The Soul Ray Harmonic

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The soul is comprised of a bundle of different frequencies of expression, that has its yearning to unveil and express. There can be nothing more rewarding, fulfilling or essential to our lives than engaging with this endeavour. It's truly the way to shape our existence, aligned with the Universal flow, and in harmony with all of life. That's what this edition of the Openhand 5D Shift Podcast is all about. It includes a soul-frequency activating meditation.

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00:00 Introduction
02:26 Being is the Change
03:15 The 9 Rays of Consciousness
09:17 Expressing the Soul Ray Harmonic
16:17 External Effect of the Soul Ray Harmonic
17:10 Goals, Aspirations, Intention Setting
24:36 What’s Your Why?
34:06 Joy, Happiness, Contentment
40:10 The Sweet Spot of Life
41:15 Guided Meditation: Attuning Beingness
45:35 Conclusion: Actualising Your Destiny.


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I can certainly feel a shift in the work; feels even more supportive and aligned than ever, and I'm grateful, thank you! So welcoming. I can't express enough how amazing it feels to still be accepted and welcomed despite the ugliness inside. To not be rejected yet again because of distortions you know aren't really you but just haven't realigned yet. Even more is the feeling of being truly understood, even though I vibe a different way. It is a wonderful platform from which to jump beyond myself, stealing lyrics from Alanis Morissette, and gives me the confidence to embrace the things I once felt ashamed of, like high sensitivity. The indigo shirt is quite alluring to me and synchronistic with being drawn to that color lately, and something I'm exploring. Is it the key to remembering an origin? Eager to dive deep. Whale has been speaking to me in synchronicities of that very thing. Grey Heron says be still, present, patient; the prize will come to you. I feel clearer about my decision to go to school, and really embrace being flexible and not attached the outcome, and that sense of staying open to what wants to change. Many whys, but also seeing there are different levels to it. Absolutely I see the top of the mountain and I say yes, that's where I want to go which is to me that self-mastery you speak of, but let's start from where we are, what's in front of me. Freedom, freedom to have a home I can really be myself in with the solitude and privacy I need. Even a trailer on a patch of land is enough. Gotta sing and Im loud. Freedom to let go.The means with which to travel, whether it be road trips or flights to distant lands. The urge to explore and experience has always been with me strongly. But I can't begrudge the restrictive enviro I find myself in because I asked for it. Begged for it: help me overcome my shit and fears that hold me back and derail me. I'm in the perfect place for that and I've learned so much, but ultimately I need my sovereign space and the means to fly when the urge strikes. And keep working towards that mastery where I no longer even need a home because my home is me. That seems to be emerging for me. Thank you so much for including the Chakra toning it s amazing! And for validating and expanding on many key points I've been exploring, especially how to express anger without attacking, which ive come to realize happens even through the ether and that my thoughts and energy are stronger than I ever realized and the responsibility that comes with that. Exploring the why of my anger helps to keep it from projecting onto others. After the exchange I slept. I woke feeling sadness that didn't express then, so I explored. It came up as loss of family and guilt. Exploring further I was able to find some resolution and more peace and acceptance. It doesn't kill me anymore, so to speak, and shifting from blame to understanding and forgiveness is helping that. Thank you for helping me see I don't have to be alone in this to learn, so long as I'm continuously self-inquiring and taking ownership, and replacing attachments with acceptance. Felt so good to be connected to such a wonderful group of people. Feels like something good is already happening! Feeling grateful and blessed! Barb🙏

I was so excited to listen to the podcast as i was already feeling the energy of it. Very profound experience, It gave me great deal of clarity into some of the uncertainties happening in my life. Just bringing soul ray harmonics into the situations giving me some kind of graph or understanding of how to navigate or proceed.

Thank you so much Open 🙏

My sense is that this latest 5D Shift Podcast is probably the most important we've done so far. Openhand is the first to bring into consciousness an understanding of what the Soul Ray Harmonic really is. In actual fact, it is the true nature of your being and the purpose of your incarnation, and even your existence.

Unveiling it is the purpose of life itself and is a real game-changer of one's journey. If we can work in life on the revelation of the Soul Ray Harmonic, then we'll find ourselves coming into alignment with our destiny. And then, no matter what the external conditions, nor even what's going on in body and mind, you can find rightness of self in any given moment.

I'll be intrigued by your feedback.

Bright blessings
<<< Open 💎

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Hi Open,

I am always fascinated to learn and more consciously experience the various notes and chords of the soul song. Ray 8 and 9 are new to me conceptually, and I wondered if you could share a bit more about how they relate to Ray 1 and 2. Are Ray 8 and 9 sort of the first two rays of the next higher octave of expression? It almost seems like Ray 1 and 2 are aspects of Ray 8 and 9. I am curious to hear about this!


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Hi Jen - I would definitely agree that the ray 8 and 9 have tones of the ray 1 and 2 respectively. However, they do feel quite different to me, hence it felt right to add them.

Consider the difference between a warrior or a father. I'd say they're quite distinct. 
Consider also the difference between a very feminine energy or maternal. Again, my sense is they're very distinct.

Does that make sense? 

Maybe there's a new octave shaping as the soul evolves - yes, that could be a possibility. 👌
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I would say that feminine and masculine are qualities of beingness, whereas mother or father is more a dynamic of care and nurturing. You could depict the feminine and the masculine in and of themselves, whereas a depiction of the mother or father would only make sense in relationship with the thing receiving the care or nurturing. Most obvious is a mother minding a child, but consider a man tending a garden. The Mother and father archetype transcends Child, Adult and Parental states of ego program, where they degrade into authoritarianism and disempowerment of the other. Would the loving gardener be scolding his carrots for growing wonky this year? The idea made me ponder, because we talk about Mother Gaia, and are encouraged to manifest as the Innocent Child, but this seems a little one sided. I imagine we’re called to Mother Gaia, to be Gaia’s Mother, at least symbiotically. The animals, the plants, the insects, the landscape, they’re like young children, defenceless. And when those times arise for us to step up or act out to protect those things that are Innocent and defenceless, if we have to power and wisdom to do so, we’re surely called to do it. And be in loving reverence and respect of those things. Mother and father transcends age, gender and species. You might see a man stumble, and steady him, an elderly person struggling, and help them, somebody lost or vulnerable, and guide them. It’s an archetype I call the Fairy God Mother because it discards that Child, Adult and Parental ego paradigm. It comes and goes like magic, blink and you miss it. It’s a dynamic loving act, not an entrenched behavioural pattern that potentially disempowers and encapsulates the majority of ones being. The etheric nature of the rays are depicted perfectly as rainbow colours. As always, thank-you for the space to share thoughts.

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