Who Cares if One More Light Goes Out?

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Here in the Openhand Team we've been facing a major uphill battle as we've migrated years of data up to a new website engine, which you can see here now. It's been several months of hard graft, and the last month of which, 4am starts 6 days a week. Phew! When we did eventually go live, it was only then that a raft of configuration issues presented themselves, severely restricting the new functionality. And on top of it all, as I took to travels for the North American installment of the 5D Shift tour today, our server crashed! As I was reflecting on it all at the airport, I found myself questioning: Why work so hard? Why always push to the limit?
It made me remember the reason I began this all back in 2004....

Nothing happening but self-realisation

When you drop into Enlightenment, it's as if all the lights in the Universe come on at once, and yet, at the same time, you find yourself right back at the place you started. You've come full circle, back to you. You realise that the only thing ever going on, was the opportunity to find this sense of presence - everything in the Universe is geared to revealing this to us.

At that moment, as you fully wake up to yourself,
I believe you realise there's absolutely nothing else going on,
but your self-realisation.

And so there's a massive liberation that comes with it. All the struggles we might have been committed and attached too, fall away. Yet paradoxically, curiously, sublimely, it feels awesomely ordinary. You laugh at yourself at the ridiculousness of life's struggle.

So what follows?

Chop Wood, Carry Water

As they say:

"Before Enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.
After Enlightenment, chop wood, carry water!"

At Enlightenment the soul is pretty much fully unleashed. And so it will want to express itself. And usually, what you did prior to full awakening, will still have elements of truth that want to be expressed afterwards. For me, I call on experience within the web industry. And although it was always beset with challenges and stress, nevertheless, it was the perfect medium with which to reach out to people on the spiritual path.

Here's the point to it:

if we're all self-realising and there's nothing else going on, what's the point to anything but helping another self-realise?

This is the conclusion I arrived at. I could witness and feel the suffering of other sentient life, which I knew would steadily fall away, as we each move into presence - into Enlightenment. My heart wanted to help others to be able to drop into that incredible space of harmony. Pretty much instantly, it became a burning passion.

And so as I reflect on life's challenges and the stresses of new media technology (just as you might the challenges of your life) if I ever find myself asking... "what's the point?", it never seems to take too long to come back to this original feeling, this original commitment.

During the web migration challenges, there were actually times when it started to hurt when the website goes down! I realised it's because I know, that at any one moment, a word, an expression, or a heart-felt sharing, might be all it takes to help someone out of the darkness and into the light. I feel it. It matters. So in this world of challenges, and the darkness that so often consumes people, I ask...

"Who cares if one more light goes out?" The answer... I do!

And I'm sure you do too...

In loving support

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And the results of just posting my comment under this article entitled "I Care"?  I can see it under the headings but still can't see it under this article when I click on it! Maybe I need to shine brighter?!  Cathy


Okay,  so I cleared my history browsing and cache, downloaded the most recent Firefox App, and refreshed everything as Open suggested since I've been having challenges accessing all the info on the upgraded OH website. I posted a comment on this article a few days ago which I was initially able to see but no longer. So here goes! Testing, testing. I'm posting again. Am I persistent? You bet.  'Cause I care if one more light goes out.  Cathy :)




Hi Open

Let me know if you need help with web site.  I do not have web site authoring skills but have a few programming skills.

With Support,



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Thanks for the nice thought Anatoly - much appreciated heart

The engine itself is very complex, and very new. So although it's the latest version of a sequence of drupal content management systems, nevertheless, it's like learning all over again!


Short of living enlightened on a mountain top, most of us have to chop wood and carry water to thrive in this world! Aside from that, there's the drive to live out one's passions! I feel sad seeing Linkin Park here with the loss of Chester Bennington's light. The Light at the heart of all souls is precious and essential to the whole. I'm happy to post from my mobile phone today but once again the log in doesn't work on my desktop computer! Weird! Wishing you well on the road, Open, and wishing the team well with the techie stuff!   x Cathy