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Game Changer with Openhand

It's so easy to be attached to outcomes in life, to fix this or that - whether it be a living situation, a relationship or the job that we do. It's understandable because these situations have such a big impact on our lives.

BUT, we need to understand that the situations themselves are the product of what we're being within. The landscape - the quantum soup - bends around what we are being. That's why it's crucial to uncover, and come from, authentic beingness. It's a real game-changer in life. How?

That's when you'll start to pick up divine guidance, predominantly through signs and synchronicity. Once more it's easy to get confused - that the guidance is taking you somewhere. It may result in that, but again, it's NOT what the guidance is about. The guidance is working to reveal the next highest version of you.

You'll not necessarily realise this is happening as you're in the process of unveiling, but then comes that magic moment where you look back at the steps you've taken and everything clicks into place - it all brought you to this point of realisation and actualisation of self. All the ups and downs, all the challenges and heartache, brought you to this - the next grandest version of you. And it's so moving, it can break you down into tears of sobbing and gratitude.

The story doesn't end there though. Because as you express this authentic beingness, then the landscape bends around you and creates the perfect reflections of who you're now being - you'll create new opportunities, more authentic and aligned relationships, a more magical and alchemical way of living.

This is truly the way to create in alignment with the divine.

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