Wake Up. Transcend the Parody...the Great 5D Shift has truly begun!

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We're living in two worlds not one. There's the old crumbling 3D karmic reality and a pristine shiny new 5D one, steadily emerging from the dross of the old. But you're still here for now, a while longer, rummaging through the rubble, digging up those priceless buried fragments of soul gold. Don't worry, it just got a whole lot easier. Whereas humanity has previously been blinded from the sun, now the shadow side has come clearly into view. And how strong it is, just in case anyone might miss it. Here is the incredible opportunity to separate yourself from the shadow, to ascend into your golden self...

We Manifested a Charade!

If you're tuned into Openhand, I would guess you've seen through the charade happening all around us. Concocted narratives to distract, supress and control. But it's a great invitation. We've been living in two worlds - the new interspersed with the old. It's been confusing for people, tremendously difficult to see beyond the veil. It just got a whole lot easier! And even though plenty have been prayed on by fear and have bought the illusion hook, line and sinker, nevertheless, plenty more are finding the shifting landscape as positive inspiration to ascend out. And it's my view that in time, the shadowside will become increasingly more obvious for others - let's keep rippling the light, challenging the shadow.

I find it always easier to accept the injustice and misalignment of a situation when you ask, "why did I manifest it?" It's such an empowering question when something 'goes wrong' in your life. Likewise for humanity. It's all about sovereignty of soul. It's even invited at the grocery store while 'social distancing' - is that just another unconscious herding mechanism? It's time to challenge the narrative. To decide for yourself and forge the soul in all the apparently small and mundane things.

Fear and identification with the physical just put on a new hat and coat. These new veils are invisible, just like the Emperor's new clothes, yet just as effective until the veils fall. In fact they've always been there, in daily life before the big "V" (which is not so big!), at the shopping mal and in the school run. Here's the opportunity, here's the possibility. Where do you contract? Where do you identify and slip into the program? Buying the daily bread, walking down the street - it all just got a whole lot easier to witness yourself.

A great big wake up call

Can you see just how close to the precipice humanity has come? Like the dinosaurs before, Homo Sapiens has chosen a tremendous up call. Just like a comet, it's an amplification of the big bad landscape. The universe is saying: "Ignore that if you can!"

So what do you do now? Wail around at the end of "life as we know it?" Wait for some saviour, some leader, some God, some fair new politician to appear and make it all right? The rightness is already happening. It's already there all around you. The shadow of what you are not is as strong as it can be. "God" has answered the call. Just as when Gaia sent out her primal scream to resolve the massive consumption that the dinosaurs had become.

But you can't simply distance yourself from the shadow you see. We manifested it for a reason. Don't pray for the easy way out, the soft option, absconding away in a bubble of false love and light. There are invaluable aspects of yourself caught within the subconscious shadows we all create. Dig amongst them, get right in there, express your pain, become as one with it, then liberate that aspect of truth in it.

Here's a big clue, if you want to drop a distortion, first find the truth at the heart of it.

So what's the truth at the heart of this outlandish raptor consciousness?

The truth at the heart of the distortion

In many ways the distortion is a blatant disregard for other sentient life. It is self serving, taking whatever it can, obliterating anything that objects or stands in its way. So there's the distortion. Where's the truth at the heart of it?

Reality is an illusion, that buries the shadow side of your true self within it. It binds in your subconsciousness and terrorises you with it. Why? Because if reality didn't feel so real, if the separation wasn't so strongly apparent, you'd never know the exquisite taste of an apple, on a warm summer's day.

But how about having your cake and eating it too? What you could do, is allow the distortion - the shadow - to draw you in. Then wake up to it. Stop sleeping. See the reality you create, warts and all. Then explore the tightness, your resistance and contraction in the face of your shadow. Where does it own you? Where does it make you small? Where does it terrorise you?

But don't just drop the attachments like "dropping the hot coals". Because if you've not felt fully into their heat, you'll still be an identity distancing yourself from the heat. You've got to surrender fully into it; feel the pain, the resistance, the anger and anxiety. It's like you melt into it and become as one with it, like slipping into a warm ocean. For only then can you explode the myth that the retractions are. Only there can you reclaim those lost nuggets of soul gold.

Embrace the Mirror...Time for Transmutation

So embrace this mirror, this parody of ourselves. Let it activate your attachments, your fears and anxieties. And in the midst of it - the height of it - remind yourself this is all an illusion; that you are the One, self-actualising. You're not to blame for it all, but you are now responsible for deciding who you are in the face of the darkness. Take a deep look at your part in it all. Where we you sleep walking before? Where were you allowing the wool to be pulled? Where did you blindly cowtow to the system? Animate it in order to accept it. Find forgiveness, for yourself, then.... rise out of it all.

So it's time to find a new alignment. To look in the shadow. Feel the tightness it creates. Whatever that is, don't retract from what you feel. Instead go right into the heart of this 'beast'. That's what the Openhand Bow is designed to achieve. It's penetrating the illusion of the shadow side, attuning with your sense of soul, and breaking through the density. And you can live this way, all the time, every day, in all the situations you face.

I put it to you this is the way to truly realise the New Paradigm. It's time. Go for it!


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Found myself humming then singing this today. Sincronicity....perfect.


I felt to repost this article again today, because I believe the real key to the situation awakened people find themselves in right now in the world, is transcendence leading to 'transmutation'. It's transforming the inner landscape rendering it more fluid and flow like. It becomes just like sitting in a warm ocean, so that your consciousness may then release and expand out.

