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I'm new to the forum. haven't had time to read a lot here but would like to post my story. I'm in much need of help.

So before the new year I was a normal guy didn't no anything about spirituality. However I knew about the law of attraction and used affirmations to achieve my goals in life. I had been trying to manifest my perfect financially wealthy lover and thought I had done so when I met this girl. She seemed perfect and I was excited. I wanted to be persistent. However after a couple days talking to her I felt my mindstate change. Not knowing much about the third eye or spirituality I had just assumed this was me responding to this new woman in my life. A lot of things happened in my life that could be perceived as negative but I finally knew she was manipulating my energy, emotions and mind when my affirmations to improve my life were not having any effect. Long story short when I asked her to leave, she had managed to manipulate me to pop my pineal gland give me a contracting aura ( thoughts only resonate with survival state…) and a suppressor parasite entity implant. Basically my mindset had remained the same as when she was manipulating me. I believe this is alike from when my third eye had been activated.

I managed to fix the contracting aura energy block and the implant however my affirmations still don't seem to be working, nor are the subliminals for self improvement. In my view I see little vortex and eye shaped out of energy. It just looks like a static backdrop. I don't know much about it because I've never really went into the spiritual part of my mind all I did before was notice how my subliminals and affirmations had changed it for me to improve. Now I notice nothing at all! I really hope it is a energy block because I just want to start improving through my subliminals and affirmations again. Was hoping Openhand, if you were a distant healer that could provide me a solution. Please if someone here could suggest a solution to my issue it would be greatly appreciated. I met this girl at the beginning of the year but five weeks ago was when I felt my state fully change to all these issues and I noticed her leave. Please help.

Thank you


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Hey faraz - yes indeed, the purpose of the soul is to thrive. And the soul will emerge naturally in a thriving way when the ego is not efforting to do something else.

Did your intentional wealthy lover help you thrive?
By your own words, apparently not.

Humbly I say to you, it's not about trying to shape or fix the outcome. Because the soul is already creating a reality and asking "why have you created it?" The soul has already imagined the perfect conditions for you to start to know yourself as The One.

But while the ego efforts to answer all the questions arising, it will only ever push you further away from this goal.

So my advice is to work to soften, to surrender, to let go. Then paradoxically the third eye will open all by itself.

I felt to share this...

Wishing you well

Open <3


I don't see myself as a victim. My attempts here show the process in me taking back my own life. We can't discount using the law of attraction to better ourselves and our lives. This goes hand in hand with the discovery of why our souls are here in the first place. I admit I am referring to the incident as it "being done to me". I take ownership of that. however i'm sure we would like each other to thrive in this life time and there are spiritual questions I have in relation to this incident because before I had never known about such things.

Please if you could answer these questions it would be of much help

what are the physiological signs of a third eye being open and being blocked?


How can adjust my energetic flow to allow myself to be more reactive to affirmation and subliminals? For example would a stronger aura or healed chakras help the subconcious

This isn't an ideal response to non- ego way of living you have described but I would like to be tolerant and understand the way these work in order to move on.

Please if you could help with these questions it would be great appreciated




Hi Faraz - greetings, you are welcome here :-)

The first question is.... "are you ready to help yourself?"

No one here at Openhand will try to heal you. No one will do distance healing. So if that's what you're looking for, and continue to look for, then you've come to the wrong place.

However, if you're looking to begin the journey of self-realisation, then you've come to the right place. Self-realisation is the true journey of healing. Because you're healing the unaware aspect of your soul - where the soul has 'forgotten' that it is of the One. This lack of awareness is what leads to suffering.

From the Openhand perspective on reality, there is nothing else going on but the realisation of the One Self - The One - expressed through unique and individual souls. Each soul is seeking to self actualise as the One. And although we might confuse ourselves with needing this or that, there's nothing else in the Universe going on.

Know that nothing is ever done to you. Instead you draw mirrors in life to you, so that you may see an unrealised aspect of yourself - of your soul. This person you met was such a mirror. But they didn't do anything to you - they simply helped reflect back to you where you yourself are being unconscious. So as to bring light into your darkened areas.

It's clear you've fallen into the trap of 'trying to manifest the perfect reality' (or an aspect of it) using distorted Law of Attraction teachings. Specifically, to try to bend the universe to your will. But whose will is that? It is only the ego believing that it isn't already whole and complete, that it needs something - or someone - to make it whole. Perversely this inner sense of lack then projects out into the universe and creates the mirror of lack. Now, no matter what transpires, there will never be enough: never enough resources; never enough love; never enough self love - love of self.

Unfortunately millions of people in the spiritual mainstream out there have been lured into this gross "Law of Attraction" distortion. And they are suffering as a result.

So the question is, are you willing to stop being a victim and reclaim your true power in life?

To take back your power is to realise nothing is ever done to you. Because you are the master creator of your experience.

To take back your power is to realise you don't need to effort to create any particular thing - because you are ALREADY creating the perfect experiences to discover an, as yet, unrealised aspect of your soul.

To take back your power is to realise your soul - who you truly are - doesn't need any particular outcome from any situation. It is only looking to express itself - to self actualise the One.

To take back your power is to accept life as the continual inquiry of who you really are. And then to express that out into the world. You then allow authentic creation to naturally shape around you - including the perfect partner.

To take back you power is to realise you don't need to be healed. Because at the core of you, you are already perfect. And from the deepening realisation of this One Self, you find internal alignment, which in itself is healing.

So are you ready to begin the self inquiry?

If so, I suggest you begin by reading this article...

The Law of Attraction Unveiled


Open <3


I'm really in need of relief being in this state is preventing me from knowing that I can use my mind to achieve anything, and is depressing. Please someone give me some assistance