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What if the energetic power of Openhand could come right to your front door and alchemise your life? Well, it's entirely possible, and you don't even have to travel through the toxicity of the matrix.

Just another meeting on Zoom? How wrong one can be!

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Dear Open ,

Long post alert !

As you may be aware I have been in a personal maelstrom myself over the last few months . And in between the tearing apart of my family structure there has been a veritable plethora of interesting experiences . I had booked a series of sessions with Richard to explore my own “Parting of the waves” . And the exchanges have been off scale. 

It seems I am exploring in part the Feminine Consciousness called Isis . A lot of shame ,blame, guilt has been processed out of me . A lot of second chakra stuff including about sexuality ,boundaries in relationship ,sovereignty ,and a karmic convolutions . I am so grateful as I have been inundated by support during this time . A couple of experiences I would like to share ( it would seem our sessions are more about me channelling information than anything else ) . I am currently with a partner in whose presence I am also channelling kundalini energy - during physical intimacy I experienced my heart blowing up into a pink geodesic dome and was told that it will help all those around me . 

One was two weeks ago when I saw a wall of water come up as large as the mountains.It was in Atlantis I felt a strong sense of shame as I was a keeper of the crystal . And a lot of people died “prematurely” which explains in part my work now “ saving” premature babies . And a second in which it seemed like I could see “how” the Noah’s ark was an energetic configuration which helped the ascension of species . It centres in the higher heart which is also very active within me . 

In another meditation session ,I “saw” Isis and Gaia reconcile as Isis apologised for her role in the intervention and then they merged into one. I am now much more conscious of my torus than i ever was. And its effect on my surroundings. 

I still am having to deal with a very angry ,controlling ex who is using many manipulative strategies to drain me . It’s interesting seeing how my attachments ( my daughters well being ,social status etc.) affect my ability to be in my internal masculine during these attacks, which I am still learning to embody .   

The juxtaposition of these experiences with my 3D mess is so weird it borders on the ridiculous. I confess I am looking forward to the energies in Egypt :) 

I was debating whether to share all these experiences online ,until I heard the Facebook live this morning . 

Onwards !


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You're such a brave soul Megha - an inspiration. Keep right on going!!
If you stay in your truth, and keep channeling and embodying aligned energy, then at some point the storm will pass. One day you'll look back and breathe a great sigh of relief and all will be well.

Bright blessings to you.
See you in Egypt - it will be astronomic.
Atlantis revelations for sure!

Open 💙

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