Enki & Enlil, Kings of the Annunaki, Architects of the Intervention

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You can palpably feel the desperate yearnings of many a human soul to emerge from the darkness so many languish within on the planet right now. What if we could reach out to the architects of the intervention, cause them to regress into their karma, and so reverse-engineer the energy field that is encasing people? That's exactly what benevolence is undertaking right now through close encounters with the Annunaki leadership, Enki and Enlil, the architects of the intervention.

The Annunaki from Nibiru

Personally, I've experienced many direct encounters with Enki, the etheric King of the ancient Annunaki. Especially in the build-up to the 2012 galactic alignment, I was part of a group mission to reach out, connect and realign that consciousness. It can be done, but not through polarising and demonising. That just perpetuates polarity and struggle. Instead, it was done with empathising. What makes a being do what it does? Where does the motivation come from? Even with what one might consider "evil", often there was a benevolent intent at the heart of it, just that it became grossly distorted in its application.

The Annunaki came from Niburi, a planet orbiting Anu, otherwise known as Sirius C. The star system went through a shattering shift to higher consciousness around 120 million years ago which obliterated the civilisation there, of which the Annunaki were the elites. They are highly sophisticated and erudite beings, tremendous energetic manipulators. They have since been the architects of many civilisations in our galaxy and our own solar system, such as on Mars.

Through direct exchanges with them, during the catastrophic breakdown of Sirius, they perceived they had been "abandoned by God" and even deceived, as the guidances they received had seemed to lead them to oblivion. Unfortunately, it was their misinterpretation of the guidance that led to the destruction. They'd misunderstood the authentic processes of Ascension into a higher 5D paradigm. Instead, they dumped their karma without fully processing it out. It caused a shattering effect at a soul level.

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Enki and Enlil: Ancient Architects

Nevertheless, the leadership under the brothers Enki and Enlil, escaped the devastation in their spaceships, recovered a degree, and with thinly bottled wrath and rage, embarked on an unswerving motivation to rebuild their civilisation in other constellations - whatever the cost. The creation of slave species, through genetic manipulation, was a key tenet of their agenda. To them, it seemed the necessary thing to do.

They are a powerful warrior race that wouldn't be easily deterred. They discovered ways to create slave species to their mission - the Orions for example, who were duped into following a new paternal leadership in the Annunaki, programmed to carry out their various machinations and creations. Genetic hybridisation they considered a key architectural skill - they could shape civilisations according to their needs and agenda. They did so without empathy or remorse. How is this possible?

In recent exchanges, in exploring how and why they hybridised Homo Sapiens, they considered they were bringing earth humans "out of the dark ages". Creating the voice box, for example, which appeared in the human genome literally overnight. No other ape or hominid has naturally evolved that way over millions of years - if the voice box is such an evolutionary advantage, why not? They majorly adapted the human genome and showed early humans how to exploit the earth's resources to create rich and abundant cities.

That's how they gained the advantage. But at what cost?

The Lemurians and Telepathy

In recent exchanges, I put to them that Original Humans (that they hybridised) may not have had voice boxes, but they didn't need them. These Lemurians (in the form of Cro Magnon for example) connected through telepathy - there was no need for clunky words that could so easily be misinterpreted. In many ways language gets you into the mind and out of the feelings, out of the soul. Yes, it's wonderful to be able to sing and express that way, but that doesn't make it necessarily an evolution. This is what benevolence wanted me to transmit.

The point being, that it's arrogance and ignorance that considers it knows best what is best for another soul. Because each soul is endowed with inherant sovereignty. This is what we can then call "intervention" as opposed to benevolent evolutionary "facilitation".

As I was given to point out, what began as benevolent intent, became progressively twisted and distorted - shaping DNA systematically in the Bogus Pandemic, which has caused so much suffering for humanity and the planet. This landed home. Enki was ready to acknowledge the suffering and expressed real shame and remorse for what had been undertaken. On the other hand, Enlil, was still resistant to realignment - still believing in the Annunaki's right and power to continue their agenda.