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I also be live we are on the brink of a new paradigm. People of the world, not just the US, are awakening to the fact that the old reality is no longer do-able. We need to take better care of each other and this planet. Already, people are beginning to look at more earth friendly ways of living and people friendly ways of governing. We are beginning to re-learn some of the natural and energetic forms of healing, and shying away from "cabal run" pharmaceuticals. Even some MD's are beginning to become proponents and even experts in alternative medicine. The tides ARE beginning to change. I am, myself, everyday and night praying for change. While I love all mankind, I have family and friends who deserve to be a part of the new dimensional shift as any "shaman". When earth goes 5D, those who were "unawakened" until this recent election, should have the opportunity to make the changes in their lives conducive to a dimensional shift. I continue to pray that, As a collective consciousness, we focus more and more on loving and helping all mankind and all that is of this planet and reject hate and all that is purely self-serving. I believe we will all have a much better chance of evolving along with Gaia into a 5D paradigm if this can be done via a collective consciousness of love.


I take as much responsibility for Trumps "rise to power" as any of those who deliberately voted for him. Many in the US have been living in an illusion for many years. An illusion, I believe, helped facilitate the dissatisfaction with this government. Many have been unable to see through the illusion because of manipulation by a "shadow government" run by the corporate elite. This elite controlled all aspect of government from the media to those who were "elected" from both parties : Democrats and Republican. Trumps election has now "starred the pot" and awakened many who were content to live within the illusion. While things are in turmoil now, I believe that those who are truly loving souls, will vehemently REJECT the hate and vitriol espoused by the "Trumpet" and his ilk. They will NOT stand by and allow this Raptor to destroy us without resistance. Resistance does not have to be violent, but it takes more than just prayer. I believe we will unite ( despite our ideologies) to resist this Devil's agenda., and as a result form a new way of life on this planet. I see the Evil Trump as a catalyst to waken more people and propel them into actions they may never have taken if he had not been elected. I believe we will see a lot of "shit hit the fan" before everything calms down, but as Open said, you have to "embrace the mirror" before you can heal and move on. I believe we are being forced to embrace the mirror now! And it, unfortunately, took a Demon" to force that wake up call. I'm seeing it now, within my own network of associates...people who voted for him...are beginning to realize that he is truly a liar and elitist fraud.


In India we have Modi who us similar to the T in that he is pretending to save the country by doing extremely rash ,yet decisive things . Stuff that in the surface seems to be in 'the greater good' but is really another raptor design .
And while taking about them both ,it just hut me. That's the reason we voted for him . Even sane people did despite knowing he was and is a fascist .
At some level every being on this planet knows we are at breaking pint environmentally ,socially and economically . So we all are voting in people who appear as if they can save us . Except in the psyche of may it is going to be a patriarchal figure who will be loud boisterous and express all the Fear ,Anger and Outrage that we feel but cannot voice . The monsters that we voted in are our own Shadows that we cannot keep suppressed deep within under the foil of normality anymore . They now occupy the highest offices and are there for everyone to see.
My first reflex is to drown out the reality of their existence by focussing on what I can do . But deeper reflection and meditation eans I am being drawn to accept ,feel into and transcend the shadows they represent .
I too am part of this socioeconomic system. I have blood on my hands as much as I try to deny it or shy away from it .
It's time I dug deeper and utilize this opportunity to realise that truth.


God did answer the call and sent a shadow so strong it's hard to ignore as you say, Open. It's dark and getting darker out there day by day. So the time is indeed nigh to get into the pain I'm feeling as I witness all the fear, hatred, suffering, injustice, violence, madness and mayhem out there. To feel my heart torn to shreds. To feel my flesh retract from the cruelty. To feel my fear, sorrow, shame, guilt, and rage without bypassing by blaming others and becoming the poor, powerless victim at the mercy of those terrible aggressors. Or by escaping into a false love/light bubble where it can feel better for awhile. Instead, look the beast in the eye without flinching and realize in the deepest depths of my being, "This is not me. This is not who I truly am." So it's time to blow up my illusions into smithereens. And forgive myself for my part in co-creating all of this ugliness in the collective so I can come home to the One I truly am beyond the garbage and the gutter, come home to the higher world where all life is served with respect and compassion. And from that placeless place, act on the powerful surge of aligned rightness that arises from deep within and simply must express. I have my days where it all feels too much and I just want to curl up into a ball in complete exhaustion. So I find I need lots of time alone right now to recharge my batteries so I can get back at it with care and vigilance. After all, you can't keep a divine human down for too long!

Such a perfect song you post to accompany your inspiring message, Open. I felt to post the lyrics since they so aptly speak to my heart and soul in these tumultuous times.

"In this farewell
There's no blood, there's no alibi
'Cause I've drawn regret
From the truth of a thousand lies
So let mercy come and wash away
What I've done

I'll face myself to cross out what I've become
Erase myself
And let go of what I've done

Put to rest what you thought of me
While I clean this slate
With the hands of uncertainty
So let mercy come and wash away
What I've done

I'll face myself to cross out what I've become
Erase myself
And let go of what I've done

For what I've done
I start again
And whatever pain may come
Today this ends
I'm forgiving what I've done

I'll face myself to cross out what I've become
Erase myself
And let go of what I've done

What I've done
Forgiving what I've done."

~What I've Done, Linkin Park

x Cathy