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Submitted by Open on Wed, 01/22/2020 - 16:48
Do you trigger people in the landscape around you?
Do you sometimes find life like walking through a minefield - whereby you're unintentionally triggering those in your midst and 'mines' are exploding all around? Do you break technology simply by being present? Do you seem to be the cause of proverbial volcanoes and earthquakes in your immediate landscape? Don't worry. It could just be your authentic nature with catalytic tendencies and entirely necessary.
Some people, like those with empathic qualities for example, help to bind a reality construct together, whereas others are meant to break it down when a new higher harmony is beckoning. Your energy will shake the landscape up around you, which can feel pretty disconcerting, especially when people start blaming and projecting at you. Those with catalytic tendencies need to learn sophistication through practice and expression of their art. Inviting the other to own how they've been triggered, no matter what distortion you may also be working with.
And you'll likely feel lots of energetic intensity. That's okay. Don't fall into the spiritual mainstream trap that all should always be peaceful. Instead learn the art of your spiritual gear box, shifting up and down through the gears as the intensity of the moment demands. Accept your role and step into it fearlessly, but with compassion. Remember, if you're given to do something by the divine, no matter what you might break down, it will always be in the higher interests of all life.
In loving support
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