Breakthrough Breathing Meditation

This is the Openhand Breakthrough Breathing Meditation from the current Breakthrough World Tour. It's using breath first to connect with internal awareness, and then, to find correct alignment of the One, your soul, and the harmony between soul and bodymind. Over 25 minutes, the meditation teaches the Breakthrough breathing technique, which can then be practiced for just 5 minutes at various times through the day so as to reattune that internal alignment. It leads to centredness, balance and harmony in life. This meditation is available as a high quality mp3 download (listen to a short sample below first). The cost is only £5 (approx US$6.50), which is invaluable for helping us to fund the continued running of this website.

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Hi Open

I have just downloaded this Meditation, I will be trying it very soon, when I know I can have some quiet time.  I am really wishing that this may help me to start my connection to my own internal awareness.

Thank you Slightly Smiling



Hi Open,

Is the “inhale up hold exhale down hold” while following the breath considered the gold standard for breakthrough breathing, or is it also an essential part to start out with a faster breathing pace at the outset, then settling into the slower “inhale up hold exhale down hold” pace?

With thanks,



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Hi Eric - good question. On the retreats and workshops I tend to start with faster and stronger breathing to begin with through the mouth. This accelerates the energy quickly, and can tend to expand into higher dimensional consciousness right away. But then to bring this consciousness down through the body and contain it within. But the breathing method is not rigid either - so I always advocate experimenting and seeing what works best for you.

Best wishes

Open 🙏


I love this meditation! It stimulates my energy field and infuses my soul.  I must admit that i don't always follow the instructions and improvise a bit finding what works best for myself.  

With Love,



Hi Everyone - this meditation may seem quite simple - it is indeed. However, when practiced regularly, it can take you much deeper into multidimensional connection as a way of being.

You progressively open to higher dimensions and embody higher consciousness here and now.

The effect is to witness increased synchronicity guiding you in life.


Open Praying Emoji


Ok Open Thanks, i meditate between 10 and 15 minutes so now i need to step up my game! :)

I am having alot of Fun with this :)

I am so grateful to have assisted the Seattle Reatreat, I had very High expactations for this retreat and of meeting you....The Experience at the retreat/ meeting you and since has Surpassed even my High Expectations.



Hi Steve - the Buddha said an ounce of practice is worth a tonne of theory.
So now build the meditation practice up. Do it for longer each time - at least 30 minutes three times daily and see what the effect is. Then getting up earlier and meditating for an hour. The transcendent experiences will start to last longer and join up.

Open *OK*


Since my last Post i have had Continued Moments of the "ego Observer losing connection" in my Medidtations as you explained Open. I meditate 3 times a day and 1 or 2 times daily i can sense this feeling (altho very breifly).

Today i had a New Feeling/Sensation that was very different to what i have felt previously.

I Felt/Sensed my breathing slow down Tremendously and at one point i was breathing in Slow Motion. I could feel this really well, the slow motion breathing was very sureal! what a great New Experience! (it was brief tho) i cannot seem to stay in these states for very long.

Cathy: glad my post struck something with you :) I hope your meditations are going well!?? :)


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Hi Steve,

I am experiencing what feels like pure presence during the breathing breakthrough meditation. My challenge is to relax fully since I carry a lot of tension in my body and mind given my hypersensitivity to the surrounding energy field. I am by no means in the state of pure presence at all times, to say the least. I find it best to do this meditation in the middle of the night when all is quiet and there are no distractions and maybe less 'spooks' around. Next step is to incorporate more regularly during the day.

In addition, I continue to do the golden light meditation regularly, which strongly resonates with me: breathing golden light into the 8th chakra and breathing it out thru all the chakras down to the base and then back up to the crown. And in these crazy times of madness and mayhem on planet earth, I'm drawn to drawing up/breathing the loving energy of Mother Earth up thru the base chakra to the 8th chakra above the crown and then drawing down my spirit light body thru the crown down to the base.