When Development happens without Compassion

In a later engagement between the two, a powerful revelation was introduced by the benevolent team. That in fact Enki and Enlil had begun as one soul, that had split apart during the great Sirius Shift. Enlil lacked the natural compassion that his "brother" could now feel. The benevolent team kept reflecting the intolerable suffering the intervention was having on the planet. How lack of compassion makes a soul hard, closed down, disconnected from the source. It might appear to endure for some considerable time, but it leads to slow degradation.

Miracles can happen at any time. And so it was, that the two beings were reunited, reconnected. Compassion but with creativity too. It seemed they were ready to heal and return to the galactic brother/sisterhood of light. It's early days, but this reunification sent shockwaves of rippling realignment through the field. The Tall Whites from Orion were programmed by the Enlil group for example, to control society through the shadow state. The development is bound to cause at least a loosening of that stranglehold.

During the final stages of the engagement we could feel many of the Tall Whites disconnecting from the program and realigning with their origins on Orion - coming back home. The Openhand group we're able to form a bridge and channel them through open hearts. It's always amazing to experience, and especially to this degree.

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Powerful Transformation in the Underlying Field

It bodes extremely well for the 5D Shift and the emergence of souls during these times. Because what we now have are the original architects of the Intervention realigning, with the capacity to reverse engineer the intervention they crafted. They know where all the field choke points and bottlenecks are. They know how to liberate the Tall Whites and Greys they created. They've been positively motivated by the assisted realisation that embarking on this reverse engineering will lead to the healing and liberation of their own soul. This is what we're communicating to them through the Openhand work.

Assuming this works, going forward there is the possibility of fairer distribution of resources and coming together in conscious, compassionate communities to bridge these tumultuous times we're sailing into on the planet. The reconciliation between Enki and Enlil is bound to be deeply transformational in this regard. Let's see how it supports the liberation and emergence of plenty more souls.

I recently recorded a series of interviews with Ickonic, one part of which included my insights into early engagements with the Annunaki. The first episode features on the platform Monday 20th March...

The field is unfolding rapidly.
It's high time to break out and break free.
The time is now.

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Thanks Corine, Kev and Hannah for your kind words of feedback - yes it was a catalytic and powerful week for sure - lots of energy unwound and moved. It may take a while to integrate, but for certain, there can only be positive flourishing from here.

Love and well wishes to all.

Open đź’Ž



With gratitude and love I think back of this last retreat. Thank you so much Open for showing the way, facilitators for your gentle and clear approach and the group for trust and openness. What a support in this inmense adventure.

I can feel the changes in all of my bodies, so much is shifting and being processed. I feel so much connection to the world and beyond and know now all through my bones how powerful  I am.



The online retreat this week was, for me, insightful and catalytic to say the least. It has opened up new lines of enquiry and showed me the areas that need more focus.

What a team we have and my heartfelt gratitude goes out to all those participating, for providing the insight and reflexions that make these gatherings so special.

Today i walked around a small lake and noticed a herons feather, at the edgeof the water, next to a pile of frog spawn. I noticed the incredible patterning in the feather and thought about it`s relation to the frog spawn.

It spoke of the cycle of birth/death/rebirth and with it came the realisation that absolutely everything in the universe is transient, nothing stays the same, even for a moment. Even the most seemingly still and solid thing like a stone in a wall is continuously changing, ie it`s temperature will change along with it`s enviroment, it may be wet or baked dry, it is on a planet that spins and moves through space. So the stone may appear to be still in the microcosm but in the macrocosm it is never the same.

For me, the realisation that i am influenced by both macro and microcosm at the same time and that all is transient, ever changing and never fixed, tells me i can be who/what i feel to be in this moment, because in the next everything will have changed!

Kev Praying Emoji

The herons feather found with frog spawn.


