Dealing with Bone-Crunching Initiations on the Spiritual Path

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I have written about this recently, but it deserves extra attention at this point in the shift: why you might be experiencing a "bone crunching" period of super intensity on the path, where many things are coming up at once, in all aspects of your life. Whether it be in your relationships, career or general living circumstances and your guides and guidance seem to have deserted you.

Recognise this? What on earth is going on?

Critical Life Issues all coming up at Once

I'm hearing from a number of people in the Openhand spiritual community that they're suffering intense periods of tremendous challenge on their path, where it seems everything has ground to a halt, and they're having to deal with critical issues in all aspects of their lives, all coming up at once. If you're experiencing anything like this, it's highly likely you're going through what's known as an "initiation on the path".

What exactly are spiritual initiations?

Life is all about the inner journey. The progressive infusion of soul, through the various inner densities, projects into your outer world and shapes your life circumstances. If you're working diligently at this time, through meditation and the general inner inquiry, then you will be integrating soul, and progressively into different dimensions within.

Where you're transitioning into one key density, integrating through it, like the heart chakra for example, then you will eventually come to a point where you're breaking through and completing that dimensional integration. You're completing a "Gateway" as we've termed it in the film 5GATEWAYS.

Watch the highly acclaimed 5GATEWAYS documentary: Awakening is Just the Beginning!

Initiations on the Path: Expanding Your Consciousness "Pipe"

What you're practically doing, is learning to live in the world, but from an elevated level of consciousness. For example: it could be having the wherewithal to hold multiple conflicting viewpoints by those around you, yet becoming able to deftly mediate a path between them all - honouring the truth of each. This is going to require you to process a lot of internal density to achieve, to raise vibration and open a wider internal "pipe". You are shifting consciousness in a quantum leap and so the external has to crank through the gears to meet it.

If you're still experiencing the path as all rosy love and light, then you're not on the path!!

When you're in the apex of this crunch-point pivotal shift, it's going to be immensely challenging. Imagine yourself as the fuse in an electrical circuit where a sudden amplification of power downloads into the circuit. Wherever there's some kind of internal fragmentation, will cause a bottle neck, and that's going to trip something in your physical emotional state. Maybe you suddenly contract a debilitating illness or injury? Maybe you lose a job or key relationships start breaking down. Maybe you've got to move house in the midst of all of this? The intensity amplifies and you wonder what you ever did to deserve it! Not only that, but your guidance and guides seem to have evapourated into the ether.

Guidance diminishes at this point because you're developing a different framework of multidimensional relationship. Your internal lens is focussing in a new way and your guides also have to adapt to this.

Spiritual Initiations: Times of Maximum Inconvenience

These key crunch-points are what are known as "initiations on the path". When these happen, the tendency is for many give up and turn back. They do something, give themselves an excuse, to extract themselves from the intensity -

Maybe they compromise in that relationship or career they really know should end?
Maybe they don't make that all important move?
Perhaps they decline to attend that life changing, integrational retreat, because they're holding back for a more "convenient time"?

The point is, these crunch-point initiations come EXACTLY at the points of MAXIMUM inconvenience. That's the only way the being can be stretched and urged to grow so that more consciousness can infuse. If you recognise this kind of dynamic in your life, my reflection is definitely NOT to turn back; NOT to withdraw in the shell. But rather to turn into it, and confront the situation with maximum courage and commitment.

At some point you will have to confront the issues facing you, because the soul is wanting to grow and your being elevate in consciousness. There's simply no point in procrastinating. You only end up increasing the degree of suffering. By "making friends" with the challenging crunch-point, it becomes easier to bear and you more quickly work through.

If you work diligently in this way, if you work with whatever presents and comes up, then you WILL progressively unravel and integrate through. Your soul will forge and the internal "pipe" will widen. You'll complete that particular gateway and your consciousness will make a quantum leap. What's more, a new form of guidance will embed, where you're more greatly illuminated, informed and supported.

Explore 6 Key Signs to Know if you're in a Spiritual Initiation

New Installations of Consciousness

So, if you're finding it particularly challenging on the path right now, it could well be that you're going through an initiation. Watch for signs and synchronicity to reflect this. Personally, I've been going through an extremely intense period of super activity recently, involving moving to a new Openhand base amidst a full-on retreat program.

