Heatwaves, the new norm in Climate Crisis

We've just suffered a punishing heatwave in Europe, but that was nothing to compare with what happened recently in Japan, where 18,000 people were hospitalised. It may be extremely inconvenient, and something you don't delight to see in your social media feed, but it's utterly essential we normalise in the new era of Climate Crisis. If we continue nose-to-the-grindstone in the matrix, we'll suddenly find, one day, there's no grindstone! And then what do you do? We must prepare our souls now, by embracing the true landscape in which we're travelling. Only then will we appreciate the way forwards is inwards, and then upwards.

What are you experiencing around the world? Do share, it keeps us all informed.

Wherever you are, fond blessings to you.

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Unprecedented wildfires are burning across the arctic covering an area the size of Europe. Meanwhile there's unprecendented snow in Australia. As always I share this information so that we can equalise with these tumultuous shifts going on across the earth. Like me, can you feel an acceleration right now?

What's landing with me right now, is that this is the consequence of events much greater that purely man made emissions. Other essential earth, solar and galactic shifts are converging at this time. What are they and where is it all leading? I am currently meditating, researching and compiling an indepth article which I feel will be out by the end of the week. Stay tuned, it's a fascinating time to be alive.

Have you ever seen this?....

We are having floods and landslides again in kerala this year just like last year same month. Its turning into a normal routine every year! 

Where I'm writing this in Devon, UK, we've had pretty intense winds these last few days, but not nearly as dramatic as across the continent of Europe. It's a fact, after the heatwaves come the storms...

And in China they're bracing for the landfall of typhoon Lekima as a million people are evacuated...