Exploring your concerns and queries about the "Event"

Just as the build up to 2012, you're going to hear increasingly about the upcoming Solar Nova Event that scientific evidence, mythology and prophecy point towards. So what will be involved and how do you genuinely feel about it? I felt to explore your interests and your concerns in this thread here.

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As we approach Christmas, the shattering eruption on White Ispand in New Zealand must bring home the fact that the Shift is ongoing around us - it doesn't stop for festivities! Clearly the volcano was a key tourist destination and must bring home the increasing impact of earthquake and volcanic activity around the globe as the Pole Shift reaches its zenith...


An international team identified previously unseen component of extreme stellar explosions. This very high energy emission had been previously predicted in theoretical studies but never before directly observed. These rays have reached the Earth in January, 2019, having travelled 4 billion years...

Btw, the phenomenon was discovered by a certain dr. van der Horst, using the MAGIC Collaboration telescopes in La Palma :)