But it wasn't untill a couple of identical vans parked next to me with "hire wire installations" written on the side that I realised I was in a higher dimensional integration - a gateway intiation. It made me chuckle and laugh out loud. I could embrace the pain and discomfort I'd been feeling with humour and grace.

Maybe you recognise you're going through such a crunch point "initiation" on your journey? Maybe some support from Openhand could help you. Explore the work of Openhand in helping people on the journey and get involved:

Integrating Your Soul on the path: Essential Openhand

Bright Blessings

Open 🦋

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Nice to read something so supportive while going through my spiritual initiation of no money coming in after needing to end my client of 2.5 years. The work with her was preventing further spiritual development to take place. Right now I'm integrating two paths...Native American and Tibetan Buddhist Bon path. Although some of both teachings flow together, some do not. So, I've been stretching my consciousness to be able to perceive and understand both, while mediating an inclusive pathway. And at the same time move out of duality consciousness into unity consciousness. Spiritual training from both paths have me in neutral, so no freaking out here, however always nice to read an explanation of the exact thing I'm going through and know this is a time when others are also going through similar challenges.

Many blessings to you Openhand for providing your sanctuary of knowledge for others on the Path!


I am grateful to have happened upon this article despite the pain it represents (what's up with our teeth y'all)? I was feeling down before I read this and what's written shows me that "S" is up. Usually I feel blocked and hopelessly frustrated, but this month it's felt a bit more like the 'Damien Omen' - before the strings kick in (and the choir) - as in my intepretation of handling yet more negativity and things which don't work. My intense funnel was bought about by my Father's broken wrist. I drove us 100+ miles after having not driven for sixteen years (an obvious 'test' I thought) but it was the fact of putting my life on 'freeze' for a few days which drove me nuts and drove me down, plus the prospect of more caring (when I'm all out of gas) and my distaste for 'infirmity street' (NHSS notwithstanding). After half an hour of what-do-I-do fuzzle in the park my breathing returned to normal - deeper. I get so worried sometimes that I've 'blown' this incarnation but my latest shift as such is to think less about what I can do but to instead ask 'what does my soul want'? I got a bit of a 'zap' from hearing a bit of what the Earth1111 woman had to say today and thought - wow - I'm reconnecting/feeling. Long -to-short there seems to be something about coming from a super-expanded viewpoint. 'Be Big' is the message life seems to be giving me right now...

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Trouble with US immigration and visa's that will likely prevent me from going back for a while, suddenly having a lot of tooth decay where there was none before, horrible digestive issues and no clue what to eat anymore, headaches and nerve pain.. But other than that I feel a lot more at peace with myself on an emotional level and more love for who I am. I realised recently on a deeper level how much I still try to be accepted, say and do the "right" things and get lost in someone elses way of living. I feel held right now, energetically, by a new level of self acceptance.



Hi Open,

Well your article explains it all for me.  It's been a mess from all directions for a while.  The severe thumb injury that has taken 4 months time and still cracking open on the knuckle and limiting use of my left hand, after it appeared to be almost healed.  I was moving to the new house when that happened, slowing everything down.  Then I get somewhat settled here and my hot water heater had an issue that took a month for the landlord to get someone out to fix it.  No plumbers but one for the entire area and he's swamped with work.

Then vehicle issues I don't even want to explain.  Then it got far colder than normal, we've had frost several nights this week so I had to make a fire in the woodstove the last 2 nights instead of using the elec. wall heat.  I hadn't wanted to handle any more wood until my thumb was totally able to do it, after having to move so much of it here to the new place.  It's hard to do things with basically one hand.  Then I broke a tooth...but thankfully the dentist smoothed off the rough edges at no charge so it would stop shredding my inner cheek every time I chewed.  I need dental work and that costs money so I've been trying to live with those pains.  Jeez, you're right about it all hits the fan at once.  I've had the desire to quit many times lately but have just stayed calm and doing my best to work through things and be patient.  I have used my ability to say cuss words quite a lot though.  I've come here daily to read but don't always sign in or comment lately.  Just been hanging on and forging ahead slowly.  BUT!....

