Crop cirlces 2015

Hey y'all ...

Crop circle season is in full swing here.

Check em on out ...

Abso awesome.

There's more than we know going on in this world and in the universe.
These events - they are nothing less, the word 'circle' really does not do them justice - fill me with hope and excitement.
Change a-happenin'.
Hang on to your hats.


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My pleasure.
They are astounding indeed.

I have found that they are a great way to gently challenge people's preconceptions and biases.

Anyone who looks at the the photos and takes 5 mins to understand the mystery that they are has to acknowledge that there is something unusual going on.
It is quickly clear that they (the 'real' ones - the genuine mystery ones) are not easily explained.
I have shown books and sent links to friends and family ... most have shifted perspective in some way.

I personally feel that this is at least a part their purpose ... they say "You cannot explain this ... so therefore there is more going on in the universe than you know .. acknowledge your ignorance!"

And then there is the whole Sacred Geometry element - how there is a clear progression in their development over the recent decades and how that relates to the tenets of SG and its' symbolic representation of Universal Truths. Which is incredible in itself and also demonstrates intelligence behind them.

And boy-oh-boy are they ever BEAUTIFUL!!

Love always,