Gaia's Great 5D Shift...An Arctic without Ice?

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I doubt there are many born in these times, who would have thought an ice free arctic possible. Yet here we are, arctic sea ice melting so rapidly, that in just a few years from now, it could be entirely free of sea ice in the summer. Despite the deeply saddening effect on arctic wildlife, the melting ice is already impacting large parts of the northern hemisphere due to increased erratic weather systems - droughts and fire in some parts, intense flooding in others. And with 50 Gigatonnes of frozen methane already beginning to release, in terms of climate change, what's happening today is just the tip of the ice berg. Let's get increasingly real in this Great 5D shift folks. We can't turn it back. We can only go forwards. So let's use every mirror like this as a spring board for evolutionary growth...

Melting of the sea ice

There are a number of key predictions now that the arctic is melting so rapidly, that it'll soon be free of sea ice in the summer months. Just this past Christmas, the arctic was a whopping 35 degrees centigrade above normal. It had actually reached freezing point. Here's a recent report in the UK's Independent Newspaper...

Professor Peter Wadhams, head of the Polar Ocean Physics Group at Cambridge University, told The Independent that the latest figures largely bore out a controversial prediction he made four years ago. "My prediction remains that the Arctic ice may well disappear". "Even if the ice doesn’t completely disappear, it is very likely that this will be a record low year. I’m convinced it will be less than 3.4 million square kilometres" (the current record low). “I think there’s a reasonable chance it could get down to a million this year and if it doesn’t do it this year, it will do it next year." The rapid warming of the polar region has been linked with extreme weather events such as "bomb cyclones", flooding in the UK and out-of-season tornadoes in the United States. And the sea ice off the north coast of Russia, which normally insulates the water below to keep it cool, is no longer present for much of the year, allowing the sea to get significantly warmer than before.

We are already seeing the massive impact of reduced summer sea in the arctic, as it affects the weather systems sweeping across the Northern Hemisphere. We're getting fires in places like the Himalayas and Canada; meanwhile there's devastating floods in parts of Europe and the USA.

Gaia's 50 Gigatonne Methane Bomb

So we're already witnessing the early affects of abrupt climate change based on the release of CO2 since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Famously, back in December last year, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) set a long term goal of limiting the global base temperature rise to 1.5 centigrade above pre-industrial times by reducing emissions. That was was when we were already at 1 centigrade above the baseline, which had happened in the last couple of hundred years since the start of the Industrial Revolution. Now, just a few months later, we are already moving past that target.

But even this is only the beginning. Sitting below the rapidly melting arctic, is what was, "permafrost", containing a massive 50 Gigatonnes of methane, which has over 25 times the warming effect of CO2 (over a 100 year period, and is 100 times more impactful in the first 5years of release). Released methane begins to have an effect immediately, unlike CO2 (which takes 10 years to rise to the height required to have the warming effect).

Methane has always been that very inconvenient truth, that organisations like the IPCC gingerly swept beneath the climate change carpet, hoping it would just go away. It won't. It's already releasing at an alarming rate, in excess of 50 Million Tonnes per year (as of 2014). Here's a short compilation video from various climate change scientists on the scale of the problem...

What's the main point? Release of methane is already accelerating and could take the earth into dangerous climate change territory within just a few years. Here on Openhandweb, we've always said, that the rate of change of the environment and biosphere across the planet, means none of us can approach today expecting it to be just like it was yesterday. We need to start living completely in the moment, focusing on the real meaning of life, as guided by the soul. And there is no time to waste!

There are only spiritual solutions now

There's two ways you can view this - with fear and worry, or as an inspiration for rapid evolutionary growth. How much more evidence do we need to see, before we start to reach the conclusion that 3D earth is now set to become unviable for complex life in just the space of one human lifetime?

There are countless scientists around the globe scratching their heads as to what can be done? The point is, there will be no scientific solution to this escalating conundrum. It can only be a spiritual one (see DIVINICUS: rise of the divine human).

Those who can feel the truth in what is currently taking place, need to become facilitators for the required shift of human consciousness - we must help those who can be helped. How?

Three strategies for dealing with the impact of abrupt climate change

  1. First we must help people begin to see the truth in the perilous global situation, that there will be no short term healing of 3D earth, that the physical reality has now begun an escalating downward spiral brought on by the activation of climate feedback loops. This is now pretty much inevitable.
  2. There will likely be fear amongst those who can actually embrace this. We must work to help them connect with, and feel, their greater cosmic self - to see that all realities come and go, but that the divine within us, that which animates our being, can live on beyond this 3D world.
  3. We must help people go inwards and begin to walk the path of the 5GATEWAYS into the Fifth Density. Which is where all sentient life is now ascending.

You don't have to wait!

Above all, we must begin to appreciate that every single moment offers a stupendous breakthrough opportunity into a deeper sense of divine connection. You don't have to wait for this. By seizing the moment, looking within, knowing what to look for and how to work, you can Breakthrough into your greater cosmic self.

  • That's the only viable future for life on earth now - to shift consciousness into the 5D.

Openhand is here to help. That's our mission. We're not, in any way, afraid to grasp the prickly thorn of truth. And we're able to guide workable spiritual solutions that have a life-changing, vibration-raising beneficial impact, right here and now. It's time.

In loving support

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Oh, YES on the Apple Tree. I mean I felt the urge for the re-planting SO STRONGLY. It was an admonition straight from the Universe. In our case, I chose flowers over the fruit tree. Muck and Mire in every direction but those damn flowers were going in. A 9 year old neighbor child wandered over in tears. He feared we would have to leave and then I told him we were staying put and re-setting the flower garden immediately. Just for the color and life of it all. So we did and those flowers were next hit with 2 weeks of torrential downpour, post flood. Terrifying but they held their ground. And so will we all, just in new forms.

