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Hi, I ran across this while searching for answers. I have a lot to say, but I will keep it short. First, I will say I was born into a gifted family and have my own gift. However, I have been experiencing some things that I don't know what do with or understand why. I am also, dealing with some heart issues and I feel like it is in combination of what I'm going through. About 3-4 months ago, I was waking up with electrical shocks in my body. It would literally jolt me awake. Then I started experiences a an extremely high vibration in my body. I went to my doctor thinking it was anxiety and explained to him that I felt like me body was going 100 mph, but my body was in park. He gave me anti-anxiety meds, but it didn't stop it. I have searched for answers and begged for someone to help me lower this vibration, but to no avail. I feel like it may be what is affecting my heart now. I use meditation, but it only works for a short period of time before the vibrations begin again. Please, help me in the right direction as this is draining my energy and greatly affecting my life. In the past, before this, my energy was able to be released from my body as it would mess with electronics and dim or blow lights out. Now, it just feels stuck me and I feel like I could literally spontaneously combust. Any help is appreciated.

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PS - I would strongly advise against sharing your experiences in the mainstream of society. There's precious little comprehension of what you're experiencing. They usually call is psychosis - which couldn't be further from the truth!

Instead look to connect with awakened people, as on this and other forums. That's where you'll get a much better understanding.


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Hi there,

First welcome to Openhand *give_rose*

What you describe are the classic symptoms of spiritual awakening. Specifically they are related to the infusion of soul.

Prior to awakening, for most people, the soul is hardly embodied at all. But there comes a point on the journey, when we are ready for this to begin to happen.

The planet is going through a great shift of consciousness and so the awakenings can be very strong. Yes, as the soul infuses, it can feel like being plugged into the mains electricity! There are huge infusions of energy that happen with it.

What you feel in the heart, is not the heart organ itself - it is the heart chakra, which connects you into the fourth density. So the soul's energy is flowing in through that space, causing pain and tightness. Although it feels physical, it is not.

The mainstream health services have little or no understanding of this process. When you try to explain what is happening, medication is usually the prescription. But that does not help the situation, it can only complicate, or put off what needs to be done till a later fate.

So what needs to happen now?

In short, it is to integrate the energy of the soul through your being. Which although will be challenging, will bring with it the most incredible gifts of awareness and interconnectivity with the universe.

Sitting meditation won't necessarily help you to infuse so much energy. You'll need to begin bodywork too, and plenty of it. So yoga for example, and brisk walking in nature. You could explore dance (like Five Rhythms) or Openhand's soulmotion which we teach on the Openhand Courses.

Also changing your diet is going to be important. If you're still on dense meat and dairy, then it becomes more difficult for soul consciousness to infuse - it hits internal resistances and choke points - try moving more to a plant based diet. But also explore denser plant based foods like beans, chick peas, pulses, grains and potatoes - these kind of things (because they are denser and draw vibration into the dense feeling).

So now begins the most magical (and at times challenging) journey of soul integration.
I would recommend two things:

(1) Watch our free documentary covering the spiritual routemap...5GATEWAYS
(2) Buy a copy of the first book in our series...BREAKTHROUGH

They will both greatly help.


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