Emerging from Intervention

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Who are the Tall White ETs, where do they come from and how might they be negatively influencing your spiritual journey? Most importantly, this episode of the 5D Shift Podcast explores how you can negate its influence in your field. Contains demo guidance meditations.

Premieres here Saturday 11th March 8am

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This video helped tremendously. Thankyou so much. I could see how I played right into the intervention with certain intentions that I had. The feelings are the best response and feedback to point, whether we are being disconnected from the flow or being in the flow. This helped to notice it more accurately 

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Uplifting as usual. Interesting meditation. Being steeped in the Native American tradition I accomplish the same thing working with the sacred pipe everyday. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this and giving support to those who are also on the Path.

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Hi Open,

I definitely have been feeling intervention or blocking, especially every time I have a creative thought of something I feel I want to create artistically.  I've been "in the flow" before where there was no notice of time and I created some awesome things.  So being In the flow is different from being unconscious and pulled out of body but in what way?  In both instances I lose track of time or of the present.  Do I ground my cord into the earth before starting a creative project?  Do I need to be grounded for soul to flow?

When I used to create in the flow I wasn't aware of grounding, breathing exercises or chakra opening etc..  I only know I lost track of time during the creating.  So is it helpful to do the breathing down through the chakras to infuse soul before doing any type of creating?

I keep seeing a beginning vision of something I want to create and then it's gone.  Logically, my mind thinks that the attempt to make this project won't work, (maybe the blocking going on?)  but I know from previous doing, that when I start the project, with something in mind at the beginning, it will start to change and if I just let the changes happen, it comes out really nice.

I know there are plenty of karmic things to still work out but I never know what karma is involved so I've tried to sit and let things be.  I'll be taking the zoom class this coming week so I think that will also help me a lot with the blockages.

p.s.  I also keep seeing some really colorful, paint splashed type design of clothing I could wear, like I used to wear when creating.  Wildly colorful and I really loved the outfit I'd found at a thrift store somewhere.  I was so in love with those pants and shirt.  I lost those clothes years ago but feel this strong urge to find more.  I'm sure it's a pleaidian thing with the bright joyful colors.

See you this week on zoom Praying EmojiHeart

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You ask an important question about being in the flow and negating intervention...

So being In the flow is different from being unconscious and pulled out of body but in what way?  In both instances I lose track of time or of the present.  Do I ground my cord into the earth before starting a creative project?  Do I need to be grounded for soul to flow?

You are incarnated, embodied and so always some aspects of soul are in the lower dimensions. And you are a member of Gaia's family too and so connected to her aswell. We must expand into higher dimensional awareness to actually pick up the divine flow. Opening the chakras for example and going with higher knowing - this is beyond the intervention. But for it to have meaning and purpose here, the flow must be allowed to cascade downwards so that it weaves in the heart-felt pull, builds a mental idea of what is to be created, amplifies emotion around the creative act - then finally is actualised by stepping into it in the physical.

Intervention is possible from the 4D (the heart level) down. Distortion and derailing can creep in. But not if we work at it and are vigilant. You're working to know how the different impulses in your system feel and work together - what it's like when everything clicks in: knowing flow, into a connective feeling sense, then backed by signs and synchronicity (or numerology or sacred geometry) that then "clicks" in the physical as a sense of rightness.

Yes, you could pay attention to being grounded (and upwardly open) before undertaking a creative act. But I would say the ideal is to become that aligned and attuned the whole time (this is what we'll be working on at Thrive from 5D next week).

We created a film called the Flow State which may be relevant....

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Thank you for that reminder Open.  So my Ray 3 is the artistic interpreter.  All my life I've been a doodler along the margins of paper, in art tablets etc.  Looking back, I see the doodles were mostly geometric shapes, and flowers that morphed into the flower of life.  Even in dreams I've had there have been all these shapes.

My tiny glimpse of what wants to create now is the hexagon shape in the bee hive honeycomb.  I only see a single cell in my mind at this point, and some things just emerging out of that cell, a birthing of things that I know/sense are beautiful.  I know there's a full spread of those individual cells that want to bud out and bloom.  Maybe this is what is wanting to bloom from my soul.  Not sure how to put it in the right words but I sense as the first hexagon is created, a flow will develop and other hexagon cells will also birth new things/expressions until the honeycomb is full and opening.  That's the only way I know how to describe it.  I've had a large thin board with burlap stapled onto it for quite a while but didn't know what wanted to go there.  It's really large (4 feet tall and about that wide!) so this first glimpse I see of the hexagon that I know this board has been waiting for must be really wanting to show a lot of things.  lol  I do see fabrics and things from Nature starting to emerge from the initial cell.  That's why the logical mind, or intervention interfering, says this isn't possible.  But the soul sees something that will come out of it.  So it will be exciting to see what wants to interpret and emerge.  

I can't wait for the zoom event to start tomorrow.  We're supposed to get crazy storms again but so far each zoom sessions have stayed on, no loss of electricity here.  Seems like every time I join an event, the weather goes crazy.

I came into this incarnation awake apparently but needing to connect the lower chakras to the upper.  I suspect this creative thing I see the first cell of will be a process of awakening for me.  I feel it in my heart and soul, wanting to come out and express.  I do know from experience that I cannot do it by intent, but by being still and letting the Flow speak and move as it wishes.  That's what makes the alchemical magic happen and produces the "masterpiece" of the finished work of art.  I've always said I did the project, but something else used my hands to create it.  That would be the flow of soul.

This project will require me to be out freewheeling to places and communing with Gaia for sure and she will show me the pieces I'll need.  Amazing how that synchronicity weaves around things and they just jump out and grab my attention.  I feel inspired now.  Now if the weather will stop being so crazy...snow, heavy rain, high winds etc... it's been so crazy I've just hibernated like a bear for weeks now.  I think that's why the urge to create this hexagon creation has kept coming to mind.

Thank you for showing that Flow State video again.  You always know just what's needed.  I'm excited to see what good things happen at the zoom event, they are always a fantastic week!  Praying EmojiHeart

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