sense of life itself; without which, there could be no life.

In order for the universe to be fully experienced then, there must be "this" and "that". And "this" defines itself by not being "that". "This" looks into the mirror of "that" and decides "that" is not me. This is self-realisation or self-actualisation. You actualise the One Self through the universe as a streaming flow of unique experience called a soul. You are being the One, and a unique express of the One, at the same time.

So, at the absolute level, there is acceptance (love). But at the relative level, there may be surrender to what is, but not acceptance (love) of anything goes. If, as a soul, I accept anything goes - if I love it all - the risk is I dissolve out the truthful, authentic and aligned vibration that is me. I just blend into a wishy washy acceptance of anything goes. And interestingly, that's just what the raptor loves - that kind of acquiescent appeasement. It walks all over you. Is that something to love?




Hi Lindi,

I feel and hear your anguish, your caring heart, and your deep soul yearning for a kinder more compassionate world. And I relate to the weight of responsibility you feel for changing the world. I have carried that weight into this incarnation to let it go. That doesn't mean I let go of love and compassion and my burning desire for social justice and longing to feel and express right action as part of the divine flow of benevolence.

My soul, too, yearns for a higher world where all life is served with respect, unconditional love, non-judgment, and compassion. I can't change the world but I can "be" the change, as Gandhi said. I resonate with Openhand's message that the best way to eliminate darkness in the world is to eliminate it in ourselves and then express that higher way of being out there in the surrounding energy field which is then reflected back as a more harmonious outer world. Openhand has a nine-step process to help us do that that is outlined on this website. Essentially, it's about honouring and accepting how we feel without judgment or blame or need for an outcome, letting go of notions of right and wrong, releasing the tension we feel in our bodies, surrendering and accepting to what is, becoming the One in whatever we feel and experience, and then finding the light beyond and walking through the doorway into Absolute Presence beyond all identity, from which authentic right action flows.

I'm attaching one of Open's videos that strongly speaks to my soul right now in these turbulent times because in it Open explores how the qualities of courage, determination, and willpower arise from surrender and letting go, and why it's important to express -- and NOT quash these qualities -- because they express who we are as unique sparks of the divine, walking the path of our own unique soul journeys. Wishing you well as you journey on, Lindi!

Much Love,


Here is the link to Open's video on surrendering with willpower:


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Thank you, Cathy, for your reply. I haven't yet watched the video you shared but plan to do so right after I finish this message to you. I felt the depth of your words in your message, especially about "accepting how we feel without judgement or blame or need for an outcome". I find I can accept how I feel without judgement or blame, but the "outcome" part is something I need to work on. I will begin to work through the nine step process. I feel the love you send through this message and I truly appreciate you for it. Again, Thank YOU!



All I can say Cathy is WOW just WOW. Reading your words here brought me back to that same time, place and feelings with my kids.

Much love


Yes, as M. says, describing how it feels to walk through that doorway into Presence is indeed challenging. When I feel into that experience, I'm taken back to those precious times long ago when I tenderly cradled my crying babies, gently rocking them in my arms, heart overflowing with unconditional love, whispering softly, "It's okay. It's all okay." Then feeling their tiny, fragile bodies letting go of their distress, the pain of separation, sobs gradually fading, their sweet souls sinking back to the peace and stillness of Oneness.

x Cathy


I've always had a difficult time describing the moment of opening that doorway, when the ego peels off the soul and the time stops. It resides somewhere beyond the tangibility of words. How do I break this alchemy into components to better express to others? Perhaps it's just the brain talking... hahaha
Thank you for conveying it so well energetically, Open.




Such a wonderful exchange *OK* Something you said jumped right off the screen M...
    "Perhaps you will momentarily fall apart"

Yes, yes, yes. It's okay to momentarily fall apart. To crawl up in a snithering ball. To allow yourself to feel like you're going crazy. To accept that at some level, it'll never be 'fixed'. All relativistic reality is a distortion of the absolute - of The One. But in amongst that falling apart, in the very depths of it, remember the key that unlocks the doorway through it into presence. Then you be able to accept the chaos. My heart goes out to you. Open *give_rose* PS: I put this video up again. It takes practice, like any new skill. So use it to inspire the inner process...



Oh, my sadness, so faint inside
Come back to me, come to the source
Be just the sadness

Oh, my laughter, so faint inside
Come back to me, come to the source
Be just the laughter

Your path takes you through sharp rocky ridges
Through blossoming meadows with the sweetest scent
My path winds through a desolate desert
Through beautiful apple orchards heavy with fruit

How to be ourselves?
With open heart and open mind.



Beautiful, M. So feeling you. The beauty of the May lilac that once was always endures like the beauty of our hearts and souls reflected in the fragrant flower. I'm a cry baby now shedding all the tears I never cried and that's okay. Sniff...sniff...