This week's online retreat was no doubt the most testing and revealing I've experienced so far. What amazing work was done. A tremendous thank you to everyone in the group and Joy, Cedar, Ann, Open and Tilly for bringing the energy through, the support and the countless priceless reflections. I'm in awe, and in need of a lot of rest Wink Emoji



18/03/2023 Essential Shift Update

When I first met Enki, Kind of the Annunaki, in this incarnation on Earth although it was intense and challenging, although he tried on many occasions to persuade me into his agenda, eventually past life regressions caused the resistance in him to break down. His consciousness shifted and with that a whole group broke away, ascended and adopted the name "Anu". But it still left his brother, Enlil, on the planet with whom there had been little benevolent connection. It turns out it had been this aspect of the Annunaki who'd been programming the Tall Whites to continually "shape-shift" their agenda here.

Last week, on the Thrive from 5D retreat, we were able to reconnect both brothers. Higher dimensional insight informed me of something I'd previously suspected: they had in fact, originally, been one soul that had fragmented back along the path. Enlil lacked the compassion of the other aspect, hence the disastrous dispassionate impact on our planet through society.

Several of us clearly felt this reunification going on as we held their consciousness in the inquiry - reflecting the systemic suffering happening here right now, and that benevolence would not continue to tolerate it. Our heavenly father, the solar logos, had for example fired a warning sunspot out into space right at the beginning of the retreat. Had it been pointed in our direction, society would have been blasted back to the stone age. There's only so much tolerance of injustice and suffering that can be endured. Realignment will always come in one form or another.

Ultimately there was no other sensible option but reconciliation. I could palpably feel the stranglehold on the field easing. What will that mean through society? Already there is a bank run building in the system, with plenty surging across to crypto. Whether you're technically minded or not, many of these new methods of peer-to-peer exchange are gifted by benevolence to break the banking system hegemony. It's a bright possibility for a new configuration of society that is much more decentralised and fair.

Secondly, you've got major whistleblower action concerning big pharma and the bogus pandemic. Watch this space because as it gathers pace, it's likely to destabilise the shadow agenda a good deal more. What I have long yearned for in society is that humanity will ultimately find ways of coming together in conscious self-sustaining communities. Such as the tremendous rise of the Transition Towns, which are in the background, off the radar, ready to step in and support one another as the broken system we live in ultimately breaks down. I don't believe it can endure much longer. And I do now believe the shadow agenda will progressively unravel at the seams. The Emperor will be laid bare. Check the marvellous Transition Towns Network

There is most definitely a way to bridge the tumultuous inbound shift. I have seen it, with my own inner eye. Large compassionate and caring groups of individuals, understanding the enormitude of what's unfolding, yet holding each other in a loving embrace - with the huge inflows of energy, it will become an ecstatic celebration of life, the joyous reunion with the divine. This possibility is most definittely there for those courageous souls ready to embrace the truth of what's unfolding. All fear will have dissipated. All that remains will be joyous and expansive hearts. It will be stunning to behold.

How will we get to that point of harmony? It depends on as many as possible standing firm in the current chaos and steadily unravelling, progressively embodying the light and reflecting that to others. The time has come now. WE are the ones we've been waiting for!

Bright blessings to all

Open đź’Ž


17/03/2023 Shift Update

These are phenomenal times in the Shift where we're digging deep into the underlying consciousness field and working in fundamental ways to help it realign. In this last week, during an Openhand retreat, the architects of the Intervention, Enki and Enlil came through, because of past life connections back to the Sirius Shift. In the exchanges, we gained a deep understanding of why they came here and embarked on the intervention they did. What exactly was their motivation? Why did it get so twisted and distorted?

When you can empathise and not demonise, then you can meet your "enemy" in their pain. They feel seen and heard, their karma honoured. This encourages them to let go and unwind - to heal. And that's what unfolded. There is no doubt, this will be pivotal to the unravelling of the planetary intervention, the injustice and the division we see - the misdirection.

Hence I encourage all to read this essential shift update today. I am positively emboldened by the possibility it catalyses.

Bright blessings to all

Open đź’Ž