Eternal Student: The True Measure of Mastery

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On the spiritual path, what is the true measure of mastery? You may have journeyed plenty, you may have touched deep presence and be able to open into multidimensionality. You might get visions and insights into future-landing-now, or you might be able to facilitate, heal and catalyse. Yet there's a fundamental problem in ever embracing the word "master". Because there's always something to be mastered, always something to integrate. The very term itself breeds complacency...

The Eternal Student

When you reach a certain point on the path, where you're truly tuned into the quantum field and its magnificent flow, then you'll come to realise three interconnected fundamental truths: 1) no two moments are ever the same; 2) each situation has unique challenges and opportunities; 3) the soul is invited to find the highest expression in each circumstance and situation.

What this means is that you can never guarantee mastery in any given moment. Because you're being invited to search for, and find, a new expression of self. The good thing is it will always be based on a previous version of you. The great risk of embracing the term "master" is to breed complacency, and the likelihood that you won't deliver of your best. The key is to always keep innovating, and working to improve on previous iterations of self.

To me, true mastery then, is to realise yourself as the eternal student.

Never Perfect!

This in itself is pretty advanced. But it retains the humility to accept that a) you're never perfect; b) you're always fallible; c) to keep striving for the next best version of you. To me, this is a true form of mastery.

I like to think I can follow signs, synchronicity and flows in the quantum field pretty well. I've gotten through some big challenges and major scrapes here in the shift. Yet only yesterday, at Heathrow airport on my way to an Openhand event in Mexico, I got myself in a tizz trying to find the carparking company. I had to go around the inner circle three times before finally finding it. I did have the wherewithall, a degree of "mastery", to recognise I needed to slow down, open up, let go and just follow the feeling. That did eventually get me there!!

In this situation, although like countless others, there was something unique to be learned. Yet part of me was a degree complacent that I could easily figure it out. A lesson learned indeed.

What are the Qualities of the Eternal Student?

This is why, to me, an "Ascended Master" would never own or embrace the term. What does it mean? That you've attained mastery in Ascension? Well, EVERY Ascension process in EVERY shift is complex and entirely unique. You can bring past awareness, integration, skills and knowledge to bear, yes. But each moment requires a new application, a new learning and integration.

The term "Ascended Master" is only recognised because it's a term that's used in the spiritual mainstream. It may be viewed as a bridge, a connection, to then go beyond.

So what qualities of the eternal student might we embody?

It's being prepared to stop, open, tune in and feel.
it's having the courage to follow the soul and go with the flow.
It's recognising that each moment will have a teaching in it:
Where do you get tight? How might you open up through it?
Now, what's the next highest version of you, the next harmony wanting to express?

What Nugget of Soul Gold Can You Find Now?

If you explore this template, then I'm sure you'll gain masses from it. I would say it also means you can give up the striving for mastery or perfection. The moment you're engaged in right now has a nugget of soul gold buried within it. The only question is: what is that, how can you integrate and express it?

I felt given to put this video together about the "Ascended Masters" and how they're truly working in the shift to help liberate and uplift humanity. Notice some key features: 1) they're in the background and never put themselves above you; 2) they work on frequencies of beingness, soul gold, to help you realise the next best version of yourself; 3) they're not interested in a "victory" or an outcome in the outer. Only to be the best expression they can be.

If You'd like to find the nature of the eternal student in you, and dig up some real nuggets of soul gold, the consider getting involved in the work of:
Openhand Ascension Academy

Bright blessings

Open 🙏

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Lovely, your energy and emotions are wonderful to feel, especially given the darkness i walk in now. So much distortion from past that i still hang on to and now coming to light more and more. The old resistance i use as a defense mechanism; the constant negative feedback loops my ego engages in. i'm challenged daily. i resist and focus on ways to escape, but clarity comes more often now and i see how i am here because of the distorted energies i resonate and that no matter where i go i will never escape it until i purify and release it. Just as you always say. i am exactly where i need to be. learning acceptance. i close myself off so much and can only dream of connecting with others on deeper levels, being in harmony. Trusting. It occurred to me that in this realm, it takes work to rise up. It's easy to give in to the temptations but it takes work to overcome them and get to higher ground. Climbing the ladder out of the muck towards the light. All my old self ever wants to do is have it easy and pleasurable. And then the entitlement; i've gone through so much and suffered so much, i should be able to just rest and hide away from life. Well. As they say, there's no rest for the wicked. And i'm getting so tired of the pain, fear and anger, and the hollow things i use to numb myself from those, that i'm starting to look forward to the hard work ahead. i'm starting to welcome the fear so i can get going. Because i believe you when you say how great the reward is. To let things be. To let go of control and outcomes. To use my voice in the most authentic ways. To face unwaveringly the unknown. To let go of myself and the familiar comforts. To see who i really am and who i can really be and express myself fully and authentically and fearlessly. To fly free. Your love is palpable; a light in the dark. Thank you💙💙💙🙏Barb

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There with you Barb 💙
The most essential point is to have a clear observation of what's actually going on. Then to keep working to break through the density - what was I attached to? What was I invested in? Time to let it all go.

Much love and well wishes

Open 🙏



Recently gathered enough strengt to get out of my 6 year old relationship. A lot has changed, i have withdrawn inwardly for myself bymyself. I have my own appartment, and don´t spend as much time with people as i used to. I always needed people around me, due to heavy childhood trauma. Now in this moment i find myself scared, afraid. Of what i don´t know... i try to lean into my body, feeling it and being catapulted into the mind most of the time.. I reckon the fear, and uncomfortableness by being alone stems from way back and is rooted deep inside. My rational mind knows i am not in danger, but as the evening grows dark and the night approaches here in Norway the fear intensifies. My screaming ego or the voice in the head is constantly looking for someone to talk to, speak to.. keep me distracted from the dreadful lonesome feeling in my self..

I have done lots of work and traveled a long and brutal way already through inner child and shadow work. But is there something i am missing here? I go into silence expecting it to disappear somehow. I see now that there is nothing to get rid of, it is there but by welcoming it, accepting it and not deeming it. Can make this chapter a little bit easier, being softer and gentler with myself with where i am at. And all i have done.

Thank you! The answer came by itself as i was writing

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Hi Stian,

Welcome to Openhand 👍

The path is a constant journey of peeling back the layers. So until you've actually ventured down one avenue (leaving the relationship for example), you won't reveal the new layers - blocked by doubt and fear for example. The key is not to block the feelings out. First keep anchoring in the Sacred Ground of Being - that which is beyond fear. It might just be the centred sense of self within the heart for example. But then allow the fears to come up and express them. Know that they are not you - they're just a transient experience and at some point will pass. By expressing them, you illuminate what the fear is.

What I found is, that when you've been used to being in relationship, the ego craves another presence in that form. But when you've let it go, can you now find the presence in all other forms around you? In nature for example, in creatures, the breeze or the sun. Look for the companionship in all these other things. Then you'll be able to let go of needing it in a particular form.

Best wishes

Open 🙏


I think in realising that there is no perfection to be attained on the path, no "spiritual mastery", this can greatly lighten the load. What's the next best version of you that you can be now?

Open 🙏