In the midst of all this bone-crunching mess a wild thing happened over the past weekend and I do want to tell details.  I'd bought some ice cream on sale but not eaten any of it. (it's not something my stomach even wants but for some reason I was drawn to buy it)  I decided I wanted to watch a movie and would never have chosen the movie that I did but was drawn to choose that one for whatever reason.  Just before watching I decided to grab that little carton of very brand specific ice cream.  So I'm watching the movie and the man's delivering something to the woman's house, and the address very plainly shows MY mailing address number!  Then the woman grabs ice cream from the freezer and Yep, it's the very brand and carton that I'm holding in my hand!    At that point I got goosebumps.  That was too much synchronicity to be a coincidence.  So afterwards I realized the theme of the movie was that woman, who was basically poor,  was coming into a LOT of money with continuing royalties.  So I took this to mean I'd be coming into money in some form or another.  So we had the Powerball lottery drawing with almost 2 Billion jackpot and I got 2 tickets this weekend.  I don't buy those tickets since odds of winning are next to nothing.  Ok, that wasn't it. No win.   But I felt so strongly those signs in that movie were showing me a future landing event so I know it'll come at the perfect time.  That gave me some desire to keep pushing ahead through all the mucky issues.

Your article was just what I needed to see for sure!  Of course you always have perfect timing.  I'm still hanging in there even though at times I want to just never get out of bed again.  Thank you for all the timely articles and I have empathy and compassion for what you're dealing with.  Pain isn't pleasant at all. 

When I get that money that the movie was showing, and I feel it in my bones that it is coming, I'm going to send you some of it!  And I'm certain that that specific movie was meant for me to see!  It's so amazing how the signs and synchronicity happen when you least expect it.   Smliing  

Sherri Praying Emoji

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Hang in there Sherri - you're doing absolutely great! This is for you and everyone tuning in...

“It doesn’t interest me if there is one God
or many gods.
I want to know if you belong or feel
if you can know despair or see it in others,
I want to know

if you are prepared to live in the world
with its harsh need
to change you. If you can look back
with firm eyes,
saying this is where I stand. I want to know
if you know
how to melt into that fierce heat of living, 
falling toward
the center of your longing. I want to know
if you are willing
to live, day by day, with the consequence of love
and the bitter
unwanted passion of your sure defeat.

I have heard, in that fierce embrace, even
the gods speak of God.”
David Whyte,
River Flow: New & Selected Poems 1984-2007


And no need to send me any money - save it for the next Openhand event!

Bright blessings

Open 🙏

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Dear Open 

The week prior to the eclipse season has been one such crunch point . It was so intense ,the energies coming through .I had to stand up for myself in some very intense conversations with my Mom . A lot of childhood pain was churned up as a result. Standing up for myself and my so called weirdness is hard for a (recovering) people pleaser like me . 

The day after the eclipse something seems to have shifted . In a span of one day I had deeply illuminating conversations with two dear friends one of which I had been dreading . Something seems to be opening up after a long long time . I do have the worst cold ,but something seems to have eased up . 

As I mentioned before ,I see to have found a deep gratitude in the circumstances of my life . Especially since I am now seeking to resolve nothing and be attentive to everything . Suddenly I will notice how I give up my energy to unconscious programs - pleasing those I am in intimate partnerships for example ,and then quickly take my energy back.

It's deeply fulfilling just watching and breathing and being with the messy unresolved truth . 




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That was a good poem, very thought provoking.  And your choice of words about bone-crunching made me cringe from the literal bone-crunching fracture to my thumb.

Why do we need to go through the physically painful and damaging things that happen to our body?  To me, it seems odd that we'd have to suffer pain and injury.  My thumb is numb even after 4 months and the Dr.'s pretty sure permanent nerve damage is involved, but I have trouble believing it.  How does not being able to use that thumb much, help with soul growth?  I can accept to a certain point, that all the sh*t that happens, good or bad, is some process the soul needs or wants to experience?  But it seems so useless to be handicapped that way.  I do (feel) I need to be able to carry in wood and make a fire and it's hard to do with one hand and one glove.  Yes, I'm whining a little bit but I still don't quite get it that these things happen to handicap us.