Your love
Your friendship
Your faithfulness
Your trust
Can’t be replaced

Your light
Each day
May lilac
Picked at dawn
Can’t be replaced

My loneliness
Even my death
Your life
Our freedom
Can’t be replaced


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Yes, yes, yes, M! Being who we truly are as unique sparks of the divine with gifts of beingness that no-one else can give truly sets the world on fire!

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” ~Dr. Seuss :)


I hear 'ya, M. Thank you. I accept there is no need to fix anything beyond doing what feels right for me in my heart and soul one moment at a time. Continuing to honour and feel the feelings...letting go of my distortions including guilt (yes to that one) that manifest out there as part of the collective... expressing my gifts of being-ness including advocacy and compassion for the marginalized and oppressed ... stepping from the light into right action...giving my whole heart and merging with the flow of divine benevolence. That feels like heroism to me. xx


Dear Cathy,
I feel your anguish.
You said:
“How do I NOT appease a despot who persecutes the vulnerable?” – the other candidate has already part took in killing and misplacing hundreds of thousands of people, so there is never been a choice, really. This system is not fixable, Cathy. But something else longs to be uncovered…

You said:
“How do I NOT comply with a misaligned flow? How do I help to realign a distorted flow of hate to one of love, respect, and compassion for all life?” – how else other than diving right into the hate current, feeling what is it doing to you, to others? Meet it, touch it, let it permeate you. You will discover that in all this you are still You. Perhaps you will momentarily fall apart, vanish as you are in the current configuration? That’s ok. Would you be so brave and merge with your own contractions and transmute them? You said you were working with fear, is there anything else that is calling for your attention? It is usually easy to spot as that thing we are trying hard to fix on the outside. You know it well, when you transform the tightness within yourself, it will be honoured and felt deeply by all. For you are a part of the collective consciousness and we are a part of yours.

I picked up on something in your post that I relate to: What does it mean to be a hero for you, Cathy? Is there a guilt that you were not heroic enough, that you didn’t stood up when needed? As long as you are at the shore pointing at the guilty one, not much can get transmuted, the hate will flow as it flows and the capacity to love will remain under-utilized.



How do I NOT appease a despot who persecutes the vulnerable? How do I NOT comply with a misaligned flow? How do I help to realign a distorted flow of hate to one of love, respect, and compassion for all life? I search my soul and ask these questions. I look to the many heroes who inspire me with their large hearts and stalwart courage. Like Miep Gies and her co-workers who risked their lives to protect Anne Frank and her family. Like the many WW II resistance workers throughout Europe who put their lives on the line to trump hate with love. Would I be so brave? I know that the suffering and injustice out there in the collective is part of me, part of my inner consciousness. I'm feeling that life is going to get a whole lot harder out there on the streets. When I'm out of my comfortable armchair and down there in the muddy trenches, all I can do is face my fears, find the light beyond my own darkness, and do what feels right no matter what the consequences. Give my whole heart. Help realign the flow to a higher world.

Father: “You have to carry the fire."
Son: "I don't know how to."
Father: "Yes, you do."
Son: "Is the fire real? The fire?"
Father: "Yes it is."
Son: "Where is it? I don't know where it is."
Father: "Yes you do. It's inside you. It always was there. I can see it.”
~Cormac McCarthy, The Road

x Cathy


Awesome article, Open. Hugs to all that resonate with this message.

This is indeed such a great opportunity to let go of the old dysfunctional reality. As you said, all it requires is a direct confrontation within ourselves. Many are in a state of shock watching the reflection of who we have become as humanity. And, yes, it is a good thing as it is stirring up the old consciousness. The shocks we experience in life are like deep opening within the awareness. They do not last long as our brain is equipped in containment mechanisms that will attempt to reinstall the previous programming. This is really a brief opportunity to step through, shake off the lies we’ve been telling ourselves, face the disillusionment and fear and transmute it.

As you guys mentioned, some are escaping into a numbing love/light mechanisms, there are also many that dissociate through projecting and “fighting the fight”. As it feels to me, the true fight for humanity takes place outside of the political arena and the election result is just its symptom, a manifestation. I only perceive one fight right now and it takes place within our individual and collective consciousness. Humanity’s consciousness has been turned inside out and we’ve been disempowered, raised to believe in the manufactured reality. I'm so fed up with this. I've been feeling a layer of controlling something around me, hanging out there like a lampshade. It doesn't belong.

You said:
“I see the greatest challenge being, that humanity has been lulled into the idea that life is about the things that we want to have.” – Yes, humanity has also been lulled into the illusion of choice between political fractions. Chomsky has been pointing that out for years now. Why pour energy trying to "fix" the system, looking for a better leader or all kinds of political activism based on desperation and fear. Might we find the courage and turn around to challenge an illusion of national identification, political ideology, the “reality” as it’s been taught to us instead? Might we be brave enough to step into the new consciousness by sincerely engaging in self de-programming and inner alchemical transformation?

