How to Build Trust in the Divine...With 7 Techniques

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In spiritual evolution you'll often hear of the need to develop trust. But Trust in what?

Trust in the divine perhaps or trust in oneself. Or maybe we need trust that everything will turn out fine - whatever 'fine' actually means. Clearly, it relates in some way to letting go and accepting the flow of life. But does that mean acceptance of anything goes?

We need to really understand the concept of trust and how to develop it. This is utterly crucial in the complexity of life in society right now.

The Opposite of Control

Of course we're very used to a world of control. Society is configured on a blatantly rigid agenda of how they want things work. Not that the shadow is going to get things all its way, but even to bring the light through we'll have to blend and mediate through it some how. The problem is, that from an early age, in order to function in society, people are conditioned to conform, to be bent and molded to fit the 'right' patterns.

I can distinctly recall emerging from the energy of  that restrictive prison. It felt like an energetic encasement, a suit of armour almost. You have to work into these layers and break them down by letting go into them as they arise - just like peeling off the layers of the proverbial onion. It's through this that the inherent interconnectivity of life and the flow through the moment reveal themselves. Progressively you stretch your 'wings' outwards, and somehow, the universe will always rise to support you.

But you have to know what the flow is. If the control aspect is still hanging on to a degree and needing the outcome to go a particular way, then it limits your ability read the flow, align with it and thereby develop trust in the divine. So the key is to understand where the flow is going.

Where does the flow take you?

We often speak about this here on Openhandweb and in our work. It seems we're often heading against the spiritual mainstream, and in particular, the concept of using connection to the divine in order to shape the life people might want. But who exactly is wanting? And how is this trust in the divine if it still has to go a particular way?

What if the purpose of life is to reveal the magnificence of who you are? What if there's nothing else going on? Ever. When you burst through the ego, you touch the place of this infinite potential. It's like crystal clear clarity and you realise you ARE that. What's more, there is nothing else. All that you've struggled and efforted for falls away. The bubble of the illusion bursts. What's more, you start to realise that as the One, you will create ENDLESSLY. And so soul does have a specific direction that then crystallises the field around you in a way that is abundant and harmonious. You just have to let the soul flow!

There will come a point on the path where you'll probably realise it's not worth being anywhere else other than in this hallowed space. In which case, any limitation or contraction - lack of trust for example - would be confronted by this One Self - it would invite you to burst through your limitation, by configuring events and circumstances to confront the limitation.

Meeting the Universe halfway

If you begin to switch perspective in life from trying to gain an outcome from it, to instead observing yourself; looking to expand into any contraction that arises; to keep unleashing true beingness, then something truly miraculous happens - you begin to experience the unseen hand of the Universe supporting your every move.

But you have to meet the universe halfway to do this. And denial of the quiet directive doesn't serve either - it leads to a false, intellectual enlightenment, a shadow of the real thing. Meeting the universe halfway takes surrender - trust. It's the universe waiting for your initiation, for you to make the first step. Hence you have to go out on a limb to break down the fear and need to control.

You have to be prepared to make yourself vulnerable.

Opening up to the moment

If you can accept the moment to the degree you need no outcome from it, then you begin to open to the moment. But it's not an acceptance of anything goes. It's not giving up. You find instead, that as you soften and open, increased sensitivity and awareness arises. You start to pick up, amplify and channel the energy of the divine. You unleash gifts of beingness you could never have predicted you'd have.

Here's the challenge though - as you're letting go, the soul will arise through you, compelling you into action (assuming the ego continues to let go). And as you present into the world, you'll confront yet more tightness as the soul explores different aspects of being - like divine will for example. So the letting go, opening up and unfolding, must become a continual process, a continual liberating expression.

To do this, you have to put yourself in the place of the unknown - to take small risks and chances in the beginning - driving a different way to work for example. Risk speaking your truth, irrespective of the outcome. Go out free-wheeling and see what comes back to you. Learn to navigate from the flash of higher knowing or the heart-felt pull that wants to take you in a certain direction. There is no "on/off" button for trust. It's not all or nothing. It's something we have to forge in the daily crucible of life.