I guess I had the idea that you were so advanced spiritually that nothing ever happened to you and yet you have car issues, body injuries, tooth pain just like the rest of us.  It really boggles my mind sometimes. So that's why when I'm ready to crawl into bed and stay there forever, you post things that myself and others really need to hear.  It keeps me hanging in there and gives me strength to do more days.

But I do lay in bed in defeat sometimes and still do the breathing and shakra things flat on my back.  I figure it helps.  I think I've noticed the beginning of some feeling/energy starting to move in the lower shakras.

Thank you for still hanging around on the planet for us.  Much love, Praying EmojiHeart


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It's a great question Sherri, which I could summarise as, Why do we need to experience physical pain and trauma?

When someone asks a question, my consciousness always reads between the lines to what "spikes" and jumps out in the field. This leapt off the page...

But it seems so useless to be handicapped that way.

Are you indeed "handicapped" because of a physical disability?
Or, are you liberated as spirit by it.

You are not physical. You know this. Plenty do. BUT, the only way to truly know it, is to be given the opportunity to transcend it - to feel through it and not be identified with it.

Plenty for example contract cancer. And would want to heal it. But I ask, what is true healing? I would reflect it is integration and liberation of the soul - being able to walk through life but not being identified with it. Pain in the body, or even dead zones, provide an opportunity to feel through the reactivity at a cellular level. You embody spirit - but to be clear, you know yourself as spirit. No matter what.

Open 🙏

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Hi Open,

Yes I'm spirit having a physical lifetime.  I do know this and so I accepted the injury to my thumb as what I'd attracted for some reason.  Didn't know why exactly but have been patient with it, and yes, worked to heal it.  I've also been using my hand as if it's normal but still the issue of not being able to hold things.  So I think I may be missing something still.  It's an illusion like everything is.  There's certainly no shortage of things not working right lately.

I think maybe I'm still not getting it yet on the HOW to transcend the issues I'm facing and also having the implants, blocks, hindrances too.  Can't pretend these issues don't exist or ignore them.  I know you've gone to the dentist, do you get surgery for your knee issues?  I've had surgery before so I assume we do these things as finances allow but that wouldn't be transcending it?  I've accepted it's happened for a reason.  Now to get to the understanding the reason WHY...  Something else went "wrong" again today so there's no shortage of things to transcend.  I know people get cancer and want to heal it but I read or heard somewhere that sometimes the healing can be death.   I just want to be careful not to give up and quit because I'm missing some key factor.  

So while typing this, what jumped out at me that you might see as a spike, is my comment of Using my hand AS IF it's normal.  lol It struck me as funny.  Then I thought ok, what is really normal?  Or new normal? It's all illusion.    I feel I need another step to walking through this.  I can't even form the question yet.  Can you help me with a question? and when I learn how to walk through and transcend these issues, do they go away or do they stay with you and you just continue moving forward with becoming more awake.  I know I have all these answers inside but have surely forgotten things.  The density drives me crazy.  Pain drives me crazier, if that's possible.  Then I get mad and then I feel defeated.  Stubborness won't let me be defeated for long.  So I really, really, REALLY want to master this! 

How does such a powerful soul get wimped out by a "tiny" issue such as broken bones and teeth, things not working etc.? Do I stop Doing and just BE?  What does BE (being) encompass?  I've joked for years that I want my grave headstone to say She died on the toilet, but she wasn't full of shit.  I just need to get free of the shit!  lol  Ok, I'm finished here.  Praying EmojiThe Sun EmojiHeart


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Hi Sherri, this is what stood out from your post...

I think maybe I'm still not getting it yet on the HOW to transcend the issues I'm facing and also having the implants, blocks, hindrances too.  Can't pretend these issues don't exist or ignore them.  I know you've gone to the dentist, do you get surgery for your knee issues? 

Transcendence is the OPPOSITE of pretending the issues don't exist or ignoring them. At the same time it's not about trying to fix them. It's embracing that you created it for a reason and working into why. Take the knee issue I manifested, I know that it's caused by stored trauma, built up in the 3D over a long period of time. It represents working to be quick and nimble with higher dimensional infusions, yet feeling the crunching effect of life, grinding through the gears in 3D. It feels also like being dragged through the mud (in support of the shift) and hung out to dry. So it's these feelings to dig into the roots of. The knee is simply the effect of that self-realisation invitation. The self-realisation must happen for the injury to truly heal.