I'm feeling that meditating and breathing the light of my soul thru the chakras is activating my shadows and blockages that are being reflected back in the experiences I'm attracting in the outer mirror. My chance to say, "That is not me," and let go of identifying with the distortions. In my case, it's showing me where I have disempowered myself thru feelings of guilt, unworthiness, and needing to save others -- reflected back as a lack of respect and compassion, and not being heard, valued, and validated. Only now, I'm going with this mantra: "Do no harm, but take no shit." In other words, I'm speaking out about how I feel, firmly but respectfully, mindful of when I get into "over-energized" communication. It's heartbreaking and mega sad when some choose to walk away since we no longer jive with the misaligned way of being. So it's a pretty challenging time but I accept that the death and destruction process is necessary to ascend to a higher way of being. I might go kicking and screaming at times though! :)

All in all, I would say that the meditations are helping me to feel more empowered to express a higher and more aligned way of being and acting; yet, at the same time, I am feeling totally exhausted with the death and destruction process. So I'm taking time to hibernate as need be just like the bears. 'Tis the season, after all!

Bet you're sorry you asked, Steve! :)

Wishing you well with your meditation adventures! We've pushed off from the shore. No sense turning back!

x Cathy


Hi Open,

Thanks for the feedback. Your comments flashed me back to a time when I was much younger and a beautiful shaman/angel appeared in my life when I was at a very low point. Her name was Elsie. She said something to the effect that ultimately it was about accepting and relaxing with my sensitivity. So here I am many years later still judging it as undesirable. So I really hear 'ya when you say:

"Cathy if you get a contracting, then I'd say that's good too - seeing where there's internal resistance to sensitivity."

Somehow I forgot what Elsie said so you blew my awareness open, once again. I feel I can take it in better now than when I was much younger. I guess at some level I believe life would be easier if I wasn't so sensitive. But of course 'easy' doesn't translate to growing and evolving although 'easy' breaks help to lessen the load at times. Doesn't feel like I've had too many of those breaks this time 'round so perhaps I've attached to struggling.

Ultimately, I'm feeling it's about being okay with whatever is without identifying or judging, kinda like being as easy rider.

x Cathy


Hi Alexandros - by having the back straight and unsupported helps the free flow of energy around your meridian energy system - how consciousness flows around the body. If you're used to being supported, it will definitely bring discomfort to attention to work with. That said, it's not absolutely essential. Personally I always find it invaluable to work with discomfort before simply dropping it. There are usually hidden gems in there. :-)

Cathy if you get a contracting, then I'd say that's good too - seeing where there's internal resistance to sensitivity.




I now have this meditation on my iPod along with all the other Openhand meditations for sale on this forum. I did this breathing meditation for the first time very early this morning prodded by Steve's post (thanks, bro!). I do the liquid gold meditation regularly, breathing golden light into the eighth chakra and breathing out through all the chakras from crown down to base chakra and back up from base to crown chakra. As well as the other meditations by Trinity and Open. So I felt somewhat in the groove with this new breathing meditation.

It felt incredibly powerful breathing through the back of my throat/higher mind chakra. I was able to let go of a lot of body tension and infuse the light of my soul. As I continued, it brought me into the calmness and stillness of Absolute Presence. It felt like "gone, baby, gone."

Open, you recommend practicing this breathing meditation 4 or 5 times a day, so I'm going to do my best with this. As a highly sensitive, hypervigilant person who feels every flutter and nuance, I often feel my body contracting in response. So it feels like this meditation will help me unwind and let go of the tension I often feel. Perhaps one day I will be a 'looser' and more relaxed person more often than nought.

I did the meditation lying flat on my back, spine straight, since my room was freezing and I couldn't let go of my covers! Next time I will try it sitting up as you recommend.

Thank you for this!

x Cathy


Hi Js,

My intuition tells me that was you're probably doing is dissolving the Observer -
what you're actually calling Presence is not presence but an intention to observe. And when you describe "losing connection to everything", I sense this is the ego Observer losing connection. Which means the Observer is probably dissolving into Presence, which is a good thing - perfect.

Much spiritual practice begins by becoming the Observer of oneself, bringing internal awareness to what's being experienced. But the Observer is an intention to do something. Whereas presence just "is". So at some point, the Observer must dissolve into Presence. It feels as if "there's no one here, no one controlling the show."

It's a powerful step. The meditation is designed to bring you into this.

Open *OK*


I am noticing during the Breathing Meditation that at times i lose Presence that i am breathing at all, it's llike for that moment i lose connection with everything, is this just being? it's hard to describe.


Thank-you Open...

I am happy to say I remembered the Breathing technique well from the Seattle Retreat :). since I have been doing this for about 10 to 20 min 3 to 4 times a day and I am really enjoying the experience.

I am also doing your Ascension Meditation and combining these 2 is very Powerful....throw in Trinity's Entity removing meditation and all set! :)

Much Gratitude