Developing trust in the Divine - 7 Techniques

So what can you do to develop more trust in the divine flow today?

1) Notice that if you're truly following the flow, then you'll be brought to a point of challenge, of confrontation. There'll be all the excuses in the world why not to follow the pull. Watch this place of denial and contraction

2) At some point - assuming you want to progress - you're going to have to start breaking into these resistances - to follow what you know you're really given to do. Ask yourself does it serve you to continue with the limitation?

3) Watch the physical/emotional impact of the resistance. Your body may get tight, breathing short, attention is distracted from full awareness of the moment. Think to yourself "what's the worst possible outcome that could happen here?"

4) Contemplate this deeply and all the time, remember that you are the inviolable source of all that is. That you created this victimisation to expand into the fullness that you are

5) Now soften into the tightness, feel through them, know yourself as the One

6) As you open into this void of emptiness, let true beingness arise, then follow through with the fullest expression of truth that you can. Even if this means simply committing to a different pathway home.

7) Watch the synchronicity as the universe comes in to meet you.

A greater possibility of yourself

What have you got to lose? Why stay in the limitation? Why not expand a greater possibility in yourself? I guarantee that if you do this, you'll discover things about yourself you never dreamed possible. Your trust in the divine will escalate. And what's more, trust in yourself - as a being - will flourish too.

I hasten to add that trust won't solve the situation or predicament you find yourself in - it won't make things 'right' in the way we might want them to go. Instead, it brings you into alert awareness, where you're constantly adapting, blending and flowing with the moment - you're looking for ever finer expressions of your innate beingness; around which, the Universe always shapes resources and right action. Your expression will succeed.

That's what I get from this amazing video about trust. It speaks to me of pushing the envelope. But not recklessly. Rather do so with awareness and surrender into the moment - feeling and intuiting exactly what wants to happen next. Be inspired...

Here at Openhand we help people develop trust in the natural flow of the soul and your divine connection. If you feel this would benefit you, explore our work...
Openhand Ascension Academy

In loving support

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The trust theme resonated very much with me as I struggle with ways to help my daughter. The first violation of trust was 24 years ago and was the start of much more trauma resulting in anorexia and though she has moved through that she is left with constant anxiety and panic and hyperventilating attacks....during one of these I was able to get her to go into it rather than push it away and discovered the whole initial episode as she relived it before my eyes... she has since filed it away in her mind where she can't remember it again. I showed her the video above and she has decided that we will spend this weekend going into the stuff rather than avoiding it. I may need help here but my higher self has worked well over the last 10 days so I must trust that I can get into the space when needed. 






When I hear people speak of trust, so often it seems to be trust "that everything will work out okay".

This is not trust! Take a look at the wider Universe that you are a part of. It is continually reshaping and breaking apart realities. So what can I really trust in?

I can build trust in myself - that if I let go enough, then I'll soften into "alert awareness" as so beautifully displayed in the video in the lead article (attached below).

"Alert awareness" brings me into the flow of life itself - the abode of the divine.

Will that protect me? No!

But what it will do, is continually allow me to reshape and create from a new. For which there is always a present and a future.

And I have to continually unravel my past. By getting into any tightness that might try to hang on and control.

It won't protect me from the Universe. But, ultimately, as all resistance breaks down, and as I move into "alert awareness", I become the moving flowing Universe itself. And that to me, is why trust is worth it...


Wow Marye! I am just seeing this message again and realizing I never replied. Yes, I often resonate with what you share... Amazing how we can recognize aspects of our journeys and of ourselves in others. It would be great to connect in person one day =)... Until then, I enjoy these very special connections through the ether!

This is really beautiful what you wrote "I realised that it is not just trust in myself, but also trusting that whatever happens, my life is beautifully unfolding, rather than resisting when things don't turn out the way I expected or hoped for....." Yes! When I am not resisting what is happening now, I find I am open to feeling the moment in full as it is, what does it stir up in is an opportunity for me to learn, evolve and grow through it.... Be more of who I am! Awesome Marye!!