In this way, each problem we encounter provides a gateway.

I felt to share more on mastering the art of transcendence in this article today...


Mastering the Art of Transcendence: Essential 5D Insight

Bright blessings

Open 🦋


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I think I understand a little bit better.  I've sat and given time to how things feel, try to become one with it but not sure I always do.  But things will change and feel better for a while by doing that.  I ask myself why did I create that, but don't always know many times.

By not fixing, I'm assuming you mean don't try to fix it the world's way,  but when I crushed my thumb it was bleeding so badly it needed/got several types of stitches to hold it all together.  I think I could have bled to death if I hadn't got the stitches.  So I got it stitched, but that hospital botches most everyone's stitches and has for years but was the closest place, the other hospitals were in other towns, it was a holiday weekend July 3rd.  I didn't want to risk driving while trying not to black out on the road so I took the back streets, running the stop signs carefully.   So I attracted the injury, then went to the place that can't stitch worth a hoot.  Hence injury on top of injury, so longer healing time, but I've had 4 months time to deal with it, think and feel it and accept it.  Is accepting the same as being one with it?  It still pains me but I'm ok with it now.

So if we work into these things and become one, do they heal on their own?  A friend had end-stage cancer and was about to die.  She meditated and accepted her death and said whatever it is, she would accept.  She had a "spontaneous healing"  and I've heard that term many times.  Miracles some people call them. She's been free of the cancer for several years.

So I'm still working to understand the transcendence.   So am I not to focus on healing of any kind with injuries and just work to transcend and let them be whatever they'll be?  I think I can do that.  I read your article today about transcendence. And your description of your knee issues.   What a lot to process!

So I think I manifested the thumb injury because I was so worn out from moving that mulch to where I now live, took a break and didn't notice where I had my thumb, my friend didn't look before slamming the truck tailgate shut.  Well it sure slowed me down but not totally, I kept doing things with one hand.  So next question might follow that, why am I so stubborn about accepting defeat?  Some may be past karma or whatever but I think I'm beginning to see what some of the questions might be that help me realise the WHY.  Once I know why then I gain self realisation?  Yes, that does take time to ponder and feel into those questions.

Thank you Open Praying EmojiHeart



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Hi Sherri - the crucial thing about transcendence is not to be strategising the moment. So in the responses I've shared, you've got to apply your own intuition, sense and sensibility. Of course, if you cut your thumb open, it makes sense to do something about it. But, at the same time, ask "why did I create it?" The reason will always be because of some internal reactivity. So there doesn't need to be an intellectual answer. How are you reacting internally? That's where to go to work - what are you attached to?

Yes, that does indeed happen a lot with people suffering cancer - when they accept death as a distinct possibility, the acceptance causes the cancer to heal. In which case, it's highly likely the cancer was caused by over-identification with the physical, or physical situations, and therefore not following the flow of the soul. The internal disharmony creates stress at a cellular level, and this can often cause cancer.

But accepting something is not necessarily becoming as-one with something. You can accept something is happening at a mental or emotional level. In order to become as-one with that situation, is to feel deeply into any reactivity about it - feel intimately internally to your inner response. Then to surrender through.

Open 🦋

I shared insight to that in this video:


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This part really hit me:

But accepting something is not necessarily becoming as-one with something. You can accept something is happening at a mental or emotional level. In order to become as-one with that situation, is to feel deeply into any reactivity about it - feel intimately internally to your inner response. Then to surrender through.

I realise I'm doing this, trying to accept things on a mental and emotional level and I can see now how it's the ego trying to build in acceptance of limitations. Except it can't really, so on a deeper level there is no real letting go and the same cycles keep going. Thanks for this reflection!

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Ok Open, I've always been so analytical, analyzed everything to death.  To me, death seems so easy, in fact I have paperwork in place so I won't be brought back if I die.  It's the daily challenges, pain and such that cause me fear.  I'll see if I can express this where it makes some sense.

