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If I'm a little quiet on the web of late, it's because I'm beavering away in the background, completing the content for my upcoming book "Divinicus". All is going well, the material is mainly complete. It's literally a roller coaster ride, sure to be a very different experience than Five Gateways, which was more text book style. This instead is turning out to be a real heart racer. It's not just writing a book, but the feeling of activation of consciousness through a deep spiritual journey. What might readers expect?

A true story, larger than any fiction

I knew from the start I was given to share a message: What exactly is going on behind the scenes of this unraveling matrix? Why is it unraveling and why does it need to? And what's humanity's part in it? So I tell the story of how I incarnated into Chris's bodymind, the walk-in experience, the sacred contract each of us had. I share what it's like to come consciously into the physical density, to partially forget the higher paradigms and what it's like to remember again.

  • In so doing, I was taken on a journey, across the web and around the world, unveiling an incredible story for humanity and the planet; steadily activating a hidden multidimensional landscape, mysterious in its magnitude, breath taking in its duplicity, awe inspiring in its wonder. I share an insight into where humanity really came from with hard scientific evidence hiding in plain sight, but even more importantly, from past life regressions that many are now beginning to experience. Why exactly is the planet in the current mess that it is? And more importantly, what's the divine design of benevolence which is now very much in the process of resolving it?

It's a true story, but larger than any fiction. It's sure to enthrall, to captivate and to challenge... At times it may make you weep with the deepest sorrow, and then shine with the greatest joy. It's certainly not for the feint hearted, even a highly skeptical mind may well find his fixed ideas of reality unraveling. It's purpose is to captivate, catalyse, to break down, and then to inspire. It's not to replace your truth with mine, but to challenge any falsehood, that a higher evolution of your own truth may unfold. This is my story, but its sure to reflect a good deal of yours too.

Book launch

With the content nearing completion, we've been given a date for the release party. It will take place in the Avalon Rooms on September 1st this year, from 7-9pm (doors open at 6:30pm). I'll be presenting the book and sharing a short documentary Trinity will be producing. We're giving lots of advance notice, because we'd love to see plenty of Openhanders there. It's all about spreading the ripples of energy, that they may accelerate the tides of change. Following the launch, we'll be releasing the documentary the next day on the web (2nd September) where the ebook and paperback will be available on general release.

Those event details once more:

  • What?: Divinicus Book launch
  • When?: 1st September, 7-9pm, doors open at 6:30pm
  • Where?: Avalon Rooms, Isle of Avalon Foundation, Glastonbury
  • Entrance?: Free, including refreshments from Trinity's Conscious Kitchen.

See you there! Open

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Thought you all might like this one: on Friday 4th April, an evening showing of "Noah" at a cinema in Exeter had to be cancelled due to.... flooding!

Many cinema-goers tweeted the "irony" of it, but of course synchronicity might be deemed more appropriate.

And the cause of the flood? A river bursting its banks? No - it was a broken ice machine. Now that is an irony!



Yes indeed, it depends from what perspective you watch the film as to how you'll enjoy it. I guess if one has no spiritual awareness, you might consider it quite 'hammy' and unreal. But if you have a quite deep connection, and are reading the wider play of events going on, then you'll get some pretty profound messages in it.

And yes - only love can prevail.

Open *OK*


We saw Noah yesterday. In some ways it was brilliant - in others disappointing (perhaps after the build up - a lesson in non expectation!).

There were indeed some very powerful metaphors. For me the strongest was in how sometimes he was looking outside of himself for an answer. But then in a crucial moment (without going into detail so as to spoil it), he wasn't able to suppress what he felt in his heart, even though it appeared that's what the (external) guidance was asking him to do. I felt this was particularly poignant.

The "Creator" (as they termed it) flows as a stream of consciousness (the soul) through each of us. It's vital we look into the external mirror to realise greater truths about the soul, and we may see all kinds of signs and synchronicities along the way, but crucially, it's how we feel inside which verifies the truth of our experience. We're being invited always to take personal sovereignty for the choices we make.

To me, that's how we find God - by finding it within.

Where it was exceptionally powerful is in offering a very strong mirror about the human situation on earth right now. And for me, although it was quite 'hammed up', how realignment now needs to happen.

What I also loved was how they depicted the respect Noah's family showed to other life and as a result, the degree of interconnectedness they experienced. But what this also seemed to have done, is caused a strong degree of judgment of humanity and therefore lack of tolerance (in Noah). I found this was an insightful mirror, because I've witnessed essences of it in me too. I've at times found it challenging to stomach the destruction of the once beautiful 'Garden of Eden'.

So it was an awesome film indeed, but as with all 'men' (me included!), it has its flaws.


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Open, thank you for your comments on the film. I fully agree with you on that Noah turned out to be a quiet controversial movie.
I also find it interesting that the most visited news site in my country decided to publish two parallel reviews on 'Noah' with two completely different approach and rating from two movie critics (2 out of 10 and 8 out of 10)
This is what we experience in the outer world in general, the 'splitting of the worlds' so to speak. One is getting the messages/metaphors the other is not.
For me, Aronofsky's message in that crucial moment you mentioned was also that 'the other side of the waters' only Love can prevail...


Hi Auntyangel,

Perhaps - almost certainly - you are one of the few whose actually allowing themselves to fully embrace, go into, and honour just what exactly is taking place here on Earth right now.

There's still a lot of 'turkey syndrome' going on - burying ones head in the sand and hoping this inconvenient truth will all just go away.

