Grand Solar Minimum Strikes

Mark my words, the shadowstate will be pushing society around based on "global warming" next. Except we're moving into a Grand Solar Minimum. What will be the effects? Let's explore and witness. Because it's sure to effect every area of the planet.

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The shadowstate will most likely start peddling "Global Warming" again as a means to push society around. Except that we're heading right into the increasing effects of the Grand Solar Minimum which is due to complete in around 30 years time. The effects are going to be unpredictable. Certainly many areas will get much cooler, but due to electromagnetic solar forcing, the effects will be unpredictable too - the climate and weather patterns will be effected strongly.

Here are some recent stories that are clearly strongly effected by the GSM...

Extreme cold hits United States - electricity and heating prices surge as infrastructure fails to deliver

Mass disruption after 'extreme freeze' hits the U.K.

Moscow braces for major winter storm and record snow, Russia

Strong hailstorm hits Abha, blanketing the desert in ice, Saudi Arabia

Scotland records coldest night in UK since 2010 as extreme cold snap continues

Record cold temperatures hit Canadian Prairies