Little i which I've identified with too strongly, obviously, has always been controlled and stood up one day and said No More!  So I'm driven to control every little aspect of my life. But that would be ego.  The internal feeling is one of being helpless, very angry at feeling so helpless and that's very scary.  I'm so mad at all these things that have brought me to my knees, that I can't fix or control even with my huge level of stubborness. 

 I believe I created my injury because it's something I can't control, or the filling that fell out of my tooth and left a gaping hole, broken tooth shredding my cheek, (although the dentist did smooth out the rough edges for free when I saw him to find out what it would cost to fix things) the vehicle issues happening that could strand me on the road, helpless.  I almost can't face how agonizing those things feel, to be helpless.  So I think now I need to dig into those feelings of helplessness or I'll stay stuck.

I still have signs and synchronicity but creativity has been stuck.  Soul wants to break out and do things differently with an easy flow, and that can't happen with Control at the wheel, so it needs to get out of the way.  I didn't analyze what's coming up now, it just popped up that helplessness is the root of these things happening to me.  It's the thing I need to feel into and become one with or the One that is the real me stays in the background.  I think I finally see the difference between accepting vs. transcending.  

So I've been working to get expenses paid off that come due this time of year, so I can join another 5 day zoom event with you in Jan.  The advanced one.  Am I ready for that course? I feel drawn to it.

Thank you for all the reflections that help open my eyes.  Praying EmojiHeart



Oh yes, seeing it from a chakra viewpoint makes so much sense; i'm forcing the lifelong 3rd chakra issue that has held me back for so long. Deep-seated feelings of low self-worth. Everything that's happened is shoving me (or me shoving me) deep into the heart of the wounds. i'm second-guessing myself a little if leaving the really challenging situation was best for me, but i chose being able to still function as the person i had moved for was witholding even basic needs such as showers and kitchen use. i guess i could have made it work but i've been living in a survival fashion for some time and had hoped things would get "better". Maybe i should have stayed and faced it and worked through it and then jumped off the edge into the unknown (no place to live) which is a huge fear, and faced that too. i chickened-out. But now i get it. At the very least i have grist for the mill and will use the memory of the experience to work through. Then maybe the next initiation i'll stand firm and breakthrough. 💙🙏

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No worries Barb, it's very common to step out of the cauldron we need to be in.
But if this is the case, if we were really meant to be there, then the situation will come around again in another cycle, another set of circumstances.
You didn't miss out, and next time you'll have more of an understanding how to approach it.

Open 👌


Can't read the whole thing yet but as always you are so on point! Just went through one. i felt ready to get back to 5gateways and first thing i read was how all the ups and downs are normal and it's a relief as i was contemplating bipolar meds lol! Also comforting to know you have been through the hard stuff too and it is inspiring how far you've come. A light in the dark helping make sense of the journey, which is important to me; if i at least understand it will be easier to surrender and see the bigger picture and gain some soul ground. No matter how far i stray, Openhand remains the beacon and touchstone in my journey and i am grateful!❤️🙏


Thanks Open for posting this just now, so much of it resonates with me - perfect timing as always!

It has been feeling like nothing is flowing for me, blocked at every turn, made so much worse by the sense of losing my connection and no idea of whether to keep trying to resolve things or just let them go because they are not aligned with my journey. Your analogy of being in the pupal stage has often come to mind, especially as my 'rational' problem solving mind has felt like it was full of mush, unable to even decide what to have for dinner or even if I can be bothered to cook it.

I have been sitting with the pain and frustration, expressing it as it comes up (boy, have I got through a shedload of tissues) and working to remove energies which felt like they were exacerbating or feeding off the emotions. Yesterday, feeling tired, angry and frustrated I expressed it was going to take more than this to stop me and today I am feeling a bit clearer in myself, with more of a sense of connection, so I'm hoping this is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

But what I really want to say is 'thank you' for being so open and authentic with you express the challenges that you too experience, as it can feel like a lonely place to be. I'm sure I am not alone in finding comfort in the fact it's not only me, or some kind of failing on my part, and a timely reminder from someone further along their soul's path than I am on mine makes it feel so much less personal and helps me remember the bigger perspectve that this is 'just' another element of the forging of soul.

I am so please you have found the perfect place for the new Openhand HQ - I can really empathisise with the disruption, not to mention the hole in the tooth with no time to get it fixed (me too!).