You said:
“Now is the time for a direct confrontation of the old consciousness, inside yourself, as a moment by moment way of being.” – I get this. Yes!

With love :-)


PS. Just one more thing ... I feel it is important to be gentle not just to myself, but to others, to support their process too. May it be in an overreaction, in a distortion, or withdrawal. In all this chaos, I'm discovering new capacity for compassion towards us all.


I think you're absolutely right Amber *OK*

I think also there's the challenge that some in the spiritual mainstream often revert to a conditioned "project love at it" approach. It was that which I was referring to mainly. But you're right, we should work to unwind our tightness in relation to it and then behave authentically toward it - how ever that might want to be.




just got back from some learnings on apache teachings. Reading "whether to appease or not to appease" reminded me of one of the teachings about acceptance.

How about surrendering/complete acceptance for what is happening externally as well as with surrendering/complete acceptance for what is happening internally. For some, the internal response may be rage and then appropriate action using its impulse ....or it might be to mirror what they see, and that is aligned flow.

For others their aligned flow might be to send love.

Perhaps if everyone is authentic in their own personal response then this situation is best used as grist for the mill for everyone to evolve. I don't see how it can be one way or the other..


I hear you guys. And I too have heard the 'need for DT to receive love'. To me this is much misguided. Because it's almost like giving energetic approval. The raptor needs to be held in an embrace that reflects truth. Often it's being completely immersed in their shadow side that is the only way forwards for something that is so distorted - it's often the main way to wake them up. Having worked with them a great deal, they often have to witness the excesses of their distortion before they actually notice something is wrong. Giving too much love simply panders to their ego.

You draw the perfect parallel with Hitler. It was appeasement (you could say misguided love) that encouraged him on.

Interestingly DT was elected on the exact anniversary of "Krystallnacht" in Germany. Which signaled the beginning of Hitler's persecution of the Jews. Yes, when you care to look deeper, there are many shocking parallels. As I said, expect many more veils to fall.



As you said, Open, "It's definitely NOT all love and light." Many seem to be escaping into that bubble and some judge those who speak out for the oppressed under Trump's platform of hate as unloving. Surrender and acceptance to what is can easily translate to turning a blind eye to social injustice and suffering. Surrendering and not trying to "fix" what is can easily become an excuse not to speak up for the persecuted. Many prayed to their gods and turned their eyes heavenwards rather than "see" their neighbours carted away to concentration camps under Hitler. Many social media posts implore the need to send LOVE BOMBS to Donald Trump and, indeed, he is just as deserving as any of us to be loved unconditionally. Yes, he is part of the collective consciousness we have all co-created and this is most certainly an urgent call to shine the light into the dark corners of our own psyches. But let's not forget the many who will suffer under his regime. I feel their suffering as a call to deepen our love and compassion and commitment to social justice.

I'm sick of all the correct, highfalutin spiritual talk.


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Being new to the Openhand community, I've been reading this and other posts with interest, especially dealing with Donald Trump. I am African American - born and raised in the U.S.. Although I have not personally had any of this occur since the election, I do know that the bigotry, hatred, and vitriol being spewed and acted upon by Trump supporters since his election is very real and very disturbing. I personally do not hate him, but I cannot find it within myself to express any love for him at all. I have yet to be able to attend any of the Breakthrough workshops or 5GATEWAY retreats. Maybe that is what I'm missing that would stir any amount of "loving" or "compassion" for a Raptor like Trump and his ilk. What I do hope is that his election will trigger a realization that he is not going to make life for those who voted for him any better. People in this country will NOT let him take us back to the days of "Jim Crow", slavery, and disfranchisement. I am aware there has been a movement afoot to cause a race war in the U.S. (I believe this is all part of the Cabal influence to keep us separate [divide and conquer] to maintain their own power.) Trumps rhetoric before the election has only spurred on the hatred and vitriol by many of his supporters. I do not want to see any violent revolution; I don't believe it will come to that unless the "Cabal" has there way. I am hoping that his election and Hillary's defeat will trigger a further collapse of the Cabal. Although Trump is president, he is not "dictator" and does have to deal with a governmental system that (unless it is already too corrupt to do so) will prevent him from enacting too much of his racist/misogynistic agenda.

I want to love and use those loving feelings to "Ascend" beyond the 3D/4D and into the 5D. I want mother earth to continue the ascension process and carry all of us with her. But, I cannot blame those who are actually being personally and physically persecuted/confronted/victimized by hate and bigotry to fight back. If collective conscience can REALLY change reality, maybe a series of worldwide meditations to change hate to love everywhere on this planet, and not just the U.S. may be helpful -I don't know. But, I don't think we can just rollover and accept negative energy from Trump. There has got to be a way to change this, but how?

Cathy, this post of yours resonated with me. I agree with you. I hope people of this world will awaken in a "consciousness of togetherness" and see what is really happening, but so far, I am not optimistic it will happen anytime soon. I am praying for my children and their children that a peaceful, yet just solution comes about.