Hi Open

I would like to ask if you have any insight about blueprints. I dreamed one night that I was looking down at my right leg and it was dark blue - then one by one things lit up on it. It was like everything in the physical on my leg - ie tiny red broken veins was lit up as an energetic white pattern first on the blue blueprint and this then happened in the physical. I saw that a cancer could be on my right thigh too as it had lit up in the blueprint. I was amazed when I woke up that even such a tiny detail as a broken vein could be showing up on a blueprint! I think that this was warning me perhaps of a possible cancerous thing happening but perhaps it is in order that I have time to heal this before it manifests. I am unsure as to how it works really. Is a blueprint something of the soul, or the higher self or something else:) Something keeps pressing me to try to find out more about all of this that its very important. Could a blueprint be adapted for example. Thanks if you have any insights

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Hi thanks :)

I have just realised this thigh thing was mirrored to me for a couple of years by my ex partner who was very disturbed at having a numb patch on exactly the bit of his thigh that I saw a cancer on my thigh blueprint. I dismissed it as a mirror for me at the time. Is it that everyone in our lives can mirror whats going on for us? with physical issues etc - because that's a heck of a lot of mirrors :) I don't know how to discern what is for me to take on board and what isn't as theres so many issues peoplea are having - physical, mental etc
thanks again


Hi Elaine,

I've never experienced what you're talking of in that form - although possibly something similar in a different way.

Maybe it's something like you're seeing misalignments in a visual way, but then by looking at them, you bring realigning soul consciousness to them in order to heal. The same thing works for me although through the vehicles of feeling and knowing.

I would keep inquiring and keep exploring.

Much love

Open <3