Hey, Malechite:

While we're talking about it here, you're out there in the line of fire doing it. As I said before, respect, bro. I'm feeling like we've done this before somewhere in the cosmos so we're so up for it. As we're shoring up the dikes, let's find a patch of earth and plant an apple tree. Just because life and beauty are eternal.

"Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree." -Martin Luther King Jr.

x Cathy

On the contrary, this is a hugely popular article. Certainly to those who are living it right now. It really is happening right now and no new parade of banners and poster held aloft will stop it. This is not a cause but it is a set of creative circumstances. The creatives are those who facing it head on. it is an immensely practical creativity and one that should be shared across borders and timelines. How, precisely, did you build that floating school? How much acreage did your farm surrender to the river? You insulated your walls with sheep's wool? And again, what was the story of the ancient monks and their maintenance of the old rhynes? And then there is the very practical matter of what and how to eat when the garden floods.

Connecting deeply with everyone here and all your comments. Trinity, I really resonate with your trek across the lava rocks and becoming molten lava, melting everything that is ready to leave. Jan, you commented on the anxiety Open talked about feeling when he was here in Victoria. Open, you describe the anxiety as:

"The anxiety was the Shiva energy! It's not easy to embody softly. In my meditations recently, it's very clear - it's coming fully amongst us."

This discussion helps me big time to understand the unfamiliar energy I've been feeling lately, yesterday in particular, when I felt like a rocket ship about to blast off with a fury of fire igniting every cell of my body. Yet, it feels like it's contained and can't totally express because I don't yet have the coordinates for where it's headed. I thought maybe I needed to calm down and rest since I hadn't slept much, but I couldn't settle, and felt super agitated. So I headed out and sat in a Garden of Eden filled with fragrant roses and tiny, delicate birds flitting about, feet planted firmly on Mother Earth. This helped to ground me somewhat but the volcanic energy continued to surge through me late into the night until I was finally able to rest my weary head. I feel like a rocket man about to blast off throughout the entire Universe! I'm hearing Elton John's lyrics. So that's what it's about. Shiva energy.

Holy Shit, we truly are powerful, limitless beings beyond measure. The energy that's needed for what's coming down.


Open, when Geoff and I saw you last you said something (well - many things) that have stayed with me. You were facing a challenge that had brought up anxiety. I remember you said something like "I got to the point where it didn't matter what happened - I just didn't want to feel like that anymore". Then you took your next step towards what needed to be done and stepping forward into it, the anxiety disappeared.
When my emotional body is triggered (as it seems to have been all the live long day lately), those words eventually surface - just when I am ready, it seems. Perhaps that is what is going on with Gaia. She has felt, processed, transmuted and is just ready...
Joining Eddie's tears, I echo Trinity's words 'I feel you love'... and Tigger .. 'Was-Te'.
Jan xo

is it understandable for me to say I am ready for the new Gaia? I, in meditation, tell her to do what has to be done to take us to a better state of being and to clean up this 3d earth, Her earth. I eagerly await her change. I feel it is way past "time" for our release. I have had my share of dreams, where water is rising over me and as it starts to recede I am told "it is all smoke and Mirrors"..I STILL battle depression and fear,but I believe it is negative entities who will NEVER stop trying to prevent us from spiritual evolution. Yet, I am looking forward to Gaia change. Thanks to Openhand, and to all here who are searching for our home, as I feel isolated mostly, and that is hard to combat, but your article on that subject helped me. And I have noticed two people in my life who were so close-minded to all the chaos purposely done in our world, that have begun to question, it is like a light bulb went off in their consciences, and I thought It is happening, people who I never thought would open up to the truth of our evil tormentor's are beginning to "see"..I believe Gaia is going to cleanse, and I look forward to this change. Love to all

In this area the last couple days had lots of rain and wind from a tropical storm... I noticed a beautiful tree with these red and orange blossoms that the butterflies love to sip from had been halfway uprooted. It felt like a mirror both in the personal and the bigger picture. Today the tree has been secured back down with ropes and posts... And I suppose this is what happens for a time... Patching it all back together until a dismantling so powerful yields it complete.

I dreamt last night that I was looking in the mirror and my face shattered into a million little pieces of gray and white matter leaving behind a glowing, fresh face. Though I know I am challenged to fully embrace the tide and where it is going, I see the mirror of it played out everywhere and embrace what it as I am able. Thank you Open and also Trin for your powerful posts.

Open I am moved to tears as I write this. I feel so lost as I try to internalize this great shift!! Living from the soul is so challenging in this Dense place. Thank You for your insight. Now if I can just find my own....

I have been having a lot of animal dreams: monkeys, orcas, tigers, elk, wolves, otters. They show their faces to me like mirrors. Last night it was a polar bear. She melted like snow in front of me and said, "Was-te". The lakota word for "good".


I notice this is not such a popular article!

No surprises.

The interesting thing for me is, I come alive when embracing the wholeness and reality of what's really going on in this Great 5D Shift. Like yours I imagine, my soul simply can't abide untruth, delusion and denial - such as the foundation of human civilisation right now. My being seeks out the truth, no matter how unpalletable.

It's enormously liberating when we do this. Nothing to fear at all. Living totally in freedom, embracing the majestic flow of life.

Gaia I celebrate your majesty, your unfathomable power, I see you beginning to move, to shake up and break out. My heart is with you...