NamastePraying Emoji

Pam Heart

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Hi Pam - firstly, thanks for the kind reflections about the new Openhand HQ - they're heartfelt ♥️

This is the line from your post that stands out for me most... "It has been feeling like nothing is flowing for me, blocked at every turn".
So the question is: why would you manifest this?

Let's suppose that one still has a very logical, form-like way of shaping reality. One way for the soul to break this down, would be to begin creating lots of things, only for the energy to diminish and stop - exactly what you're experiencing.

What I would suggest is this: keep going with the creative feeling to do things. When you hit a block, work into any internal reactivity as far as you can, then put the issue down. Keep on repeating and let this be the "creative flow". Then I do believe you'll break down the old consciousness which is owning how you do things.

I trust this makes sense but do get back to me if you want to look at it deeper.

Open 💙

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Thank you Open - that makes perfect sense. I am all too aware that my logical 'safe' way of approaching things is not the way the soul works - a lifetime of feeling I was responsible for resolvng problems and 'making things better' when part of me didn't want to feel that responsibility has left it's mark and now I don't have to feel responsible for anyone or anything except myself it has been hard to find another way of being. 

I have asked why I have manifested this and came to much the same conclusion, as when there is a blockage nothing is flowing and it has felt like the invitation was to let go and trust the flow. It's been a hard pattern to break, but the internal changes I can feel at the moment I think may be tied in to letting go of that egoic part of me which is afraid to feel out of control. I can certainly feel some sort of internal resistance to something inside which wants to change, although I had not been able to name it up to this point. Oddly, working with it has brought up a lot more grief than fear and the analogy which comes to mind is that it's like walking away from a relationship which no longer serves me.  

I will keep on working in the way you suggest, which is what I have been doing recently. The signs are good - three things fell over/off shelves for no obvious reason the other day and I took this as a sign that the resistance is coming down, so hopefully the end is in sight.

Thank you for your support and insight🙏



Greetings Openhanders - my heart is with you ♥️

If you're finding things super intense at the moment, I totally empathise and understand. I'm going through an initiation myself. And I'm hearing from several of you out there that you're finding the challenge of the path particularly tough. That's what inspired me to write this new article today:

Dealing with Bone-Crunching Initiations on the Spiritual Path (scroll up)

Yesterday I found a way of making friends with the physical pain I've been suffering through a super intense period - hole in a tooth, exploded knee ligaments, compressed back disc - yet no time to get them sorted. I know I'm supposed to gracefully accept until a window opens where I can resolve them. I actually found myself laughing in the face of them!

So what's happening for you? What are you facing on your path? Do share. It definitely helps lighten the load!

Bright blessings

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This resonates and feels comforting to read. 

It's become obvious on one level for me that when I feel I truly need something in my life, like my own small cabin to do inner work or a flat in the city centre shared with other people on the path, but then also let go of it, it will suddenly appear in my life. It seems I always have exactly the circumstances and the amount of resources I need, though not a lot more.

The last few months it seems obvious that the agenda is to really make people worry about resources, to keep them in survival mode. Finally this caught up with me too, especially the last days when Ethereum crashed down to the old supportlevel. When I use the method you recently shared to get to the roots of the feeling I guess my ultimate fear is to suddenly run out of money and loose both the flat and my small cabin. What then? I guess I would end up in a tent in the norwegian nature. What am I afraid of? Definitely being cold all the time, freezing. I guess that's something to look into for me. I feel I can accept physically dying, but not staying alive cold all the time. 

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You're right Nils - Dieing is not a problem for many people. It's living with challenge - like the cold or disability or without resources.

You also said, that when you're meant to do something, the right resources always come your way. This is absolutely true. Because when you're meant to do something and you feel it, and you start to express it, then you're unleashing soul through it. This means that the field must crystallise around your soul consciousness.

So the question is: can you expand your understanding of the nature of resources?
Meaning: that they are conditions and energy. Let's say for example your soul wishes to explore how to thrive in the cold. Then these "resources" will bend around the soul's expression. BUT, it will be able to thrive through that.

The crucial thing is then, to let of projecting forwards our fears of the future and trust that the soul will always mediate a way through.

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