With love,


Hi Jen,

Thanks so much for your response! Although we have never physically met, I somehow feel a connection with you through the ether. Of all the Openhanders sharing here, your posts usually resonate most with my own experiences and challenges. So I am very grateful for your sharings on this forum and your feedback on my sharings! I hope one day we will have a chance to meet in person rather than through the ether!

In addition to what I already wrote above, I realised that it is not just trust in myself, but also trusting that whatever happens, my life is beautifully unfolding, rather than resisting when things don't turn out the way I expected or hoped for.....

With love!


Hi Marye!

I just read your post and immediately felt to respond =). I can totally relate with what you are sharing. It is something I have been working with for some time now and in ever new ways still am! Something I wanted to mention to you is that although it feels right and aligned that you would reclaim your own grow in trust with what you feel and how the soul is guiding you forward, it is also totally fine to be supported in that. In fact you are supported all the time and sometimes it can be really helpful to have a mirror or a guide along the way. You are still the one who must go into the feeling, you are the one who can realize what is holding it there and it is your soul that is unleashed in the process. Just felt to support you in that because I too have felt that in the process of reclaiming my own inner power that It wouldn't be aligned to seek support... In many ways it's an opportunity to work with the tendency to give your power away and instead claim it within and connect to the support that's always available inside.

I think it's totally awesome that you shares so openly .... At least then if there is anything to see, any distortions lurking in there you can see them... I find its the things I hold back, that I don't share that really keep me stuck! So good for you for letting come out in the way that feels right for you now... Allowing whatever mirrors show up to show you more about who you are!

With lots of love and support!!


I stumbled on this inspiring post from some time ago, which touches on a recurring theme for me: trust. Particularly trusting myself is something I struggle with. For some reason I have a lot more trust in what other people tell me, than what my own heart tells me, so that I often end up looking for external advice, before I feel comfortable making a decision. Even when I intuitively feel something, I will be looking for someone else to confirm to me that my intuition was actually ‘right’. I have been exploring this distrust in myself and can feel there is a very strong tightness around it, which somehow feels like a very vulnerable and unsafe place to be that I would rather stay away from. I am still finding softening into tightness quite a challenge, particularly when I am doing it by myself (again I would probably put more trust in some external person supporting me in confronting the tightness, than I would in myself).

As I am writing this, I am also noticing how I am finding sharing on this forum on the one hand very liberating, but at the same time also challenging, because it really feels like putting myself out there. There have been many more times that I have wanted to respond or share, but didn’t because whatever I had in mind didn’t pass the ‘internal censorship board’, so it is interesting to confront that tightness while I am writing this message…. There is still so much more rereading and editing that I feel is be necessary (‘is that the right subject?’, ‘shouldn’t I add something more here?’, ‘maybe I haven’t explained this in an understandable way?’, ‘what point am I really trying to make?’….etc.), but I will challenge myself to post it like this anyway ☺.


Yea, about Trust. It's important in this day and age.

There's like a collective disease inside us; don't trust him! He'll steal your car keys, or your wallet, or something. When you don't trust, you are in separation and then you are vulnerable to this collective parasite; and it will live off you. You can't eat an elephant in one but you can cut it in little pieces. And the same is true of this parasite, it can't doing nothing against the full might of a One Humanity, but in little pieces it will greedely gobble it all up. It can't have it's own body, jealousy, it will install! These are physical bacteria that will make certain neural circuits fire up again and again, and feed of the leakage. Addictions & Wants. The repetitive lifestyle, 9 to 5, you are predictable and easily farmed. Your autoimmune system can't detect them, sleek they are. But you do have a psychological immune system. Trust, you'll get what you need. They'll try and distract you at first, but soon they'll die off when there's no leakage to live off.

It's the little things that break you free, like trusting that your coat is not going to get stolen when you leave it on coat hanger at your local barbers, well for me it is atleast.

Love & Peace