I'd say if you're not feeling some degree of trepidation - and even a degree of fear - then you're not really embracing the truth of what's going on.

What faces us is utterly monumental. As it starts to unfold, many will simply slip into shock and be overawed by it. I've experienced that in other constellations before.

What's needed now is that we keep spreading awareness and keep confronting the truth of what's actually going on. It's only the truth that can truly set you free!



    "So we fix our eyes not on what is seen but what is unseen."

Indeed Erica. Perfect. If we want to live in any kind of truth, any kind of enduring reality, this is what we each must now do.




Congrats on embracing your truths so fully. Sharing is divine. I'm drawn to a verse I read in my teen years that was inspiring to the point I taped it to my bedroom door. The metaphors truly are universal that depict patterns that shine through self imposed veils that protect from seeing the altruistic meanings that pulsate through consciousness. "For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen but what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary and what is unseen is eternal"
So gracious to experience all that comes especially such divine universal truths that shines light. I am an instrument, open to play the vibrations that resound in each moment! enJoy, so peaceful to allow happiness to softly settle upon these weary human shoulders...


One of the things that's really struck me in writing Divinicus, is how divinely guided it's been. So it's not like sitting down, thinking what you want to write and writing it. Instead, I'm feeling movements of energy, working with that inside myself and through the field, and only then, writing about it.

And I've been amazed about what's going on in the movies as well, because it's all highly sycnhronistic - 'God' (the divine) is most definitely speaking to us all. I've written about it in the book; I'm certain that as people awaken more, then pieces of humanity's mystical journey to this place and point in time are coming increasingly into view. It's like people's true heritage has been denied them - is being blocked in the mainstream - but nevertheless, it's bubbling up in consciousness and breaking through.

So for example, when I was given to start working with the raptor consciousness in the field, (and writing about it in the book), it was right at that time that Tolkein's classic "The Desolation of Smaug" in the Hobbit trilogy made it to the big screen.

And now, Trinity and myself are on the South Coast in Brighton where she's running a stand at 'Vegefest' promoting conscious eating. Meanwhile I've just been completing The Great Realignment section of the book and all over the town, are billboards promoting the upcoming "Noah". Now if ever there's a deep synchronistic message for us all, it would be in this one.

Then there's a whole raft of new ones coming up like "Jupiter Rising" - my sense is that's about reclaiming - ascending - the divine feminine from the brutality of our history. Then there's the next Tom Cruise action packed "Edge of Tomorrow".

To some it may all seem a touch tongue in cheek, it may all 'wash over the head' (pun intended!). The point is, that in particular those connected into the arts, step beyond mind and connect with the deeper flow (whether 'spiritual' or not). And so they're touching something which is dear to us all. That's why such movies can be so popular.

The key is, not how accurate a metaphor they might be, but how do they activate and shift feelings deep inside you? That's exactly what Divinicus is all about - helping to activate and reclaim the "Original Humanity" in us.
So I'm getting increasingly enthusiastic about the release of the book - in the meantime, here's a clip from Noah to 'wet the appetite' (yes pun intended!)...


We'd love to have you there Martin - and thanks so much for spreading the energy in Sweden - you're a star!


I'd love to come. I'm really looking forward to read it. And I will spread the word in Sweden as much as I can. The Sweden Openhand interest is increasingly growing!!!


Thanks so much for the lovely support guys. You're wonderful *OK*

I can promise you a real rollercoaster!
It'll be accompanied by a real shift in the course structure to reflect the work.

Writing this book has been literally phenomenal. I feel like every time I get into writing a particular section, I'm actually tuning into the consciousness I'm working with. So it's not so much writing, but activating and processing simultaneously. That's why it's been very tiring. Getting up early mornings around 4am in the quietness. But thrilling too.

I can't wait to share it!

Open :-)


This sounds like something mega. I don't like missing out, so I hope to be there too! Very exciting.
Love and hugs to you all Myra x


Open, your book sounds amazing on many levels. I am so looking forward to reading it. I also plan to attend on 1st September.

Much love to you and Trinity. xx


Ahh Amy, of course you can crash here - open house, always!

Open and Trinity, I would love to be a part of bringing this new energy in - feels so profound! See you there!

With love and Support xxx


I'm feeling very excited about this! A beacon of hope I think I can feel in my heart. I've diaried the date and hoping the lovely Jaq or Shelly will let me crash out at theres for the night ;)Putting it out there!
Much love xxx


Hi Open,

"….A higher evolution of your own truth may unfold." Your words totally captivate me. Thank you for the advance notice about your sure-to-be mind-blowing and heart-shattering book. As challenging as it may be, it's at the top of my list. Best wishes on your book launch. With love and appreciation, Catherine


Actually Divinicus will be much more than a book. It will signal a shift in gear for Openhand, to mirror the shift in the flow we're feeling which we sense accelerating under our very feet.

So what that means, is following the launch of the book, the courses will be reshaped to include the new material. Our work will transform into activating and helping unveil the new being in people as the old reality continues to crumble around us.

So we look forwards for what is to come this Autumn.

Love to all



Hi open, here I'd just like to share a ufo footage video I just come cross on facebook. http://dailybuzzlive.com/archives/4516#sthash.r0n8dlfC.gbpl
I was very sceptical in the beginning, I thought with modern technology anyone can make a video like this. But almost immediately I experienced a powerful synchronicity to dispel my scepticism.