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5GATEWAYS is a heart warming, soul stirring documentary about the journey of Spiritual Enlightenment and Ascension into a New Paradigm of Being. Having touched the hearts of thousands of people around the world, many believe it contains the blueprint for the next evolution of human consciousness. Here's the remastered version 2015:

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I am loving 5 Gateways. Only discovered them last week and can't get enough of them. It does help to sort of contextualize my amazing milestone spiritual experiences over the years and also helps me go back and pick up some loose ends. It seems my first Gateway occurs in Saudi Arabia in 1975. My second -4th in Missouri, the 5th and onwards in Botswana December 2012 and the latest "booster rockets" this past December 22 and 25th. I wish I could join you..perhaps someday. Its enough, more than enough that I gratefully and joyfully have the 5 Gateways plus the other teachings.
I also discovered the music of Chloe Goosebumps and Steve Nassiter...and added gift to be sure! The last piece in the Conclusion video...a bagpipe..Chris and Trinity dancing. Who is the composer and what is the name of the piece? Its SO joyous I want to dance to it as well!
Gratefully, sandra


Thank-you for giving permission & encouraging each of us to share this highly inspirational documentary. I will be posting it soon to my blog. It is extremely educational. So many who have awakened get stuck not knowing what the next step is on the spiritual path. Thanks for the road map. Www.awarenessofpeace.wordpress.com


Since the Fall of 2011, I stopped colouring my hair and had a mantra going in my mind: The Truth Will Set Me Free.

It was so powerful and I was not consciously aware the impact this mantra was having on me. However, the pain of things in my life was getting larger. I woke up one morning a couple of weeks ago, saying all I want is peace and harmony in my life, none of these material things are bringing me that.

In the month of March, I let go of 3 major things/relationships in my life that were not working and taking me away from my truth.

After letting of the last thing (job) last Friday, I am trusting that the Universe is bringing me closer to living in my truth and my life purpose. I am honoured to have found this website a few days ago and watched this documentary last night. I believe that am on the path to my truth.

Thank you for creating this group and documentary.

I am open to more light,


Thank you for your work, and the wonderful 5gateways documentary. It is really a step by step for clearing oneself from the ego and the emotional pain body. A must watch for every true seeker (if there is somebody that is seeking) :)

Thank you and keep up the divine work <3


Wow what an inspirational and enlightening teaching! I've been searching for people who are humble and live in the love of the universe. I meet people who are seeking enlightnement, but I don't always find people living from a place of humility and love. Chris, you are living from that place.

I realize now that my ego will always try to take the lead. It is vying for the power to direct and/or control my life. I'm thinking that each level of my enlightenment, my ego will try to own it and take the lead. I'm also thinking that sages and wise men & women knew this and it is a primary difference that I see in them and many enlightened people today.

Thank you so much for sharing your truth!! ! Christina


Hi Personne, I think maybe you saw something in the film which you misunderstood - perhaps you were looking through a filter? We're not saying the current reality is 'bad' and the new one 'good'. What we are saying, is that the new world is an evolution of the old - that it is more evolved. When we look around us what do we see? A way of life which is not in the interests of all sentient life. Some are exploited and mistreated - like the plant and animal kingdoms for example. As judgment falls away, that doesn't mean that discernment should fall with it - after all, a rose is still a rose and a thorn a thorn! In our work, we are observing many people embarking on the Journey of Ascension. They do so by exploring the out-dated ways of living and being which no longer serve them. They bring these disharmonies into their awareness and transcend them to find the higher paradigm. But we can't transcend the lower world if we have no awareness of what the difference is. That's the point we were getting to. Open